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Turkish “Observation” Post Fired U.S.-Made Missiles At Russian Warplane Over Greater Idlib (Video)


On February 21, the pro-opposition Arab 24 Agency released a video accidently revealing how a Turkish post opened fire at a Russian Su-24 warplane during the recent Turkish-led attack on the town of al-Nayran in Syria’s Idlib.

The video shows what appears to be Turkish service members launching a U.S.-made FIM-92 Stinger man-portable air-defense system (MANPADs) at the Russian warplane. Pro-government activists recognized the system thanks to the specially designed sight on the launcher.

The missile was fired from a Turkish post near the town of Qaminas, northwest of al-Nayrab. Communication antennas can be spotted on the post’s roof. A Turkish BMC Kirpi armored vehicle was guarding the entrance of the post, that was fortified with Hesco barriers like all Turkish posts in Idlib.

The Russian Su-24 was able to avoid at least two missiles launched from Qaminas. A video released earlier shows the warplane dogging one of the missiles by maneuvering and launching flares.

Despite hostile fire, Russian Su-24 warplanes provided the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with close air support, enabling it to repel the Turkish-led attack on al-Nayrab.

Later, several Russian and Syrian airstrikes targeted Qaminas’ “observation” post, killing two Turkish service members and injuring at least five others.

While it remains unclear if the personnel firing the missiles were of the Turkish military or even intelligence, there is no denying that Turkey is responsible for the attack as it was launched from one of its military positions.

The Ministry of Defense of Russian has not commented on the footage, which represent a serious evidence against Turkey, thus far. In 2015, Russian-Turkish relations witnessed a major crisis after the shot down of a Su-24 warplane by the Turkish Air Force (TAF).




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