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JULY 2020

Turkish Military Establishes Two New ‘Observation’ Posts In Northwest Idlib (Videos)


On March 22, the Turkish military began working to establish two “observation posts” near the city of Jisr al-Shughur in the northwestern part of Syria’s Greater Idlib.

According to opposition activists, the posts will be established on the hilltops of Khattab and Msheirfeh, which overlook the M4 highway. The strategic highway, which links the coastal city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, runs right through Jisr al-Shughur.

Turkish Military Establishes Two New ‘Observation’ Posts In Northwest Idlib (Videos)

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter

Earlier, opposition sources, including the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), reported that several Turkish military convoys have entered Greater Idlib.

Jisr al-Shughur and its vicinity are under the control of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP). The Turkish military may be coordinating with these terrorist groups.

In an agreement with Russia reached on March 5, Turkey promised to reopen the M4. Nevertheless, this is yet to happen. Opposition supporters and militants are still blocking several sections of the highway. Ankara has not done anything about this, so far.

The establishment of observation posts near the M4 highway could help implement the March 5 agreement. However, it’s still unclear if this is Ankara’s real goal, or if it is just preparing for yet another military confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).




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  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Syria suspends all international flights due to coronavirus.
    Oh no ! Where will the Israeli jets hide from Syrian anti-aircraft fire now !!!

  • Xoli Xoli

    Turkey is only creating observations spy post and rearming of Idlip terrorists according to commander in chief Erdogan instructions.

    • klove and light

      come up with that one TODAY smart man?????that was obvious since Turkey invaded Idlib in sept. 2018!!!!

    • Furkan Sahin

      Turkey will not pull out they just want war against Assad they just want more dead Turkey soldiers so they bomb more

  • klove and light

    so you 99% bibi cock sucking treacherous Zionist pig PUTIN LOVERS……what´s your excuse this time around???…….brainwashed Zionist donks here 99%…

    Putin is a treachrous Zionist pig…….

    ps. you Folks should TRY to READ HISTORY……it is not the battles here and there that deside, but rather the bigger Picture…..you dont win a Chess match with the first turns, you set your Opponent up…..you dont win a Tennis match with hiiting direcft winners, but you rather set them up……..

    all These “stupid” Maps comparing sysria now 2020 with 2015 for instance are like comparing eggs with prunes…….the AREA that SAA captured from 2015 onwards were 99% area form “so called” ISIS, and that aerea made up roughly 75% desert……the cities that were freed ie. aleppo, douma etc… were freed because of hezbollah and shiite iranian Forces (they suffered heavenly,it was a so called meat grinder)….but all These cities were not liberated by force.The terrorists were surrounded 100% each and every time, in aleppo,douma,etc.. and PUTIN made the “evacuation” Agreements, letting the worst head Choppers evacuate with light arms and theirfamilies to IDLIB.
    The Areas in the east occupied by pseudo “sdf” , in real by US Forces with UK and French Forces.This area was never even attacked.
    through agreemenst between erdogan and Putin, TURKEY was ALLOWED per Agreement to invade and occupy AFRIN first.
    Second Agreement between erdogan and Putin was on Idlib.Turkey was again ALLOWED per Agreemnet to inade and occupy Idlib with 12 official miliatyr Posts.They are now, ty to southfront for pointing that fact out last week here, over 40, i repat Turkey has now over 40 Military Posts in Idlib.ALL created under the watchfull eyes of Russia.ALL against their OWN Agreement which stated 12 Military Posts.
    Further more, throught he astana Agreement , the most crucial part was sentence number 1.
    I Quote:
    1. Reaffirmed their strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic as well as to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and highlighted that these principles should be universally respected and complied with;

    Second most important part was the so called “demilitarized Zone”, so that the jihadis could not Shell civilian Areas/villages/cities no more.

    SIGNED 18 September 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and if you do all remember, that is when the ridiculouness got really started.CEASEFIRE after ceasefire, ALWAYS ONE SIDED — SAA ofcourse- and were NOT PERMITTED by PUTIN to fullfill the Agreement that teracherous Zionist pig signed himself, NAMELY go on the offensive if the jihadis wont move out of the “demilitarized Zone”………….and funny enough..after over 1 ONE year of bs ceasefires day in and day out, SAA with hezbollah decided to go on the offensive…and voila what happens… A NEW TREACHEROUS ZIONIST PUTIN agreemnt with erdogan.

    The Invasion and Occupation by Turkish armed Forces of North east syria!!!!!Again per Agreement with Putin.During this again “havoc” period of Invasion in North east syria, IDLIB was spared any big offensives for Logical Military reasons…TAF was invading the North east and SAA tried to meet them as soon as possible thus limiting the TAF Invasion any further into syrian land as was planned.

    So back we are to IDLIB.The turkish armed Forces , since september 18, 2018 in Idlib have CLEARY shown that they are siding with ALL jihadi Groups in Idlib.Rearming them with modern NATO weapons, ie. Stinger, to artillery, mortars,rockets,munition,uav´s,medical supplies ,intelligance and even going so far as to using the turkish armed Forces with artillery and mortar fire as FIRE AIF for jihai attacks on SAA positions, including direct UAV attacks on SAA personala nd Hardware.
    Clearly, without a doubt, TURKEY CAN BE CALLED AN ENEMY of the Syrian Arab Republic.

