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Turkish Military Setting Up ‘Observation Post’ North Of Khan Shaykhun (Video, Photo)

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Turkish Military Setting Up 'Observation Post' North Of Khan Shaykhun (Video, Photo)

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Ankara has apparently made up its mind to the expected liberation of Khan Shaykhun by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

So, now, Turkish forces are setting up a new observation post north of the town. The new post will likely ‘observe’ how Khan Shaykhun and the entire area south of it will soon be liberated by the SAA.

The post is being set up by troops that were deployed in the area with a large military convoy that on August 19 failed to reach Khan Shaykhun and rescue militants there before the M5 highway was cut off.

Turkish Military Setting Up 'Observation Post' North Of Khan Shaykhun (Video, Photo)

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  1. nick1111 says:

    Bomb these Turkish dogs out of existence

    1. klove and light says:

      Pretty difficult as Long as Turkey has an Agreement with their russian Partners!!!!

      the Moment Russia would stop backing turkish incursions and occupation of syria, TAF would be cannon fodder….

      ps. 12 “Observation Posts” were agreed between TAF and Russia….now with the latest they have 14., and i dont hear shit from Zionist Putin!

      death to america death to Israel curse on the jews

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Originally it was only 8 legal OB posts according to the Astana agreement, the one at Murak was the first ilegal OB post erected and 3 were built soon after, and Putin didn’t even complain.

        1. AM Hants says:

          Russia, always gives enough rope, for their friends to hang themselves and have to come out, with their intentions. Just like in this case.

          Or do you not think Russian air support, including sending the Turkish F-16s home, was enough work, on the part of Russia?

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Well he certainly gave Erdogan enough time to show his real intentions didn’t he, 2 years is more than enough time for Erdogan to hang himself with that piece of rope, but 2 years is more time than all the other Russians have given Erdogan, they only gave him 12 months to hang himself, they were all tugging on that rope 12 months ago, and they’re pulling even harder now, because they’ve finally forced Putin to grab hold of that rope too.
            Yes the Russian military commanders are doing the right thing by the Syrians now, they’re finally ignoring Putin’s butt kissing and doing all the things they wanted to do 12 months ago when Putin wouldn’t let them.
            I think you missed that mini Russian coup against Putin, politics in Russia is changing faster than you realize, and it’s all attributable to Putin’s pandering to Erdogan. Putin’s been saying one thing and all his ministers and military commanders have been saying the exact opposite, that’s what I call a mini coup, especially when I see the Russian military doing the exact opposite of what Putin’s been wanting and Putin’s finally going along with it.

          2. AM Hants says:

            So what is President Putin’s approval rating at the moment?
            Does he lead Russia, owing to personal ego or does he rule Russia for the people?

            I remember, back in 2014, when The Maidan kicked off. Now what happened next.

            Crimea, in just 3 weeks, they voted to return home to Russia. Before the EU could even hold an emergency meeting.

            President Yanukovich and his family, who were rescued from an assassination attempt, by the Russians.

            The US and EU sanctions and how they laughed at Russia. Then out of nowhere, Russia strikes back, with regards there counter sanctions. Now who is laughing? How much did the EU lose from the agricultural market alone?

            Next Ukraine, who kept forgetting to pay their gas bills, thinking Russia would never mind? Then what happened, after Ukraine was given plenty of chances? Russia, would only deliver if paid in advance.

            Next Nord Stream II and wasn’t the contrat set up so that the US and EU could have absolutely no access to it?

            Now Turkey has purchased the S-400 and it is being assembled in Turkey, with the operatives trained, together with the Turkstream coming on board. Russia, does not have to be patient, where Turkey is concerned. However, they also wanted Turkey to do what she does best and show her hand, when playing one team against the other. Which Turkey have done, just as planned. Plus, the time period, of making Turkey feel safe, has allowed Syria to train the new members of her military. Which is no doubt why the Idlib cauldron has been such a success.

