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JULY 2020

Turkish Military Shells Large Syrian Army Base In Western Aleppo


On April 5, the Turkish military shelled the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 46th Regiment Base in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the base was targeted with rocket launchers. No losses or human casualties were reported as a result of the attack.

In the morning, Syrian troops in the 46th Regiment Base targeted militants’ positions in the nearby town of Kafr Amma with heavy machine guns. The radical militants may have been plotting an attack on the base.

Turkish Military Shells Large Syrian Army Base In Western Aleppo

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The army liberated the 46th Regiment Base last February in the course of a large-scale military operation to secure the M5 highway and the vicinity of Aleppo city.

Greater Idlib, including the western Aleppo countryside, is under a ceasefire that was brokered by Russia and Turkey on March 5. The breakthrough agreement is yet to be fully implemented.

The last few days witnessed many violations of the ceasefire by radical militants. The Turkish military is not only doing nothing to stop these violations, but also deploying more troops and equipment in Greater Idlib.

At least three Turkish military posts were established in the Syrian region on April 5. Ankara appears to be preparing for a battle, not to implement a ceasefire.




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  • grandel

    It is time to wipe out the Turks in Syria and invade Turkey with the help of the Kurds to retake Hatay province that was stolen by the Turks and to finally put an end to the Turks.

    • Sofia23

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      • God

        people who post nudes but not porn is like giving ebola vaccines while coronavirus outbreak…thanks but not what I needed

    • Mustafa Mehmet
    • Raptar Driver

      Turks Are a garbage people They need to become minorities in other countries and stop giving them the power to run their own country because they’re Turks.

    • Cromwell

      Those Turks need annihilating and i think its coming.

    • Kerd Siken

      Yeah you do that, Turks added Idlib and will change the name to HATAY2 :)

      • eltahar

        Mediocre army, Turds are delusional.

        • Kerd Siken

          Indeed they take over the world 3 times and have 16 big empires and the oldest army of the world. yes TSK is mediocre army :)))))

  • xTheWarrior22

    Man, I can’t wait for the moment when Idlib is fully liberated by the SAA, but there are 3 factors, why this battle is more difficult than the previous ones:

    – There are tens of thousands of Jihadis in Idlib, during the Abu al-Duhur operation they suffered huge casualties. The SAA could have easily liberated the entire area within 2-3 months. The orks were on the run, before they were reinforced.

    – The Jihadis regularly receive supplies in form of manpower and equipment from Afrin and Turkey. Manpower from Afrin, weapons from Turkey.

    – Everytime when the SAA is on the roll, a ceasefire gets implemented, which completely destroys their momentum built in several weeks and allows the Jihadis to built new fortifications and to regroup themselves.

    If Russia doesn’t change its stand towards Turkey, then the battle for Idlib will last for 2-3 more years, while in reality it could be liberated within 3-4 months, if the SAA gets full backing by Russia with the confirmation that there won’t be any “ceasefires” anymore. It’s just a shame that the Syrian hostages in Idlib have to suffer so much, because of Russia’s stupid diplomatic ties with Turkey. I’m very happy for what he did to the Syrians, but he is playing a very dangerous game now.

    • Mohammad

      I think you got it wrong here, that ceasefire was actually a game changer, and if it was implemented, it would have been worse for terrorists. Putin knows that turkey isn’t going to obey them, that’s why the safe zone was made in terrorist controlled territory.
      Let me tell you what it changed in the battle of idleb.
      First and foremost, the terrorists will now receive less support from turkey due to the recent pressure from terrorists on turkey, they ultimately lost a huge source of supplies due to their stupidity. (IED explosions and the new group that officially assumed turkey as an actual enemy for them).
      2nd of all, the battle in idleb was going to be a direct conflict with turkey, it wasn’t about liberating idleb from terrorists anymore, but from invaders that are actually organized. We saw how the balance of power completely changed because of the insane Turkish support, it was turning into a masscare, an endless masscare,perhaps more for turkey but it was still costly for our army. (SAA)
      And last but not least, the ceasefire gave time for the Syrian army to prepare for another blitz-like push. It also gave a clear confirmation that turkey is ready to send its troops to hell in order to help terrorism in Syria. The Syrian president once mentioned that both Syria and Russia exhaust all the possible diplomatic solutions, so it makes sense to implement another one.
      Either way, in the coming weeks, we can expect a huge push in idleb, and this time, there won’t be a ceasefire that will save turkey, it’ll be complete hell to both the terrorists and the turks. For now, it’s a matter of time.
      Turkey is literally doing one of the five mistakes that may affect a general: recklessness, which leads to destruction. (taken from “sun Tzu the art of War”)

      • God

        Don’t misunderstood me, I’m totally with the government of Damascus, both legally and morally, but I think SAA and supporters totally understimate the Turkish army.