    Now if YOU 99% Zionist brainwashed still believe that allowing Turkey to invade and occupy syrian alnd was a good idea u fellows are more fucked than i originally thought.The area in IDLIB has now becaome a area were 2 armies, fully armed with modern weapons stand 2 km apart.And the last Thing, THE worst case Szenario was Always, a direct war between Turkey and syria armed Forces..for a dozen Logical Military reasons.The easiest to understand even for Donkeys is the simple fact that the turkish aremed Forces(wether they lost 12 percent of offciers due to Erdogans purge wont make a difference in t he big Picture) are more than 10 times bigger in sheer numbers and most of the times in Quality too ie. airforce, modern planes etc..

    it was treacherous Zionist pig Putin who with his Zionist Brothers SET THE TRAP………THE UPCOMING WAR between TURKEY and SAA is now inevitable.I wrote About this Szenario 3 years ago.
    It is the Nightmare for syrian Leadership and the happy day for the fucking americans with their threacherous SDF Forces…..they can sit on the sidelines and watch a very brutal war between syria and Turkey.
    All this was only made possible through the 3 Agreements that Putin personally made with erdogan.

    North east syria

    Only a madman who has lost all his senses or a treacherous Zionist pig could have the idea and come to the conclusion, that a turkish Invasion of syrian land would benefit the legitimate government of assad.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Again you’re 100% correct about Putin’s disastrous concessions to Erdogan and the terrible consequences those agreements had on the SAA and Syria, they were all terrible deals for Syria, but so was the original version of UN resolution 2254 that Iran Turkey and Russia all drew up and proposed, that was the most harmful thing ever done to Assad, and yet Iran agreed to help Turkey and Russia impose that resolution on Syria.
      Assad refused to accept that Iranian/Turkish/Russian resolution for nearly 5 years and yet the very same day the UN offered to make him a better deal Assad accepted it, that shows everyone just how bad that original deal was for Assad, his enemies the UN made him a better deal than his allies did, 5 years of saying no to his allies and and just 1 day to say yes to the UN.
      So the Iranians have also been complicit in shafting Assad and the Syrian people, it’s not just Putin alone pandering to Erdogan, they all get what they want first and poor old Syria comes last.
      Due to US sanctions Iran can only legally sell its oil to China and Turkey, so if Turkey stopped buying Iranian oil the Iranians economy would be in terrible trouble, so the last thing Iran could afford is a war against Turkey, Turkey provides half of Iran’s export revenue income and Iran couldn’t fight any wars at all if they lost that revenue source.
      And Russia continually accuses Iran of having having too much influence over Syrian political and military matters, they’ve reorganised several divisions and units to remove Iranian influence and sacked many pro Iranian officers in the process, Assad even sacked his own brother in the purge.
      So even Assad himself is actively aware that not all Iranian and Russian influence and activity is good influence and activity, his actions show us he’s trying to put Syria’s interests above all others, because when he sacks his own brother and refuses to accept his allies resolution for 5 years but then accepts a UN proposal instead, it means he’s acutely aware that the only one really looking out for Syria is Assad himself.
      That old proverb “don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house” comes to mind, because Putin’s doing exactly the same thing the Iranians are doing, putting his own countries interests above Syria’s, and as much as I don’t like it, I can’t blame either of them for doing it, it’s just the way it .
      But I do try to say the things Assad can’t say, because he’s the one with no real voice, he can’t afford to contradict or question his allies motives or actions, but I can though.
      I used to be mostly pro Russian and partially pro Iran when the war first started, but I finally got to a point where I eventually realized I’m actually mostly pro Syrian, they’re the team I barrack for the loudest, the underdog team with the least cash behind it, the other teams already have enough barrackers, Assad and Syria need a few more though.

      • Furkan Sahin

        thats why i can like more Houthis and Iran than Putin

      • Furkan Sahin

        Julius Malema is better than Putin

      • Furkan Sahin

        If South Africa is as strong as Russia, Malema would have eradicated all of Idlib quickly

    • Furkan Sahin

      Assad must have Malema help

    • Tom Tom

      Have you thought about gettin’ a job?

  • Arch Bungle

    Why is Turkey willingly offering sacrificial lambs as targets to the Syrian Army?

    • Furkan Sahin

      Turkey want just war with Assad

  • cechas vodobenikov

    amerikan/turkey blackmail and EU pays
    only an idiot reads cloe darkie’s racist rants—c below….2 lines of self loathing poshlost is enough to identify her as a bitter isolate yearning for attention

  • Brandon Rozenfeld IV

    BREAKING NEWS: The Russkie Military have sent over 1,000 soldiers to Italy in order to help with the Coronavirus outbreak. HOWEVER, it is very likely they will use this opportunity to ANNEX Italy, just as what they did with CRIMEA in 2014!

    Be cautious and stay aware! The next 72 hours may reveal the Russkies TRUE intentions for Italy. Just don’t be surprised if “masked unidentified gunmen” takeover all Italy airports and military bases soon. CRIMEA 2.0 ! !

    • Fraggy_Krueger

      If it would be Crimea 2.0 – the Italians would have to vote (-; Yours is the most funny post I read in a. while. If you don´t do already – you should do comedy professionally.

  • Rafik Chauhan

    Turkey is preparing for war with SAA .Turks want to occupy north part of M4.

  • Joe Doe

    Looks like Puting got fooled by Erdogan again and again