            I so remember The Saker, would get impatient, with regards Russia and doom and gloom, yet, by understanding the ‘The Art of War’, Russia can afford to be patient, unlike most others.

            5th Column Operating In Russia, and aided by the US funded media, also operating in Russia.


            Common Purpose and the BBC


            Soros Regime Change Script



          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            So you think by listing all of Putin’s positive past achievements it will somehow counterbalance the fact he’s recently made bad ones, not in my book it doesn’t, once you stop making good decisions and start making bad ones all the time, it’s time to start listening to others.
            From the time Putin saved Russia from Boris Yeltsin’s disastrous dance with the US and Israel, I’ve also admired him, and when he introduced those 2 laws into Russian legislation in 2006, that prohibit the LGBTQI organization promoting their poison to Russian children under the age of 15, he actually became my hero, but that doesn’t mean he’s allowed to make bad decisions and get away with it now.
            You forgot to mention his greatest achievement, the fact the US is using the global warming scare to counterbalance Putin and Xi Jin Pings manipulation of the worlds oil and gas markets. The Russians have lowered world wide production of oil and gas and driven up prices, and the Chinese have stolen a lot of the worlds oil and gas supply markets, ensuring their own resource needs into the future and averting any possible attempts of manipulation by the US.
            And what about Bric’s, a counterbalance to the US and Israels domination of the world financial system, that too is one of his greatest achievements but you haven’t bothered to list it.
            So even though he did save Russia from Boris’s stupidity,
            and even if he saved the Russians from becoming a pro LGBTQI nation like most western countries have become, his greatest achievement
            and even though he turned the Saudi’s around and has them shouting the new OPEC mantra, “lower production higher prices”
            and even though he’s helped XI destroy the value of the US petrodollar with bric’s and other institutions
            he’s still making bad decisions concerning Syria.
            When the uprising first started all his military advisors told him to go in and help Assad his ally, they wanted to go to Syria and help quell the uprising before it took hold, but Putin said no, he said it was an internal dispute that the Syrians should solve themselves, even though everyone at the time knew it wasn’t really an internal uprising, it was sponsored by the US and Israel.
            And when Putin finally decided to help Assad, all those same military advisors told Putin to put boots on the ground, but he didn’t, he said he would just offer material and air support to Assad, and then Isis took over half the country, and then the US and the Turks stole some more, I think he should have listened to his advisors both times, I blame him for all of Syria’s woes now, not the Russian generals or government ministers who repeatedly gave Putin advice he should have taken, just Putin himself.
            But as I said, now I think those same generals and ministers have given Putin some orders, and I think Putin’s now following them, and doing what he’s told for a change.
            And as far as I know Putin’s personal popularity is falling just slightly, and his party even more, but more importantly than that, for the last 12 months his rhetoric has been the exact opposite of what all his ministers and high ranking military commanders have been saying, why haven’t they been in sync for the last 12 months, it’s only over the last few days Putin’s started saying the same thing as everyone else, it’s not that everyone else has changed what they were saying, it’s Putin that’s changed his rhetoric, now he’s in sync with everyone else. And that’s the way it should be in a democracy, he may be the leader, but he’s only the leader because his followers allow him to lead, but he can’t be a leader if all his followers aren’t following him, and they haven’t been for the last 12 months, at least as far as Syria is concerned, and because of his pandering to Erdogan more especially.
            It’s ok to have heroes, especially ones who’ve done amazing things, but heroes aren’t infallible, and when they make mistakes we have to let them know, and I think Putin’s made a lot of mistakes in Syria.

          4. AM Hants says:

            What bad achievements?

            Do the people of Russia seriously want to go back to the times of the Yeltsin era?

