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Turkish Military Starts Patrols In Demilitarized Zone Around Idlib (Videos)

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In the noon of March 8, the Turkish military began patrolling the demilitarized zone around Syria’s Idlib as a part of the Russian-Turkish agreement, which was reached last September, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Syrian opposition sources confirmed that six armored vehicles of the Turkish military conducted a patrol within the demilitarized zone and released videos showing the development.

Few hours earlier, Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced that Turkey and Russia will begin patrols in and around Idlib in order to stabilized the situation there.

“Today, Russia will begin patrols in the border area outside of Idlib while Turkish Armed Forces patrols will start in the demilitarized zone,” Akar told Anadolu Agency.

The Turkish minister also accused the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) of violating the demilitarized zone agreement and said that Ankara has contacted Moscow and Tehran to stop these violations.

Last month, several opposition news outlets revealed Turkey’s plan to patrol the demilitarized zone. According to these outlets, Turkey will soon take more steps to expand its influence inside the zone.

Turkish patrols will not likely stop daily violations of the ceasefire regime by militants. In fact, militants launched several rockets on the town of Mahardah in northern Hama right after Akar’s announcement.

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cry dog assadists

Promitheas Apollonious

none is crying turk. The important is who laugh last and it will not be the syrians.

Zionism = EVIL

LOL, resident retard has spoken.

https://twitter.com/OmerOzkizilcik/status/1104046729027076097 reality hurts :)

i hear your cry, dont worry cry harder


Russia and Turkey created a safe havens zone for terrorists. Turkey is an invader in Syria and must send back home by any mean. Putin must stop pleasing Turkey on Idlib.


And Iran was not there to negotiate? Shut up Kurd ! If Turkey “must be sent back home” than go there and do it! The fact is that for some reason Syria is dragging their feet even to get rid of ISIS leftover in desert let alone Idlib occupation.

Promitheas Apollonious

not syria, but the ones who influence syria with out her having a choice.

Zionism = EVIL

The resident retard has spoken :)

Promitheas Apollonious

this coming from a whore as you it is sound like a compliment, mentally challenged child.

Zionism = EVIL

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Promitheas Apollonious

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Zionism = EVIL

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Promitheas Apollonious

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Time for facts and truth maybe? I agree basically I don’t say it is right , but than when this world was about real “justice”? It is only about interests of those who are stronger. The fact is that Assad is Iran’s man so he was represented by Iranian’s and partly by Russians. *But there was nobody there to represent Syrian interests…I agree… Well that is new reality of war in Syria. Syrians didn’t bother to liberate their country by themselves so there is price to pay for that

Promitheas Apollonious

Syria could not liberate her self by her own, or with her allies until russia step in for her own national interest and not because they love syrians. I mentioned many times here russia is selling syria short and with her moves divided her in 3 parts, one for the favor of kurds and their allies and one to bribe turkey and build the gas pipe via turkey. at least is how I see it.

Syria never had a saying in what is happening to her after she had to relay 100% on russian help to at least keep some of her country intact.


WHY is that “selling”?! Who gives you right for such posturing and VIRTUE SIGNALING?! It is disgustingly HYPOCRITE !

You people are all the same at the end If it was Greece in place of Russia than you would be able surely to understand that Greece has also her own national interests as well! But since it is Russia they do not have that right huh?! They have only “right” to spend huge amount of money and get their soldiers killed and equipment destroyed and all that only FOR SYRIA INTERESTS !?! Well FUCK THAT PERSONS who claims that!

And WHERE is Iran?! Why all of you anti Russian trolls never mention Iran?! Is Iran different from Russia? Do they fight for Syria or for Shiite Assad and Iranian interest’s only!? YES they fight for Iranian interest’s only! So why Russia must be different?! Who will bring back all killed Russians and all maimed in that Syrian war? There are LIMITS for “help” and there is PRICE to pay also! Syria is NOT RUSSIAN allay it never was! Syria was formally only Soviet allay in times of Assad’s father but Syria is not Russian allay and Russia has NO OBLIGATIONS to defend or liberate Syria! They came on SYRIAN DEMAND to ASSIST Syria in fight against terrorists ONLY ! That is all.

