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Turkish Military Killed Dozens PKK Fighters In Northern Iraq, Guerrillas Launched Counteroffensive

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Turkish Military Killed Dozens PKK Fighters In Northern Iraq, Guerrillas Launched Counteroffensive

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According to the Turkish Defense Minister, 31 members of Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) have been neutralized so far in northern Iraq as part of the ‘Claw-Lightning’ anti-terrorist operation.

The Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar commented on the ongoing operation during the inspection of the 3rd Infantry Division Command in Yuksekova district of Turkey’s southeastern Hakkari.

“So far, a total of 1,132 terror targets have been hit with our land fire support vehicles. Our Air Force also achieved great success as a whole, hitting 120 targets in total. Along with these, we evaluate that the terrorists have suffered great casualties,” he said.

According to the report, 1 Turkish soldier and  6 others were wounded during the operation.

Turkish Military Killed Dozens PKK Fighters In Northern Iraq, Guerrillas Launched Counteroffensive

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The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) have launched revolutionary offensive “Bazên Zagrosê” (Hawks of Zagros) in response to the Turkish operation in the Medya Defense Zones. 

“On April 24, between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., the Turkish occupying army attempted to infiltrate the positions of our forces and the tunnels on Hill Mamreşo in Avashin. The guerrillas proceeded with effective actions against the invaders moving in the combat area. As a result of heavy blows, the occupying army had to retreat from the tunnels four times.”

According to ANF News, HPG and YJA Star guerrillas prevented Turkish soldiers from positioning  on Martyr Serdar Hill in Mervanos, Avashin. Six Turkish soldiers were reportedly killed in the action.

As a result of  the clashes between HPG, YJA Star guerrillas and the Turkish army in the area between the Zendura and Derdare areas of Metina, in Medya Defense Areas, 8 Turkish soldiers were reportedly killed and 12 soldiers were injured on April 25. On April 26, 3 more Turkish soldiers were killed on the Zendura hill in Metina.

The last Turkish operation Clawn-Eagle 2 in Kurdistan’s Gara Mountains claimed lives of 48 PKK fighters. O the other side, 3 Turkish soldiers were reportedly killed, while 13 were captured.

Turkey carried out many similar operations in northern Iraq in the last few years. Ankara is notorious for exaggerating their results. Despite numerous operations, the PKK remains active in northern Iraqi region.


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johnny rotten

Turkey is right when he punishes Kurds, while when he supports terrorists and Muslim brotherhood he is wrong, he must decide a good time on what is better.

The Objective

Muslim Brotherhood is only terrorist to the Kaafirs not Muslims. So to hell with what you think. The most important thing is that they have the support of the masses, and one day they’ll take power.


man you need to get real no? Your kaafir/ muzlim rubbish is like that of a 14 year old. All these turks are totally secular. Whilst you sitting in wahabbi infested, failed state of pakistan, wanking off over sweet fukk all no? Turkish Lira in total free fall, all the educated secular turkish moneyed elite fled long ago, leaving the ugly lower middle class behind? 40 years of these anti kurdish ops, failure in Syria, Libya and Iraq and what these turks gotta show for? US/ EU impose sanctions on turkey, its goin be the end of king turdo and quite possibly of that toady country no? $600 billion in debt to the West? $128 billion misappropriated by turdo, his son in law plus cronies, just over the last few years? desperately trying to shore up the Lira? Total mismangement/ corruption? get off the muzlim brotherhood meth brah……

cechas vodobenikov

slumjective =lowest common denominator

Kenny Jones ™

This is where the PMF comes in and helps the guerrillas, give them manpads and atgms


I bet all those Turkish paratroopers are all dead..


all of the turks forces will be dead if they believe that they can occupy iraq and turkey will have a worse welcome than it can even imagine and what turkey will get is attrition beyond its imagination if it means 100k turks dead than it will be that price if more are needed be it that way so a few paratroopers are a small price still


if turks think that they can occupy iraqi land than turkey will burn going forward

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