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JUNE 2023

Turkish Military Says It Struck 30-40 Vehicles Long ‘Terrorist’ Convoy Entering Afrin (Video)

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On February 23 evening, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) a convoy, which was entering Afrin.

According to the Turkish General Staff, the TAF attacked a convoy of 30-40 vehicles belonging to the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and even ISIS.

The claim that the convoy was belonging to ISIS is a nonsense. However, the claims about some ISIS presence is a common thing in almost all statements of the TAF on its Operation Olive Branch.

Separately, Kurdish sources released info that it was an aid convoy, which was about to enter the Afrin area through the Ziyarah crossing.

Some sources say that an unknown number of pro-government fighters were embedded with the convoy.

A video from the scene by the PYD:

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The Sectrian group called Liwa Al-Baqir who was also massacred by the US in Deir Ezzor. Have got another massacre on their track record..

The most stupid group I have seen in Syrian civil war. They couldn’t even make proper speech in their videos statements it was simply awkward


Troll bastard (information gived by the pellory of the trolls)


Sorry, correction: information given by…


Ah yes Al zinky beheading a 12 year old boy on camera is just normal militant behavior for mountains but these guys are really evil.


Fuck you, you Turkish Ottoman bastards in the end you will be the one that the fire will catch up on

Bulgarian God

Nuke all Assad bastards! Kill ’em all ! :)


Troll bastard


nice avatar…keep dreaming

Rob Centros

Moron troll.

Wahid Algiers

He is back again: the mad grandmafucker.

Joao Alfaiate


Rob Centros

Gee, who would have guessed that that piece of crap Erdogan would have lied and betrayed the trust of … everyone, yet again? He’s making too many enemies to survive much longer.

Promitheas Apollonious

which is not a bad thing, is it?

Epsilon Eridani

as i told in my another seperate comment, after Turkey invaded Afrin, SF and some of the friends in this site supporting SAA are badly confused about whether to support SDF or not. Because of the fact that turkey is moving with FSA and it is an intruder, I can understand that Turkey is perceived as an enemy by SAA supporters, but, they should not forget that SDF is much more sinister enemy because it is backed by the USA. So, if i were u, i wouldnt become SDF leaning in this war, and welcome any damage done to SDF. What would you think will happen if SDF manages to consolidate power in those areas? ıt wont hesitate to attack other syrian lands and confiscate arab population’s lands, just happened in east syria


Guy, who is saying to the world that where the turk walks the grass don’t grow are the crazies new Enver Pashas in your government. And you are going to suffer the consequences. this is not a menace, it’s a warning.


Afrin was under Russian influence.If the attack would take place near Manbij you would be right.Also any kind of attack without coordination of the government is an act of aggression.If Turkey wants new allies ,it must learn how to communicate with them.

Langaniso Mhlobo

The gog and megog.The king of the south will return or come bavk with lightening power.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Erdogan is really a islamic radical shit.Don’t let any Turkeys artillery leave Syria undamaged.This Syrian war will only end if Turkey,USA and Israel is seriously attack.


how did the turks learn to aim? fake?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Turkey is a intruder how do their perceive that any convoy civilian,army or aid in a sovereign country is a terrorist convoy. Turkey is a terrorist in Syria who’s killing Syrian civilians irrespective of their internal difference on sovereign soil.

Joe Doe

Looks like Vlad got fooled again. This time by Erdagon, because Erdagon is not to help Syria rather conqure and anexed Syria

Wahid Algiers

But only if they reach their goals. At the present the SAA/NDF and kurdish fighters are not realy in position due to the withdrawals of the kurds in Arfrin CS..

Joe Doe

Eedagon goals are clear. He got promise from Americans conquer Afrin and Manbij, way back. Now he is taking, but Vlad failed take in to account and now is mass

Wahid Algiers

Sure, but Syria and Kurds will not applause that and come to reactions when properly deployed.

Joe Doe

That would be nice, but SAA needs better military hardware, specially the Air Defense Systems, such S-400, Pantsir-S1 or S2, many VERBA MANPADs and SAA Tiger Force and SAA National Gourds should have VERBAs

Wahid Algiers

We do not need to be afraid. Syria will manage all problems. Imagine were it stood 4-5 years ago, in summer of 2016? Syria is on the march to collect squaremeter of squaremeter of its own soil. The heaven can wait hopefully for all Syrian Soldiers – but not whole Eastern Syria beyond the Euphrates, the southwest around Daraa, al Tanf region, Idlib province, Mandschbi/Afrin regions and northern Hama pocket. East Ghouta will be back in a few 2-3 weeks. Victory for Syria and a big puke for Westerners and Israel.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Erdogan is nothing he grow up in the desert fucking goats,donkeys and camels and learn how to chop off human head.He only fool’s Putin not mother Russian army.Russian army soldiers will never allow their brothers to be kill by rubbish USA small country bully army.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Nuclear or not nuclear Russian blood cannot flow like that in a soverein country were their are invited to restore order and save lived by terrorist creator and protector USA.


I can’t figure how supposedly “human beings” can crow this way about destroying humanitarian convoy.

Wahid Algiers

To be honest: such explosions are not from medical aid or nutrition. But it is legal to transport ammunition and weapons through the own country and rows. Turkey is the aggressor since 2011.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well no you idiot comes from LNG tanks which are standard in cooking and not for making trap bombs only Turk terrorists use them and Israeli terrorists.


This video shows nothing about any convoy. This is a lie, as one could expected of a genocide country.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They attack a civilian aid convoy from Syria government, the HTS also kidnapped a Sarc representative for Idlib. Turkish bot accounts are in full force for this one and others. The idiots in East Ghouta are posting old Aleppo photos and Yemeni photos all are fake news propaganda.


Get rekt #PKK rats.


Fuck you, AKP-MHP-MIT-Bastard! Erdo-Führer will hang upside down like Mussolini, trust me…

Eskandar Black

Turks do not understand when they are not welcome. That is why you must burn them alive. The screams of the savages send the other savages back to their layer.

Mario Ceva

Is difficult to say what is worst for Syria Turkish or Kurdish (+ USA).

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurd’s need to stop hiding behind civilians. Kurds need to just evacuate the remaining civilians then the Kurds need to fight the Turks to the death. The Turkish army has come out into the open to fight an honorable fight. Is it asking the Kurds to much to crawl out of their holes and take off their civilian clothing and put back on their military fatigues and fight to the death in an honorable way.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Turks need to learn to stop hiding behind their proxies which is what they are doing right now , they will be ended and here are no PKK in Afrin , those are in US SDF zone even the Turkish Intel knows that.

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