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Turkish Observation Post Near Tal Toqan Is Besieged By Syrian Army, As Erdogan Sends More Troops, Equipment To Idlib

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Turkish Observation Post Near Tal Toqan Is Besieged By Syrian Army, As Erdogan Sends More Troops, Equipment To Idlib

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Turkish observation posts established in Greater Idlib to prevent the Syrian Army operation against terrorists are being encircled one by one.

The most recent post was besieged by Syrian troops near Tal Toqan, east of the militant-held town of Saraqib. Saraqib is a well-known stronghold of al-Qaeda-linked groups like Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the Turkistan Islamic Party.

Pro-government soruces expect that the Syrian Army will make even more gains in the area in the coming hours. So, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham & Co are in a critical situation.

The advances by government forces caused a strong negative reaction from Ankara and Washington. Turkey is actively deploying troops and equipment in the militant-held part of Idlib province. These forces are expected to be used to contain the Syrian Army offensive and rescue remaining members of Idlib radical groups from the justice.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even threatened the Syrian Army with a military action if it does not withdraw from the area near Turkish observation posts. In other words, Ankara wants the Syrians to abandon their own land and give up in the battle against al-Qaeda.


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Take it as a hint turkey.

Zionism = EVIL

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Erdogass needs a war to keep Turks attention away from the falling economy. Since Turkey is exporting still to China, with the virus crisis that exports are shrinking too. And they were shrinking even before the virus. https://tradingeconomics.com/turkey/exports-to-china


Yes, the Turks need to ‘smell the coffee’ whilst they still have their nose’s intact, that have been poking into Syrian affairs for far too long.


They call the terrorists “forces of democracy”? OK, no problem, SAA and its allies, VVS and SyAF will bomb them democratically.

Zionism = EVIL

The map ain’t looking good for the Turkeys.

klove and light

no the map aint Looking good for the turkish scum..hopefully they will all get smashed by SAA…but that is besides the Point bro….

Turkey is still an officlal member of NATO!!!!!!!

ANd not if but when open war breasks out between syria and Turkey, NATO artciles will come into effect immediatly.And open NATO Involvement is the least that syria Needs.This was the trap i warned over ayear ago.A trap set by treachrous Zionist pig Putin.

Zionism = EVIL

As long as the SAA and its allies roast the Turkeys on Syrian soil, NATO will do fuckall. Most Europeans hate the Turkeys and will never die for them. Syria needs to follow the same strategy that Hezbollah did in south Lebanon to the Zionist losers. Kill them every day with IEDs’ and ambushes. The Turkish economy is already collapsing and EU will not bail it out.


Is time for Russia to stop Erdogan ? Of course, this would mean to stop NATO-USA-Israel in Syria. At this point I wonder…¿ what is happening with Turkey people ? ¿ why they do not stop this animal, called Erdogan ?

good american

The populace dares not say anything against him. Erdogan has made enough examples of his critics to make his opposition afraid to mutter in their sleep. He’ll call them Gulanists and disappear them.


” why they do not stop this animal, called Erdogan ? ”

Stupidity and fear are the reasons I suspect.


Thiss is nothing else but a cheap show for the Erdogan’s voters. I am convinced that behind the scene he has agreed with the Russians to surrender the remaining parts of the M5 Highvay to Syrians. All this is being done only to create fake image that he did not give it without resistance. That road is too important for economy and trade, not only in Syria, but in the entire region, including Turkey and Jordan. Nobody earns, as long as it is closed. And the rebels only make troubles to everyone there.


Some people say that Turkey cannot be beaten in war because it is a NATO member. Bullshit. The Artice 5 of the Washington Treaty from 1949 says only that if one member of NATO is attacked, the entire Alliance will respond. It does not say that any member of the Alliance can go out of its own territory, attack or invade other countries and then request other NATO members to fight for it. As long as Syria does not enter the territory of Turkey and does not try to occupy it, its army is free to beat Turks on its own land. No decision in NATO can be made without consensus and i am pretty sure that at least several countries would refuse to go to war defending Erdogan’s agression.

Ishyrion Av

True. And more, ALLother allies has to agree that one of them is under attack. Otherwise, article 5 cannot be applied.
Let’s wait forever the moment when Greece (a NATO member) will acknowledge that Turkey is under attack.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This isn’t a good development at all, as it is Turkey doesn’t have enough men and equipment in Idlib to do anything meaningful to halt the SAA advance, but sending in convoys of a hundred vehicles or more will quickly reverse that, we have some problems in Idlib as well as Aleppo now, damn.
Take back the south of Idlib before it’s too late you dickheads, what the hell are you waiting for, for Erdogan to make it impossible, he might soon when his artillery units arrive and become operational. Open another front in the south east of Hama for the love of God, if we don’t do it soon we might not be able to at all, when the Turks arrive and set up their artillery they’ll not only use them to retaliate against SAA aggression, they’ll also be used to support any opposition advances against SAA positions, we could see some reversals in the gains we just made.
Will Russia retaliate against Turkey if Turkey attacks the SAA in force, I don’t want to find out because I have a bad feeling they won’t, but sadly it’s looking more and more like we’re about to find out at the end of February, but that’s only if we don’t find out before then.
Why did we attack Aleppo, why why why.


If you were a Syrian soldier I think you’d take a really long time letting the Turks go

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