          5. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Why do you ask,
            “Do the people of Russia seriously want to go back to the times of the Yeltsin era?”
            What does this question have to do with Putin’s performance in Syria, it’s off topic altogether.
            Putin’s bad decisions concerning Syria.
            1, Ignored military advice and didn’t help quell the rebellion in its very early days.
            2, again ignored military advice and failed to put boots on the ground when he finally arrived, just air and material support was given.
            3, Erdogan should have been punished for shooting down the Russian pilot, which doesn’t mean he had to go to war over it, but Putin should have done something to exact retribution.
            4, Failed to realize that Erdogan was playing him for a fool after Erdogan continuously failed to comply to every single requirement of the Astana agreement. It’s not that he shouldn’t have tried to make the deal work at all, but he should have realized 3 months after he first co signed it that Erdogan wasn’t complying to any aspect of it and never would, that was pure stupidity. Now Erdogan supplies the rebel forces with the equipment they use to target [and attempt to kill] Russian servicemen stationed at Russian airbases.
            5, Putin didn’t do enough to stop the Israelis attacking Syrian and Iranian interests in Syria, if diplomacy and threats didn’t work [they didn’t], then he should have used those S-400’s to stop them, and if they stayed in Israeli territory and fired their missiles into Syria, Putin should have targeted the bases that launched them, or blown those Israeli jets out of Israeli skys wherever they were, and let the broken pieces fall where ever they fell, in the countryside, on industrial sectors, businesses or homes, where ever. That would have stopped the Israelis dead in their tracks, and what could they say about it, they’re endangering Russian personnel stationed in Syria every time they launch an attack into Syria, bad luck if the Russians also endanger Israeli lives by trying to protect Russian lives, fairs fair I think. And look what happened, 15 dead and again no retribution, for the second time.
            6, Trump’s cruise missile attacks against Syrian infrastructure, and the US’s constant air strikes against the SAA and Iraqi PMU units [possibly Russians too] that were fighting Isis in Deir ez Zor, they also should have elicited more of a retaliatory response from Putin, not just empty threats.
            7, agreed to the UN, US, Israeli and Turkish demands to implement resolution 2254 and a new constitution for Syria, Putin was a pure traitor for that, but the Iranians also shoved Assad under the bus with that one too so he wasn’t alone, it was only the Arab league arguing Assad’s case, and they still are. Assad’s already said he won’t agree to Putin’s requests anyway, so hopefully Putin will give up on the idea too, F–K resolution 2254 nd the new constitution, and F–K Putin for ever agreeing to it, anything the UN wants is evil and should be avoided like the plague.

            My last response to you had a positive list for Putin, this is the negative one, please feel free to point out where you think I’m wrong to question Putin’s terrible responses to events he should have handled much better, and why you think he was right to make the decisions he did.
            There’s one more important aspect to this grievance of mine, and I think it’s the most important of all, loyalty.
            When the Saudis first approached Assad with the proposal to use his country as a transit point for a direct stream into the EU for their oil and gas, Assad’s response was this, I can’t agree to that because I know it will harm my ally Russia’s revenue stream, I won’t do anything to harm my allies markets in the EU. That’s what I call loyalty, and it deserves the same in kind.

            Putin should have stopped the Isis invasion as soon as it started, and if he had, the US and the Turks would have had no excuse at all to invade and take over parts of Syria, so I blame Putin for that too.
            But as I’ve said one million times before, it’s not the Russian government or it’s military leaders responsible for these bad decisions, they’ve said all the right things, asked to make the appropriate responses, offered all the right advice, the only problem is, they were totally ignored by someone who should have known better.

          6. AM Hants says:

            So you believe.

          7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            C’mon, argue with me, tell me why I’m wrong, YOU CAN’T, or do you secretly agree with me but don’t want to say it, surely you can’t agree with every decision Putin’s made concerning Syria, but then again maybe you can.

          8. AM Hants says:

            Sorry, cannot be bothered to play in the kindergarten today.

            Fully supportive of President Putin and his team and how they are handling Syria. Many of us remember what things were like, prior to President Putin’s speech, over in the UN, just days prior to Russia turning up in Syria.

