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Turkish Multiple Rocket Launcher Spotted In Libya (Photos)


The Turkish military has deployed at least one T-122 Sakarya multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) in Libya to support forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA).

On May 28, Libyan and Turkish activists shared a photo of the MRLS on a highway near the town of Misrata in northern Libya. The rocket launcher will likely be operated directly by Turkish troops.

Developed by Turkey’s ROKETSAN, the T-122 MRLS consists of two pods of 122 mm launch tubes. The launcher is equipped with an advanced fire control system which calculates firing data automatically for rockets with different warheads and is capable of storing up to 20 target coordinates.

Turkish Multiple Rocket Launcher Spotted In Libya (Photos)

Illustrative image

Turkey boosted its support for the GNA in the last few weeks. This enabled pro-GNA forces to make several significant achievements in western Libya, including the capture of al-Watyah Air Base from the Libya National Army (LNA).

The deployment of heavy weapons such as the T-122 MRLS indicates that Turkey is going on with its plans to support GNA forces. Ankara is not only shipping weapons to Libya, but also more Syrian militants.




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