Promitheas Apollonious

Kid I am not accusing russia of anything or say they do wrong. But the truth sometimes hurt people that prefer to overlook the obvious and fanatically be blind to reality.

Also learn to think and know what you speaking about and to whom. Calling me anti russian troll, shows how stupid you are and ignorant as well calling me anti serb, though we was the first to go into Yugoslavia when the croats and the germans attack the villages and massacre serbs, not the serbian army, but us the greeks volunteers, so in future know what you speaking about and to whom you telling the BS you telling me.

Russia as far I am concerned sold the syrian people with the deals they make with out the syrians to have a say, after they got what they wanted. Now if they have a plan to correct their actions of today, in the future, that is for the russians to know and for time to show the rest of us, based on their actions in the future.

Zionism = EVIL

Putin is a Jew bitch and now Erdogan’s too

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Unlike you, the Turks recognize that Syria is winning the war and are trying to normalize relations:

“Turkey’s southeastern border gate with Syria reopened on March 5 after an eight-year hiatus.

According to a source in Latakia, Turkey reopened the Kassab Crossing for the first time since the jihadist rebels forced its closure in 2014.”

– Turkey Reopens Key Border Crossing With Syrian Government –



Getting hit with air and artillery strikes on an almost daily basis is hardly a safe haven. And sending the terrorists to the Turkish border where a lot of them came from in the first place to cause Turkey problems is a just response to Turkey’s illegal and immoral support of the terrorists.


good and in due time the sdf-force will be back on the border as tenants to syria and turkey and soon fsa will be neutralized and made harmless and behind those developments you will find russia and iran and turkey and the french faggots will be back home and moronistan (aka usa exceptionally stupid) will be pestering iraq and working full time trying to motivate its presence there.

meanwhile the rest of the middle east will be preparing the eviction of the menace in palestine – they are nothing but squatters and can be kicked into the med without any floating devices and with no moses to show the way they’re bound to sink to the bottom f the sea. what a larf the world at large will offer up.

Xoli Xoli

Terrorists spy patrols have started. Forget Erdogan there wont be Turkey oil pipeline through Syria.Only SyrianIran and Iraq pipeline.Go and create oil pipeline in Siberia or Crimea and get please by Putin evil tall satan full of greed and hatred.Hands of Syria futsek Erdogan. You almost brought Syria to stone age futsek.


Over 50,000 Syrian Troops surrounding Idlib, yet they’re scared to attack because a small Turkish patrol of 100 troops. Lol SAA is weak, and you think they have a chance against the IDF? LOLOLOLOL. SAA should stick to waging war against civilians, because clearly fighting actual armies isn’t their specialty


The Jew baby rapers have been backed out of Syrian airspace and their airstrikes from outside of Syrian airspace were first reduced by 90% and have now stopped completely. The IDF is mostly a done deal, except for the occupied Golan. Now the Turks and the Rest of NATO and their proxy terrorists are next.


Btw folks, this is Jacob Wohl. My official account was banned on multiple sites including LiveUAMap so I was forced to create another one


I’m suspicious of this Turkish initiative. Because contrary to the way that so many are trying to spin it as a joint Turkish Russian initiative. There’s nothing from the Russian side confirming it. And until something comes from a credible source that the Russians actually signed on to this. It looks like a Turkish ploy to replace the defacto expired DMZ agreement with something that consolidates and expands Turkish control of Idlib at the expense of the Syrian government and coalition. And strengthens the partition of Syria in the process. This is diametrically opposed to the Russian position on the territorial integrity of Syria. I have a hard time believing that the Russians signed on to something like this.


There’s a meeting between the Russian and Turkish foreign ministers in a few days. I’d wait until that occurs to see what they have to say about Idlib. Before jumping to conclusions about what Russia’s position is based on this unilateral report from the Turkish side.

“”On March 12-13, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will visit Turkey, the city of Antalya, to attend the 7th meeting of the Joint Strategic Planning Group, chaired by the heads of the foreign ministries of the two countries,” Zakharova said.”

– Lavrov To Attend 7th Russian-Turkish Strategic Planning Meeting In Antalya – Ministry –


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