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JULY 2020

Turkish Military Machine Will Crush Kurdish Units If They Decline To Withdraw: Kremlin


Turkish Military Machine Will Crush Kurdish Units If They Decline To Withdraw: Kremlin


The United States has abandoned Kurdish units in northern Syria “almost forcing them to fight against the Turks”, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said commenting on the recent remarks by US Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey. After Moscow and Ankara reached an agreement on settling the crsis in northeastern Syria, Jeffrey voiced doubts that the Kurds would withdraw from the designated areas.

“The United States was the closest ally of the Kurds over the past few years. But in the end, the US abandoned the Kurds, actually betraying them. The US opted to abandon the Kurds on the border, almost forcing them to fight against the Turks,” Peskov said.

The presidential spokesman warned that it is absolutely clear that if Kurdish units fail to pull out and withdraw their weapons, “then Syrian border guards and Russian military police officers will have to pull back.”

“In fact, the remaining Kurdish units will be crushed by the Turkish military machine,” Peskov emphasized.

On October 23, Russia and Turkey reached an agreement to settle the ongoing conflict in northeastern Syria. Under the deal, the Turkish military operation will continue in a limited area only, and Syrian and Russian troops will deploy along the rest of the border. The deal says that YPG units have to withdraw its troops and weapons from a 30km-deep area.

Turkish Military Machine Will Crush Kurdish Units If They Decline To Withdraw: Kremlin

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  • Johan

    I am afraid a direct confrontation will be contra productive for the SDF if not supported by a trust worthy ally and the SDF NEED ANTI AIR WEAPONS TO SURVIVE.
    So fight a Guerrilla fight no country conquered a guerrilla army supported by regional civilians.
    Attack Turkey from the inside al wars brought to the invaders homes are won or at least renegotiated in the violated peoples favour.
    I do not know the geography over there, so Might it be interesting to split the border in two north border and south border, then the army must defend double as much. Eliminate non ethnic infiltration as they come.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      “So fight a Guerrilla fight no country conquered a guerrilla army supported by regional civilians.”

      I agree with your premise that a sustained supported insurgency supported by the population is difficult to defeat however the question is whether the Kurds have the support of the ‘regional civilians’ in Eastern Syria.

      The Kurds are a minority in Eastern Syria and they are on record as wanting Eastern Syria to become their own Kurdish state. The question becomes whether the Syrian Arab majority would prefer to support Kurdistan over a return to the Syrian state.

      The dream of a Kurdish state relied upon the USA’s support as it would be a landlocked country surrounded by nations that are hostile to them. Someone …. as in US taxpayers …. would have to underwrite their defence and provide an air corridor to keep the states economy alive.

      So the question becomes do the Syrian Arabs support a Kurdish state and face war with Turkey and have a country with no trade connections with the outside world ….. in other words face the four horsemen …. or do they support Assad’s Syria and the hope of living in peace at the cost of the Kurds dream of a homeland?

      • Bill Wilson

        I would think that the Eastern Syrians find the Kurds more tolerable than Damascus since the Kurds allowed / made them to manage their own affairs and were allowed sell their agricultural products to anyone that wants them. Think it was last year when the Kurds got the eastern grain growers upset by telling them it would be in their best interest to sell their grains for less to Damascus (10% below regional market prices) due to low yields in Western Syrian farms and the government being strapped for cash.

      • Jens Holm

        A lot of biased crap. You take Kurds out of the SDF context. You name their wishes as a land, which also is a lie. You not even see the etnich map shows Kurds lives just along the borders and many parts there are kurdish majority areas as well.

        You even make me fell down from my chair by the “Landlocker”. Just here at Southfront bunches of Your kind tells USA are stealing oil from the Omar and Gonaco fields. How comes, when they are landlocked :) :) :)

        Maybee by ballons and hot dirty air from Your behinds :)

        • grumpy_carpenter

          “You even make me fell down from my chair by the “Landlocker”. ”

          Yea …. then name one seaport in “rojava”. Look at a map and tell me how you get anything in or out of “Kurdistan” other than by air. Tell me which friendly country would give them an air corridor. Turkey? Syria? iraq? The Kurds with US support tried to do the same thing in Iraq after they liberated Mosul and Iraq sent in the PMU and shut it down.

          Kurds are 10% of the population of Syria and 30% of the population of “Rojova” … or Eastern Syria to non Kurd / US state department.

      • Johan

        NE syria underwent the atrocities of war during the occupation of the Islamic State. Where IS was driven away NE Syria was a region of peace and people thrived also because of the non religious , sectarian governing. Now again they will be subject to favouritism or randomness, danger, aggression, destruction, rape and suppression. I am confident they will see the difference. Mom of the present options will give them the security they hat, the Turks and their terrorists will kill them as they always did and do. The SAA is the representation of an other sort of Titan thoughtfuller but no less cruel, as is proven. And a Middle Eastern country that becomes a real democracy is a evident as Erdogan marrying mother Theresia. The mentality from the Bosporus on is not ready everybody living there think he is still the center of the universe, the only real believer and the others must be killed. So I think the real sympathy will remain for the SDF.

    • Jens Holm

      Dont care about the 3 times minus. They all are made because of very stupid reasons. Yourmilitary skills seemes fine.

  • Johan

    Kurds the time is yours so is international sympathy and politic, contrary to Turkey they made them self internationally to pariah and Erdogans time is limited at least. The vastly territory is in favour, the riches are still yours, you know everybody cheat on you, you can blend in and the entrance routes are limited and very long. Mines spread around and can pin a colonne to hell.
    But Look for air defence even if it means to flirt with Iran.