          9. AM Hants says:

            Sorry, cannot be bothered to play in the kindergarten today.

            Fully supportive of President Putin and his team and how they are handling Syria. Many of us remember what things were like, prior to President Putin’s speech, over in the UN, just days prior to Russia turning up in Syria.

          10. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You’re just a paid for troll promoting your bosses agenda, that’s why you’re fully supportive, one of the many paid for trolls operating on SF, and and you’re all as dumb as chimpanzees and don’t deserve your paychecks.

          11. AM Hants says:

            LOL, when a paid troll tells you that you are a paid troll, owing to not going with their soundbite of the week. Think what you want as at the end of the day, you are just a stranger, who also happens to be an armchair gossip and not a very good one at that.

          12. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Speculation and opinion aren’t gossip, they’re just plain speculation and opinion, something trolls try to criticize and suppress all the time, but when asked to debate the difference of opinion, the answers always the same every time, I can’t be bothered, which simply means I can’t.
            Don’t criticize anything anyone has to say if you haven’t got anything substantial to say other than “you’re wrong and I’m right”, that’s what kindergarten kids say when they argue, so you’d better stop playing in the kindergarten and grow up if you want to criticizing other posters opinions.

          13. AM Hants says:

            Darling, you can always tell a paid troll by the soundbites they use, plus, how they run with the 5 D media disinformation script. Together with a personal insult thrown in.


      2. Brother Ma says:

        You forgot death to Turkey as well.

    2. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      Syria can not, as Turks are protected to move in Idleb via the Idleb deal. Well at least if one accept Turkys streched out interpretation of it. ;)

      But no real need. Is a huge turn of the game that the SAA or Russia (conflicting sources) did indeed strike the convoy, and that Russia even chased away the turkish F16s.

      And nothing holds the SAA and Russia back from just out flanking the Turks again and pocket trap them. They are no obstacle, it all just propaganda by the Turks for their hyper-neo-ottoman-Muslim-Brootherhood domestic audience. :)

      Let them have a bit of theater. It wont matter much in the end.

      1. Lord Humongous says:


        1. EveryoneIsBiased says:


      2. Brother Ma says:

        Theater is very important and dangerous and beefs up confidence at home making decisions harder to make by the gov.

        So Syro Russians should kill a few Turks “by accident” to teach thise thickheads something in Erdoganistan.

  2. stupid is as stupid does says:

    Turks can now ”observe” how helpless they are.

      1. stupid is as stupid does says:

        What they can do…no naked women around…no internet porn…
        they must “observe” something..

        1. PZIVJ says:

          I think that Erdogan will not pull of Morek OP immediately, in order to try to make the Jihadist happy “we did not abandon you”. So they can observe peace returning to the Syrian territory in the south if they like.

  3. Joe Dickson says:

    The OP is not authorized at that location. Remove it or become targets for the next round of airstrikes.

  4. JerryDrake says:

    Turkey said this, Turkey said that…
    Turkish dogs bark in the wind…

  5. Lupus says:

    Time to set up some observation points in Turkey

    1. Ice Icegold says:


    2. Brother Ma says:

      Parlianent House in Ankara and Taksim Square in Constantinople sound good.

      1. Lupus says:

        Haha yes and in Erdogans yard

  6. col blacker says:

    The wee Turkish soldiers and their wee terrorist allies – like so many rabbits running for thier lives! LOL

  7. Leon says:

    Most of the Turks are very good. Erdogan is filthy

    1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      Spot on.

  8. Redadmiral says:

    Sultan’s lap dogs have a frontline seat to watch their master’s cowardly curs being put down like the vermin they are. Tigers might even obliterate their make shift kennel. Now that would put the Big Cats amongst Sultan’s minions

  9. xTheWarrior22 says:

    When Khan Shaykoun and the area south of it will be liberated, the SAA can pocket Heish and the whole game starts from zero.

    1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      It’s already liberated, the rebels left.

