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Turkish Observation Post In Northwestern Hama Was Shelled Once Again (Photos)


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The Turkish military observation post near the town of Sher al-Maghar in northwestern Hama was shelled, once again, on May 31.

According to the Enab Baladi news outlet, pro-government forces were behind the shelling. These accusations have not been confirmed by the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey, yet.

“Artillery shells landed inside and around the Turkish post … There are no further details regarding the situation of the Turkish soldiers stationed inside or other military losses,” the pro-opposition outlet’s reporter said.

Earlier, radical militants launched a surprise attack from their positions near the Turkish observation post at the town of al-Hwaiz, which was recently captured by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Sher al-Maghar’s observation post is one of twelve such positions established by Turkey around Idlib last year. The post was shelled twice this month, with the first attack, which occurred on May 4, injuring two Turkish service members.

Following the second attack, on May 15, the Turkish military deployed an Otokar Cobra II infantry mobility vehicle (IMV) equipped with a SERHAT II Counter Mortar Radar in the post, likely to identify the source of fire.

The available information indicate that no Turkish service members were killed or injured as a result of the new attack, which means that Ankara will likely ignore the incident.

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