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Turkish Military Operation In Idlib Would Be Considered Invasion: Syrian Opposition Leader

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Turkish Military Operation In Idlib Would Be Considered Invasion: Syrian Opposition Leader

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If Turkey begins a military operation in Syrian Idlib, the international community will perceive this as an invasion, Mahmoud Afandi, secretary of the Syrian opposition movement People’s Diplomacy, said.

“It’s one thing to start an operation against Kurdish forces, which Turkey considers terrorists, but it’s a completely different thing to start military operations against the army of a sovereign state and a member of the United Nations. This will be considered invasion, occupation, and this is prohibited by international law,” Afandi said.

He also emphasized that an attack on Idlib could lead to a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier that he had called on his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop the offensive in the Idlib province and withdraw from Turkish observation posts by the end of February, otherwise he said that a Turkish operation against the Syrian Arab Army would take place.

Erdogan said that Turkey has not yet received a satisfactory result in negotiations with the Russian Federation on the Syrian Idlib and is ready for the start of a military operation in this region.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov called such a possibility the worst-case scenario.

Thus, even the actual opposition in Syria, that’s not made of militants, is also against Turkish “assistance.”

In an interview with TRT World, Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlut Cavusoglu spoke about the negotiations between Turkey and Russia on Idlib.

“At the talks with the Russian side, we still have not reached the point where we would like to be. Perhaps our leaders will negotiate. The Russians provided us with their maps, we gave them ours, which indicate the location of all our observation points. We exchanged views; contacts will continue. Attacks of the Syrian regime need to be stopped,” the minister said.

According to Cavusoglu, the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive in Idlib harms the Astana process for a Syrian settlement.

“Some foreign colleagues call and express support (for a possible Turkish operation in Idlib). But why aren’t they doing this openly? We need to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib. And our steps will be aimed at this goal,” Cavusoglu added.

On February 19th, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar also made a statement regarding Idlib.

He repeated the usual Turkish propaganda, that before anything else, the Idlib issue is of humanitarian nature and Turkey only cares about that.

Minister Akar said, “The issue there is of course a military, security and defense issue, but there is a human drama before and beyond it.”

Underlining the importance of understanding the humanitarian issue there, Minister Akar said:

“Millions of people have left their homes. Children, women and the elderly … are trying to survive under the rain and snow, in difficult weather conditions,” the minister said, adding that Turkey had extended a helping hand to those in Idlib through its military and welfare organizations.

He, however, said that the Turkish military presence and support for the Turkish-backed groups would not end.

“Withdrawing from our observation posts (in Idlib) is out of the question,” Hulusi Akar told reporters before attending his Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) parliamentary group meeting in the capital Ankara.

Akar said they would retaliate against any attack on Turkish observation posts.

“We expect the parties (in Idlib) to rapidly comply with their commitments under the Sochi deal such that a cease-fire can be implemented and bloodshed can be stopped,” he said. “We have complied, and we expect the other parties to do the same,” he added.

He also mentioned the negotiations in Moscow and said that they would continue.

“Our negotiations will continue, of course. We have brought these demands to the agenda again, and we will continue to bring them.”

“We are trying to do whatever it takes to ensure a ceasefire there, and we are trying to control the area. If necessary, we have stated that we can use force against the opponents or those who broke the ceasefire. We respect the territorial integrity of our neighbors. We have no intention of violating it, our work is in this direction. We expect our European and American friends to comply with their commitments, to take concrete steps, to fulfill their responsibilities and to do their part.”

Minister Akar said, “A ceasefire is always possible. Our relations with Russia continue at the ministerial level, from military to military in this context, they will continue.”


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Russian spokesperson Maria Zakharova said: “No-one invited Turkey into Syria. It’s only natural they will suffer casualties.”

Turkey must be forced out for Syria for good. All illegal occupiers must be removed from Syria forever.

Celebration at Aleppo Airport


Zionism = EVIL

It is a great feat to repair and operationalize the airport in less than a week. Syrians are hard working patriotic people and if the Turkeys stop destroying their country, Dr. Assad is the right man to rebuild Syria into a prosperous powerful nation again.


Unfortunately Z=E, you have identified all the reasony why the “west” will do everything in their power to prevent this from happening

Zionism = EVIL

They will try their best, but in the end demographics and regional power shifts will dictate the outcome, so far the “west’ has thrown in everything but the kitchen sink and nuclear weapons at Syria and it has not buckled, neither have Russia or Iran. The Americunts are far more vulnerable now as they are spread out in endless wars of no real strategic value. They are stealing some Syrian and Iraqi oil, but making things even harder for themselves as more and more people hate them as we are witnessing in both Syria and Iraq.