        1-It’s self-sufficient industrially
        2-It’s technologicaly very advanced
        3-It might not have a badass budget, but Turkey showed already they prioritize their territorial ambitions rather than the financial state of their inhabitants

        4-It has vast numbers (through history numbers have been the Turkish main advantatge)

        In my humble opinion, Russia should keep it up with the ‘collaboration’ thing, when we see the jihadists harassing Turiksh troops because the halt of the islamitzation of the country. Turks will find themselves targeted by SAA and Jihadists sides, making the situation unsustainable for them.

        • Mohammad

          Underestimating? Not at all, the Syrian authorities are aware of what turkey is capable of, but here, in this war with the current situation, turkey would be totally wiped in Syria if they act too aggressive,
          Turkey isn’t facing Syria alone , it’s facing 3 countries at once who are directly active in the war. I’m not even mentioning the kurds who can be bought easily. Either way, if the offensive starts, it won’t stop, that’s for sure.
          I also appreciate your opinion about Syria, I live in Aleppo BTW , very nice to meet you.

      • lilbenavidez

        Pushing into Idlib will successfully get you ”World war 3” With or without Nato’s help. I can guaraantee you nuclear will have to be used in such scenario. Turkey ain’t moving and they have made this come across pretty clear. Russia has simply nothing to gain from gaining controll over an insignificiant piece of land like Idlib and risking Nuclear warfare on top of that for it while having Turk-stream going with the turks which is economically significiant for the Russians.

        Idlib is insignificiant area risking WW3 not worth for any sane leader there is just no benefits in it for Russia to push into that territory and risk confrontations with Turkey over that insignficiant area.

        As for the SAA if Russia leaves Turkey will streamroll SAA and reach damascus in record time. They can even flatten Damascus from inside Turkey.

        Looking at it from all perspectives it’s a disaster outcome either way for SAA and that area is most certainly not important for Russia and means jackshxt politically and economically for them

        • eltahar

          Eventhough Turkey is a larger country, the SAA is still a formidabel army, the mini-Sultan would have to overcome mutiny inside the country when dead Turkish soldiers are brought home.

          • lilbenavidez

            The Rebels have overcome the SAA and all these so-called allies like Hezbullah and Iranian militias. Russia had to help them to keep them there against non-state actors. Forget about Turkey if Russia is not with them Turkey dosen’t even need to do anything. The Rebels can handle the SAA just like they did previously

          • Cromwell


        • Mohammad

          I have never seen such a stupid, baseless opinion from a very long time, I don’t respect such stupidity.
          Either way, I won’t be arguing with you, just wait for the offensive and watch the turkish marathon from idleb to Istanbul.

      • Cromwell

        I said it years ago and i will say it again,why the hell were those Turkish convoys that have been crossing the border for years not bombed 24/7? and why were the Turks not attacked the moment they set foot in Syria?the one good thing thats come out of this is,the SAA and the Russians know just where the Turks are concentrated,when this kicks off again they should throw everything at the bastards and finish it.

        • Icarus Tanović

          This adventurism may turn actually to Turkey’s Vietnam.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            no worry

        • Mohammad

          You have a very valid point my friend, but attacking turkey like this would only increase tensions and further more deplete those surprises.
          However, if those turks are surrounded, besieged like this, they can be used a special card against turkey. Keep in mind that Syria, along with its allies allow Turkish helicopters to transport injured soldiers. We are being very diplomatic, but if turkey keeps acting recklessly, well.. That might happen.

  • shylockracy

    US and Turkey are the same terrorist shit as ISIS and al-Qaeda, and the Kurds are no much better. With a pandemic going on, the US and Turkey Zioterrorists can implement martial law and mobilised bigger military capabilities wherever they want; now there’s Patriots in Iraq and the US will only fortify the region more.

    There’s no advantage at all for the SAA in this ceasefire.

  • eltahar

    Turks were and aren’t reliable creatures, i understand that due to geopolitics Russia is playing along with the Erdoğan-regime, but in the long run those Turds would stab you in the back for their own interests, i.e. stealing land.

  • Free man

    same old Anti-Russia crying.
    Russia saved the SAA from massacre. And significantly reduced the area held by the jihadists, ahead of the next campaign.

  • Icarus Tanović

    This situation is giving SAA time to reinforce their forces. Erdogan’s regime didn’t count on that…
    Wahhabis are on the run…

  • Jim Bim

    Syria should retaliate, shell some Turkish posts.

  • Icarus Tanović

    This may turn to Turkey’s worst nightmare, to Turkey’s Vietnam.

  • Felipe Luker