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Turkish Military Establishes Yet Another Observation Post South Of Idlib City

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On February 9, the Turkish military established a third “observation post” in the outskirt of Idlib city in the northwestern part of Syria.

According to al-Moharar News, an outlet affiliated with the Turkish-backed Sham Corps, the new post was established on a hilltop near the town of Qaminas. The town is located 5 km to the south of Idlib city.

A day earlier, several convoys, consisting of dozens of armored vehicles, of the Turkish Armored Forces entered Idlib and headed towards the city’s southern outskirt.

The first Turkish post in Idlib city’s outskirt was established on February 7 north of the town of Sarmin. The second post was established in the “Almastumah Camp” a day later.

The Turkish military buildup around Idlib indicates that Ankara is determined to keep the city under the control of its Syrian proxies. If Damascus and its allies make a decision to recapture the city, a military confrontation with Turkey could take place there.

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Donald Moore

It looks like all the Out Posts of Turkey that is now safe by the SAA is cannon fodder. I don’t think that the SAA will just leave them alone if Turkey attacks them. It won’t take much to take them and i think that they will all surrender then be slaughter, that will be left for Turkish Military to do when their is a prisoner swap!


8 out of 12 of these penny packet OP are surrounded by the SAA and its allies who also hold the higher ground in most cases, so they serve no real purpose and if SAA chooses to liberate its lands, these OP will be a total liability and prove very costly.

Donald Moore

You can feel sorry for the Turkish Solders i these OP being set up by Erdoğan to be cannon fodder. If push comes to shove Syria can take these with little trouble. I think the Turkish soldier there would surrender pretty quick but when they get back to Turkey to the Wall they will go!


You got to admire that tenacity. Establishing holiday resorts around Saraqib that not save that city from falling. The very definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And we all know how insane that sack of pig shit Erdogan is (no insults to pig shit intended).

Donald Moore

Erdogan should be thanking Assad and the SAA. It looks like he didn’t know how much threat his men were in being surrounded by terrorist forces. I bet those Turkish troops feel better knowing that they are in SAA held territory then terrorist now!


True. Who wants to be in Headchopper land at the mercy of these folk?

Joe Doe

SAA better take over Sarmin and Arihah and create couple km buffer zone before Turkey will set up their post. Those two cities strategic importance not only to be close to Idlib, but also prevent supply routes for militans and Turkey post West and South of Idlib

Stinky Man

Erdogan’s Turkey are the filthy head choppers or more accurately a modern day “Ottoman empire”. While the Ottoman empire have been training in Syria they have also moved their rouge fighters into western Europe for the coming battle. How long did these filthy animals fight for Constantinople? History will repeat itself.


Western Europe deserves to be Liberated by Erdos Neo-Ottoman Empire.

Shariah Law, Public beheadings, Jihadist police, ‘Whats not to like’ as a Zionist would say.


Turks really want their ass kicked by the SAA.

The Saint

The SAA/Russia had no intention of assaulting Idlib City on this occasion. They will probably leave it until the constitutional settlement and hold Turkey responsible for security there until then. The important goal was the seure western Aleppo and the M5 road. I don’t think they even care too much about the M4 west from Saraqeb at this stage.


Correct TS, Idlib city is not a strategic objective and SAA content to control access routes from M4/M5 Saraqeb- Jisr al-Shoghour IS vital objective. TSK OPs are really forward operating bases, of varying sizes, and can be re-inforced, so far not ” besieged ” but tactically vulnerable IF SAA finally loses patience with Turkish agression and damn the consequences ?


The Turks won’t attack Syrian forces. But their presence is problematic. Apart from being a nuisance, someone like israel would love to attack SAA and have the Turks take the blame. So the Russians and the SAA have to be very patient and vigilant all the time. It’s nearly at the point where any fighter plane other than RuAF and SAAF has to be downed if they veer too close to Idlib. But if all goes well Aleppo will be free of jihadi attacks in a few days.

MeMad Max

Gonna have to roast turkey sooner or later….

Might as well get it over with now while the momentum is still there and while erDOGhan still hasn’t infested syria as much.

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