      1. stupid is as stupid does says:

        the “rebels”
        left !?
        And since when those throat cutting animals are “rebels” ?

        1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

          Since Erdogan says they’re moderate opposition they must be, you don’t think he’s lying do you, shock horror.

      2. xTheWarrior22 says:

        That’s great news!

      3. gustavo says:

        Do you call rebels to terrorists ? Please, stop watching cnn.

        1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

          I don’t get CNN,
          rebels, terrorists, there is no difference between them in Syria, what do you mean. They can be both at the same time you know, they aren’t just one or the other, though they can be.

  10. AM Hants says:

    Who wrote the article? Strange no name, attributed to the writing.

    Others are stating that Syria prevented this and have taken back control of the Highway.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      On another subject AM. The Trump wish to buy Greenland is a reincarnation of the late 50’s.

      Lest we forget that the US establishment has always been full of bought and paid for morons, I offer you this.


      In the late 1950s the US constructed a multiple nuclear missile base at a military base granted to the US in Greenland by the Danish government. The base was powered by a small nuclear reactor and was constructed below the top of the ice sheet. There were plans for many miles of tunnels.

      There were two rather large problems. The silly yanks failed to consider that the ice sheet was continually moving and that the heat from the reactor plus the heat generated by the 600 ish soldiers continually melted the base. The base was abandoned on the 60’s.

      Like all US bases, the shit was left behind, literally, and also included fuel oil in barrels and nuclear waste.
      This US detritus is now breaking out of the ice sheet and threatens the seas of the North Pole and beyond.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Thanks for the link. Puts another factor into ‘global warming’. Do wonder if Trump wanting to take control of Greenland, is owing to the US not having any say in the arctic. They always come late to the party, yet, expect to walk away and take credit for the biggest prize.

        Have posted this before, a few times, but, if you have not seen it, here it is again. If you have seen it, apologies.

        This is not from the article that I normally post, but, says the same.


        The United States and the Law of the Sea Convention

        John B. Bellinger III Legal Adviser, U.S. Department of State

        ‘…At the same time, economic arguments for joining the Convention grew even stronger. Public attention was increasingly focused on the melting of Arctic ice and its implications for oil and gas development. The planting of a flag at the North Pole by a Russian submarine in August 2007, while carrying no legal significance, highlighted the Arctic as a source of additional wealth for the countries bordering the Arctic Ocean. Russia and the other Arctic coastal states — Canada, Denmark, and Norway – all are parties to the Convention and already have submitted, or are preparing to submit, proposed outer limits for their continental shelves to the Continental Shelf Commission. These submissions will enable these countries to maximize international recognition over their extended continental shelves in the Arctic, including sovereign rights over oil and gas reserves. Because of the similar reserves on the U.S. continental shelf off of Alaska, both Senators Stevens and Murkowski actively supported the Convention, as did Governor Sarah Palin in a September 2007 letter to those Senators. She focused specifically on the continental shelf rights that the other Arctic States were busy securing while the United States sat on the sidelines.

        In October 2007, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted the Convention out of Committee by a 17-4 vote. The Committee report recommended that the full Senate give its advice and consent to the treaty and set forth a set of declarations, understandings, and conditions that had been carefully worked out between the Committee and the Executive Branch…’

        …Opponents also contend that accession is basically unnecessary for the United States to enjoy the benefits of the Convention. On this view, we get the benefit of the rest of the world treating the Convention’s provisions as customary international law without having to sign up ourselves. And, the argument goes, if there are any deficiencies in our legal rights, the U.S. Navy can make it up through force or the threat of force. So why join the Convention and subject ourselves to, for example, third-party dispute settlement?

