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Turkish Military Is Using Old Stock Footage To Promote New Operation In Northern Iraq


The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has been recycling old footage to promote its new operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, Ruptly Verification Unit revealed in a Twitter thread on June 15

The operation, dubbed “Claw-Eagle,” took place on June 15. Turkish warplanes and combat drones targeted a number of PKK positions in the Kurdistan Region.

Ruptly revealed that the Ministry of National Defense edited old combat footage and CG videos, and then used them to promote the operation in northern Iraq.

One of the many examples is the use of old promotion videos of Turkish drones. The video was originally published by Ismail Demir, President of Defence Industries, on May 8. The Turkish military reedited the footage, adding a green filter, and released them as an official video from Operation Claw-Eagle.

In another example, old footage of Turkish F-16 warplanes taking off from 2018 were reused by the Turkish military for the new operation.

Last week, SouthFront revealed that the Turkish military is reusing old footage to promote its defensive operations not only in northern Iraq, but also in northeast Syria.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense came under fire several times recently for publishing inaccurate information. The ministry was even accused of fabricating videos on a few occasions.




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  • Hyper20

    What a stupid article!
    Ofcourse the intro is going to be reused.
    Here is the sattelite proof though.

    • Hanny Benny

      What proof

      that you psychobarbars attack refugee camps
      calipHell is raising you, your shattering is fate

      • Hyper20

        “Shattering”, is what happened to your kurdo friends.

        • Hanny Benny

          nono honey
          the kurds show you “shattering” :*

  • Narfrmtheblock

    Not surprised

  • FlorianGeyer

    We can expect nothing but bullshit military fakery from a NATO member nation.

  • Assad must stay

    Typical turkroach tactics, good on RT for calling them out on it, I’m really sick of turkey acting like it can do whatever it wants anywhere

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The Kurds are complete cunts and need to be hammered. They are helping the Americunts occupy northest Syria and most of the Americunt weaponry goes through northern Iraq now, which neither Iran or Turkey are happy with. This latest attack to a team effort by both Iran and Turkey as they have set up a joint command.

      • Assad must stay

        yes, i will call them kurdroaches from now on lmao

  • Icarus Tanović

    Erdogan seem to be really stupid. This is third front Turkey has opened and it may led to disaster.
    SAA shoul see this as opportunity and attack Wahhabistani Orcs.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Let me give you ranting kids a whiff of reality, the Turks and Iranians have formed a joint command in Duhok in Northern Iraq to go after Kurd turds, who act as a Zionist proxy. FM Zarif and many Iranian generals have recently visited Turkey to coordinate attacks. First time in several months, IRIAF SU-24 escorted by Turkish F-16 attacked the PKK and PJAK cunts causing considerable damage. It would appear that Iran and Turkey are coming close to an agreement on Syria too.

    Turkish and Iranian forces team during new operation in Iraq

    BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:20 A.M.) – The Turkish and Iranian armed forces
    teamed up on Wednesday to attack the positions of the Kurdistan Workers
    Party (PKK) in northeastern and northern Iraq.

    The Turkish Ministry of Defense published scenes on Wednesday of the
    airstrikes launched by their Air Force on the sites of the KurdistanWorkers Party, as part of Operation Tiger Claw. The Iranians coordinating with Turkey, launched their own attacks on Kurdish positions in northern Iraq.