Hide Behind

The modern state of Syria was never a militarily or economicly powerfull nation, it was but one more tea-pot oppressive regime whose military members drained national coffers in partnership with its ruling elites, and used its military not as defense against invading neighbors but to control its people.
It did what Europe wanted even into being a UN/ NATO appointed lackey in screwing over Lebanon, and gleefully joining US/Israel and NATO genocide in Iraq.
It’s leaders like trained dogs tried to satisfy the hunters and when the hunters no longer needed them they got neutered.
A dog without nuts may appear to be still a dog but without what it once had, will always make it less a dog than it once was.
It may have new masters that feed it, Russia, but without that master it would be but a stray dog to be kicked out of the way while fighting for scraps and leftovers from the real big dogs, the uneutered ones.
Until Syria joins in with rest of worlds financial-political global interest- dethroning Assad and his government, it’s prosperity will always be catch as catch can and never reach the level of being a very minor player on world stage it once was.


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad will rebuild Syria with some extraordinary construction projects. Bashar is fighting sanctions so Syria has the freedom to rebuild. But, Russia and China can provide all the necessities that Syria needs to rebuild whether sanctions are removed or not. The Chinese can a build 57-storey skyscraper in 19 days (see video):

Residential / commercial development rebuilding Syria will cost from $400 billion to a trillion USD – (a new construction 20 story building with “unique expensive architecture” costs about $300,000,000).

Many countries want to help Syria rebuild a futuristic Syria with modern technology (including green energy/renewable energy building); would be an opportunity for many countries to become involved.
…Everyone on earth should stop burning fuel for their energy. We need to use futuristic technology to create “Free Energy”.

These videos explains comprehensively the concept of the Marota City commercial & residential building project in Damascus Syria:

Residential tower design proposal for Marota City, Damascus, Syria.
“SA 181 Residential Tower”
Designed By Architects Anas Alrez
Contractor : Engineer Kamal Alshammat
Video posted on Nov 3, 2018

“Apex Tower – S158” in Marota City Damascus, Syria
Designed By Architects Yamen Group
Video posted on Jun 28, 2018

Marota City commercial & residential building project in Damascus Syria is an example of the many construction projects that Bashar al-Assad intends to accomplish for Syria, so that the Syrian people can live and work in a decent environment.

Zionism = EVIL

The dumbass goat fucker Erdogan will end up uniting all the Arabs as most can see his delusional “neo-Ottoman” agenda, as if the Ottoman perverts were really successful, a Brit faggot Major T.E Lawrence united all the Arabs and put an end to the moth eaten Ottoman queers. This time the Turkeys will lose everything as their economy is fraying, half the population wants out of mongol peasants blood soaked republic that is now the terror central for the region and the world.


Big countries don’t care about international law. This world is about can and cannot, not may and may not. US in Syria, Turkish in Syria, Russians in Georgia, Saudis in Yemen, Israel in Syria.
Everyone is doing it and useless UN can say nothing about it. You can, then do it, thats the world we live in.

Zionism = EVIL

It is also known as the law of the jungle and UN is like a castrated monkey dangling from a banana tree while the Jew parasites infect the whole plantation.


Jews or not. The security council should be disbanded. It is being used for the national interest of those 5 permanent members. Not fair if you would ask me.


Turkish propaganda is even more sickening than American propaganda, did not think that was possible.


National Geographic have brought out a Blockbuster called “The Cave”. It is built Lie on Lie and will be promoted like mad. As I have said on another thread “it beats the living shit out of everything the Nazi’s produced”


British propaganda is insidious and seductive to those without an enquiring mind.

Arguably though the practitioner’s of this dark art always ignore the general publics opinions, and the rulers in effect are only deluding themselves.

In the Syrian conflict, the part of the civilian population under Turkish and Terrorist rule know full well from experience that the Turks and US proxy terror gangs ,’Lie Cheat and Steal’ with the added ‘democratic’ bonus of beheadings,torture, rape, murder and the chance of Hollywood Fame by being an actor in a White Helmet snuff movie.

As a zionist would say, ‘ Whats not to like’.


I’m American, and I think that the plopaganda that gets pinched off into the public punch-bowl by the Atlanticist globohomo alliance is without a doubt the most dishonest and objectionable stink that has ever wafted across human noses.

Remember, these are the same poople who came up with platitudes like “the terrorists hate us for our freedom”, “our strength is diversity” and “Israel is our greatest ally”, not to mention the non-stop holycaust invocation and instant Hitlerification of whoever their latest target for regime change is.


