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JUNE 2023

Turkish Officer Says FSA ‘Rebels’ Just Run Away When Clashes With ISIS Begin In Western Al-Bab

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Turkish Officer Says FSA 'Rebels' Just Run Away When Clashes With ISIS Begin In Western Al-Bab

A FSA militant poses for a photo-report of the FSA’s battle against ISIS”

Members of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (a coalition of pro-Turkey militant groups) run away from the battlefield when clashes between Turksih forces and ISIS terrorists started in western Al-Bab on December 22, according to reports circulating in the Turkish blogosphere.

Reports, citing an injured Turkish officer, say that about 40 FSA fighters remained with the Turkish army when clashes began in the outskirts of al-Bab. The total number of FSA fighters that were in the area was about 400. This means that only 10% of the FSA force decided to fight against ISIS instead of running away.

On December 22 and 23, the Turkish army and the FSA reportedly lost about 70 fighters and a high number of military equipment in clashes with ISIS units in western al-Bab. Furthermore, ISIS militants seized two Leopard 2A4 main battle tanks, one ACV-15 vehicle from Turkish forces.

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90% remained if 40 left…


Maybe the sentence should have read ‘about 40 FSA fighters WERE left with the Turkish army’? There are after all a lot of English mistakes being made in SF articles. Otherwise the sentence would have read ‘about 40 FSA fighters left the Turkish army’.


Reports, citing an injured Turkish officer, say that about 40 FSA fighters remained with the Turkish army 90% have run away.

william serrahn

This is one war where I’m rooting for Daesh. Sultan Erdogan’s dreams of neo-Ottoman glory can be extinguished at al Bab. Erdogan stated, “They told us not to go to al Bab, but we must go”, not specifying who “they” were. “They” could be Daesh, the Syrians, the Russians, or all of the above. The Turks need to go home.


The USA.


Turks don’t need the paltry air cover US can provide. Their air force is far bigger than the US force operating there.


Sounds like the SAA! Arabs- wimps.


The rebels were never known to have the stomach for heavy lossess. SDF has the guts to weather heavy attacks by IS and inflicting heavy losses on them, whether supported by USAF o r not.

Even if rebels (really the TSK) take Al Bab, they will lose it once the TSK withdraws. I have no doubt that somewhere the next two years there will be a n Erdogan U turn or debacle, forcing the TSK to vacate Syria.


Once the SDF are over with Raqqa sometime next year they will return to Rojava through Al Bab, attacking from 3 sides, From Efrin on the west, Manbij and Kobanê on the east and from the south, returning from Raqqa. Even if turks have heavier artillery and airforce, on the ground level, Turkey or SFA don´t stand a chance !


Same issue Like SAA w.r.t NDF … these so called FSA fighters are not battle trained like the other JN or AQ rebels so they would not have nerves like a professional soldier. Thats why Turk soldiers are doing the “nanny” duties in first place otherwise FSA will have same results as anywhere else in Syria where they fail to be noticed.

Turk commanders need to have better coordination and management style to lead the foot soldiers or they will end up “eaten”(unfortunately literally sometimes) by ISIS fanatics.

Brad Isherwood

Maybe a case where FSA recognize the Turk offensive is FUBAR, Notice the Turk commanders and soldiers are hesitant after recent losses.

Shelby Foote commenting on one of the last battles of the US Civil War.

When a Rebel soldier was running from the battlefield he was challenged why, His answer…

“Cuz I cants ….Fly ” ! : )


The “Rebels” just aren’t being paid enough – give them a raise.

Marek Pejović

Giving the provincial askari a good and timely pay was never an ottoman tradition…


Estrogen, the would be sultan has his hands filled. Reality finally hit him when he decided to pull his troops out of Iraq. There is no doubt that those Shia militias would have eaten him alive through irregular warfare. I expect those Turkish soldiers in Syria to be niggled until Estrogen finally quit. The broke sultan has no clothes.

Marek Pejović

“Where’s the whip, there’s a way!” – Orc commander

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