Turkish Military Establishes Yet Another Observation Post South Of Idlib City


On February 9, the Turkish military established a third “observation post” in the outskirt of Idlib city in the northwestern part of Syria.

According to al-Moharar News, an outlet affiliated with the Turkish-backed Sham Corps, the new post was established on a hilltop near the town of Qaminas. The town is located 5 km to the south of Idlib city.

A day earlier, several convoys, consisting of dozens of armored vehicles, of the Turkish Armored Forces entered Idlib and headed towards the city’s southern outskirt.

The first Turkish post in Idlib city’s outskirt was established on February 7 north of the town of Sarmin. The second post was established in the “Almastumah Camp” a day later.

The Turkish military buildup around Idlib indicates that Ankara is determined to keep the city under the control of its Syrian proxies. If Damascus and its allies make a decision to recapture the city, a military confrontation with Turkey could take place there.

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