        This argument misses some key points:

        First, asserting customary international law does not secure all the benefits of the Convention for us. For example, as a non-party, we do not have access to the Continental Shelf Commission and cannot nominate nationals to sit on it…’


        Russia, not only dropped their flag on the bottom of the Arctic Shelf, but, also took and sent ground samples to the UN, to support their territorial claim.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Yes, the reluctance of the US to sighn the law of the seas treaty is typical of the mindset.of ‘Do as I say and not what I do’. Every individual,group or government that adheres to that doctrine is essentially selfish in the extreme.

          You may well have read the following link, but if not, enjoy :)



          1. AM Hants says:

            Kept the image, thanks, and no doubt will share it often. I had not seen it before, but, reading it with interest. So few, keep cropping up here, there and everywhere, where destrucction of the planet is concerned.

  11. Lord Humongous says:

    Fake sultan is losing. SAA will simply bypass these “observation posts”, which are nothing more than staging areas/re-supply points for the Turkish backed head choppers.

  12. ColinNZ says:

    Erdogan will now face a choice: Does he risk even more humiliation by doubling down, or does he accept that his proxy terrorists will be routed from Idlib with or without his humiliation?

    My guess is a little more humiliation might swing it for him.

  13. Milinko Kokovic says:

    Run to the hills.. run four your life…..


    1. Gary Sellars says:

      Syrian soldier in the barren wastes…
      Hunting jihadi’s a game..
      Killing the goat-fuckers or maiming the scum
      The fleeing Wahabbis feel shame…

  14. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    I should imagine continuous airstrikes around this location would help to slow the building process down considerably, no one likes working in the rain, especially when it’s raining bombs.

  15. Xoli Xoli says:

    USA is playing wait and hit tactic with Turkey. Once their realize that Erdogan has soar Russian relationships then their punish Turkey with severe self made sanctions and isolate Erdogan.

  16. Xoli Xoli says:

    Destroy all roads around Turkey terrorists convoy and and supply manpads to SAA proxies to attack Turkey terrorists monitoring post everywhere in Syria. Force surrendering terrorist to take out Turkey terrorists observation post simultaneously.

  17. Xoli Xoli says:

    Destroy all Turkey Syria highways and close all Syrian Turkey border crossings including telephone lines.

    1. PZIVJ says:

      News update:
      In an unexpected move, Kurdish rebels where able to cut many poles and com links across the Turkish/Syrian border. Forward Turkish units are now in the dark about present situation on front lines and may have to retreat. :)

      1. Xoli Xoli says:

        Good news.Thanks for update.

      2. Xoli Xoli says:

        Good news

  18. bla says:

    Can anyone, that knows about the topic tell me what will happen to the Turks in Morek ? They are trapped, any news ?

  19. Icarus Tanović says:

    We can simply bypass these observation posts.
    But truth is this:Wahhabis for the first time running away for theirs lives. Zionist scum.

  20. MeMad Max says:

    Just go around them, no big deal…..

    1. Chris P says:

      Exactly, what I was thinking. Now, Putin says there are Russian troops on the ground too. That is a big statement, and S 35 intercepted the Turkish Airforce 35 KM inside Syria. The Turks need Russian Nat Gas but also need Jihady support to fight there Proxy war. What should they do? Act ing is the only option. Shakespeare would be proud.

  21. Assad must stay (gr8rambino) says:

    Blow it up

  22. AM Hants says:

    A different take on things.

    Could the Fall of Khan Shaykhun begin the End of Jihadi Idlib?… https://journal-neo.org/2019/08/20/could-the-fall-of-khan-shaykhun-begin-the-end-of-jihadi-idlib/

    Thanks Nofearorfavour for the link.

    1. stupid is as stupid does says:

      Great article AM,
      thanks !

      1. AM Hants says:

        Nofearorfavor, provided the interesting link, but, happy to share.

    2. gustavo says:

      Nop, the fall of Khan Shaykhum is not the end of terrorists in Syria as long as USA-Israel-NATO continue support them. It is necessary to stop these organization to end with terrorism.

  23. Saso Mange says:

    Same strategy, decisive. Good job. This might be important like liberation of Aleppo.

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