    • Derek Johnson


      “President Assad thanked Vladimir Putin, and expressed his full support
      of the results of the work, as well as the readiness of the Syrian
      border guards to patrol the border together with the Russian military
      police,” he said.

      So you think Assad is going to let the Kurds “flirt” with the Iranians to get anti aircraft weapons and break their promise to Putin and Russia?
      SAA has to show good faith now and do as they agreed and help police the border, i am sure if any guerilla (terrorist) activity takes place by the Kurds they will pay a heavy price – by SAA, Russia and Turkey.

      You my friend think like a dishonorable back stabbing two faced YPG, PKK (fill in the brand of your choice) Kurd,

    • Tudor Miron

      Johan :) You still didn’t comprehend that traitor Kurds have no word in this game? I will describe you the situation in plain words – US was invading Syria (almost succeeded) using their irregular armed forces (daesh-isis, al queda – nusra). Than Russia entered the scene and Syria started to regain its territory. US had problems (they’re supposed to carry good guys image) openly supporting the rats (daesh/queda) against SAA/Assad. For this reason they replaced isis with local traitors Kurds which they could provide military support openly. “Free” international media was working hard to portray Kurds as good guys fighting terrorists (those who were buying this story should be ashamed – one can be naive but being plain dumb is another matter). Russia said – “OK, you think you’re smart because Assad can’t afford to openly engage against traitor Kurds stealing Syrian lands on behalf of US. Here comes the joker – Erdogan.” Kurds were given a chance last year (Afrin case) but their greed and stupidity didn’t allow them to understand what is better for them (being loyal citizens of Syria) and now they reap what they sow. US used them and now Kurds find themselves in a role of used condom. “everybody cheat on you”(c) – that was a funny one :) And Kurds are innocent lambs?
      Your name sound German. I suggest that you prepare for independent Kurdistan within your neighborhood – everyone reaps what he sow.
      Lucky for you – Russia is different than west. Kurds are given a much better deal than they deserve and if they become loyal Syrian citizens they will have some sort of autonomy within Syria but conditions of that deal are worsening with each passing day that they think they can demand something. Oman oil fields will be their last chance to show true loyalty to Syria.
      ” international sympathy and politic”(c) – thanks for a good lough.

      • Selbstdenker

        He is not German, as his name misses a N at the end. In German he would be named Johann or Hans in short.

        • Tudor Miron


          • Jens Holm

            Conclusions like his – if it a he, cant be 100%. Our many 100s of Muhammeds and Alis are very danish and born here even theír Parants and grandparents came here as refugees or emmigrants …

            Your Tudor Miron is a girl and boy name. Nice hair for the girl(women) .

  • gustavo

    In other words, Russia has given green light to Turkey to destroy SDF, if this one do not agree with Russia-Turkey agreement …. WOW, What in the world is not Syria taken into account ?

    • Bob

      Your comment requires big correction, you are misunderstanding nuance of the situation. Russia is assisting the Syrian’s resume full control of their state boundaries. By telling the YPG to disarm their militia and accept SAA’s return to Syria’s northern-most borders, or else be prepared to accept full responsibility, and consequences, of acting as a hostile and armed non-state militia within Syrian state, with a big, nasty, Turkish enemy nearby. The YPG just got wedged – and this is entirely consistent with the Russian diplomatic approach of astute maneuvering to assist Syria resuming full territorial control – with minimal casualties to its SAA.

      • Jens Holm

        I dont think he does. The evil ones are winning again.

        Rusia is not supporting Syria at all. More like Trump has found the initiatve unimportant and left for own politicalreasons.

        Russians now also can leave and Assads wont care about those nasty criminel terrorists in north apart from stealing oil to the Baathiists again.

        What a wonderfull world. You even write about som rights named as “Syria”. Kurds not even uprised.

        • Bob

          Kurds are a minority within the Syrian state. Kurds have an armed ethno-nationalist, non-state, YPG militia, that is located within Syrian territory, and has proven hostile to the Syrian state. That is an unsustainable long term position, and the YPG leadership are woefully incompetent to have put themselves exactly where they are.

          • Jens Holm

            Thats not even the point. Even written so many times its about structure and devellopment of the poor parts of Syria and that includes all in it and should be done all over Syria.

            You are a moron again and again being not able to understand elementary things about devellopment only is poosible for poor as well as rich – IF THERE IS A STRUCTURE FOR IT.


            SDF by PYD-Kurds has the modern structure for it. Assads has a primitive emirate dictator structure meant for smaller areas only

            Most of You even blame west and and with zionists for Your no change making only minus results.

            You blame us for stealing from You as well. How can we steal from countries which hardly produce anythings being as ineffective as they are. 50&of the men in Syria was unimployed in Syria before the fightings began and the do almost nothing.

            What I wondered about was, how americans can steal the Syrian oil, when SDFs are landlocked

          • antoun

            and jens holms modern agent zionist- westen !!

  • Ivanus59

    Why the fuck would they allow Turkey to control a part of the highway from Ayn Issa to Qamishlo?!! The highway means nothing to Turkish terrorists since they don’t controll the areas that highway connects which is the basic function of a highway – to connect two or more points of interest. This is some way to limit SAA’s movements? Why the fuck would a supposed ally of Syria and Syria itself agree to that? Also why turkoid patrols in Syrian territory?? The price of “peace” is certainly sky-high here.

    • Jens Holm

      Its about having the military power. Assads hardly has none.

      i have heard the Turlosh plan. It was to take the areas having less kurds and not being populated. It make sense. Being deep in like that, You can go around strongpoints and cut them too – fx to Ain Isa.

  • antoun

    sdf ypg puppets zionisto-usa!! point good news!!