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Turkish Military Establishes Second Post Around Idlib City (Videos)


On February 8 morning, the Turkish military established a second “observation post” in the outskirt of Idlib city in northwest Syria.

The new Turkish post was reportedly established in the “Almastumah Camp,” that is located 6 km to the south of Idlib’s city center.

Opposition sources shared several videos showing dozens of Turkish armored vehicles, tucks and engineering vehicles heading towards the new observation post.

A day earlier, the Turkish military established its first post around Idlib city. The post was set up in the “Military Housing Complex” between Idlib city and the town of Sarmin to the southeast.

The Turkish military could establish more observation posts around Idlib city in the upcoming few days. These post are likely meant to deter the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and prevent it from advancing towards the city. A similar step failed to keep the army out of Saraqib city.

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