Don’t worry. For all we criticize the US cabal, we also recognize that many American citizens are not deluded and have the same sense of outrage as we do. I live in another Anglo-Zionist dominated country


@Moron You homophobic arsehole.


What would be Erdogan’s satisfactory results; Idlib territory and majority of Northern Syria? Best for Erdogan to pack up and go home.


My guess is that the Turks will try to defend the territory that the Jihadi’s are still holding, but to actually try to drive the SAA back would bring them into dangerous conflict with the Russians and Iranians. Because the Russians aren’t going to stand for that, if only because so many of their troops are embedded with the SAA to begin with. With the first option at least that fuckwit Erdogan (no insults to fuckwits intended) can play the tough guy for domestic consumption.


Erdos UN designated terrorist foreign legion need time to dig yet more tunnels and reform.
So playing for time makes sense.


so barba papa, do you still think, putin is a wise and tough guy?


I don’t think I’ve ever thought that Putin is wise. Or tough. While I don’t think he is infallible I do think he is a shrewd chess master who thinks his steps out ahead.


What is he smoking? Or friends Europe and America, you bitch go hallucinating on first you cheat us, betray us, blackmail us, threaten us, attack us, lie to us, and then when you stand alone in your own created disturbed world we should be your friend and helpyou? Fuck off Erdo, s*ck your *wn d**k hopeyou die in it.

Mustafa Mehmet

Take it easy with Tequila

Joe Doe

Actually Putin invited Turkey into Syria with his Astana agreement and is Putin responsibility to take Turkey out of Syria. Putin was playing danger game with Erdogan at the SYria expense. Erdogan outmaneuver Putin and Putin plan failed. If Putin has any dignity and and feel himself responsible leader, than at least should provide Syria with massive modern weapons (SU-30, MIG29, S-400, attack helicopters Mi-35 to Syria in order for Syria clean the mess he created. Pleasing Syria enemies and cheap talk does not helping Syria


Russia’s other goal is to land in the Mediterranean Sea, which it has been planning since then.Panslavizm


Yes, you are right Russia allowed Turkey to invade Syria in Afrin, USA allowed Turkey to invade Syria at north Euphrates river, then Russia allowed Turkey to occupy Idlib around an stupid line defined by Russia-Turkey. For Syria to confront new and full Turkey invasion on Idlib, Syria needs a lot of air force support by Russia-Syria and much modern weapons. Turkey is not acting by itself, Turkey is following a USA-Israel-NATO plan on Syria.

Josiah Isaboke

It’s my humble honest opinion that Syria has already lost Idlib and Northern parts of their country to Turkey and the Southern parts to Israel. This was the plan all along! The ISIS and all this “Jihadi” sideshows were all meant to hoodwink people from the real goals. When i read an article on how has always laid claim to the Northern parts of Syria since it was formed as a country and how the Turks actually believe the Ottoman empire has to regain it’s “Lands” back i knew this thing is lost. Remember immediately the war started Israel moved to the Golan heights without hesitation and also occupied parts of the south/ It’s all starting to make sense. Turkey has moved it’WHOLE ARMY to Idlib from the videos circulating online. Turkey is just buying time with these “Talks” with Russia to position themselves for an attack. Russia has been outplayed again. They should have attacked Idlib from the get go. Now i see no hope! UNLESS Russia is willing to go all out war with Turkey which is going to be catastrophic! Sorry Syria! You fought a good fight but i think maybe you should consolidate what you have and forget the lands you have lost OR FIGHT TO THE DEATH TO GET THEM BACK!


LOL you pathetic cowards now hide behind nato? nato is not a “family” (perhaps incestuous family like all turks), it’s a terrorist organization led by the US and obediently followed by it’s puny vassals… their only ‘value’ is anglozionist global hegemony.

Samuel Vanguard

TAF should be annihilated by SAA for invading Syria i see no justification in Turkish invasion of a sovereign nation such as Syria,all Turkish forces should be destroyed for waging a war of aggression on Syria. This is no longer the 18th,19th and 20th century were Turkey saw Syria as a” province” Syrians, have a right to their sovereignty and any country that tries to take it away that right should be destroyed i wish i could fight on SAA side against evil NATO backed Turkey.


Well, it looks like somebody is not getting the memo.

peter mcloughlin

Adding to the “human catastrophe” in Idlib would be escalation engulfing the region, dragging in the major powers and the whole world, as history predicts.
comment image

Hide Behind

An invasion?
What ever gave Southfront that idea?


Interesting how hard the Zionist shills are rooting for Turkey. My enemies’ enemy is my friend I guess


The Turks behave like women. They look to Russia when the US tries to remove their government , then they forget and look to the US to get what they want most recently.

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