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JULY 2020

Turkish Military Removes Observation Post From Aleppo-Damascus Highway


The Turkish military has removed an observation post blocking the M5 highway in Greater Idlib, several pro-government sources reported on March 13.

Ahmad Srjawi, a journalist in the Syrian state TV, released a photo from the area where the Turkish post was stationed. The journalist said the M5 is now fully open.

The Turkish post was located next to the town of Maar Hattat, 7 km to the south of the city of Ma`arat al-Nu`man in the southern Idlib countryside.

Syrian authorities reopened the M5 highway, which links Damascus with the northern city of Aleppo, for civilian traffic last week. However, the Turkish post was forcing the travelers to take a side route, increasing the distance.

The removal of Maar Hattat post was likely a part of the recent Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib. Reopening all highways in northwest Syria was a key part of the agreement that was finalized in Moscow on March 5.




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  • Lone Ranger

    Bye bye trolls…

  • Tim Williams

    leave or get bombed by RuAF … no brainer even for ERDO

    • The Man

      It was a difficult decision for that c*nt erDOGan to understand such that he had to go to Moscow where Putin explained it to him very, very simply. Then, like the dogs that they are, these Turkish Turds will withdraw, disarm, dismantle their shit, and slowly, get the f*ck away. These stupid Turds, like Mehmet, have a low IQ, on par with retards and monkeys, and will eventually go back to their own territory, where they can do whatever the F they want. In the meantime, f*ck off from M5, Turds!

  • Tim Williams
    • They may be bad defenders, but they’re one of the best insurgents, killing dozens of Turkish mercenaries every month

  • Tudor Miron

    Would not be missed.

    • goingbrokes

      Oh come on! The locals will miss it as now the butcher regime is going to move in and start gassing its own people again, their favourite pastime!

      • Séamus Ó Néill

        What a poor sad little person, has to wait until someone tells you what to think….can’t do it own your own yet ?

        • goingbrokes

          Don’t worry, Tudor knows me well! I was just doing a telaviv bot impersonation – looks like it was a bit too convincing!!!

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    One down 42 to go.
    It’s actually a momentous occasion and a cause for celebrations, because as insignificant as it may seem right now [after all it’s just one lousy OB post], it’s a really good start, it effectively sets a precedent for others to be abandoned as well, we might see some of the others still in SAA controlled territory being abandoned too soon.

  • How generous of our Royal Majesty President Erdogan…

  • Fenian

    erdo – cope

  • cechas vodobenikov

    what defines an”observation post”; cannot the turks observe using their HTS spies and drones?

  • gustavo

    After all, some of them are not so stupid.