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Turkish Military Establishes Its 59th ‘Observation’ Post In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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On April 19, the Turkish military established yet another “observation post” in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The post was reportedly established in the area of al-Ram, next to the town of Bassams in the southern countryside of Idlib. The area is located south of the strategic M4 highway, which links the coastal city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, the country’s industrial hub.

Turkish Military Establishes Its 59th ‘Observation’ Post In Syria’s Greater Idlib

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

According to the London-based Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Turkish military has established 59th posts in Greater Idlib.

These posts, which were supposedly established to “observe” the ceasefire in Greater Idlib, are in fact fortified military positions. Each post hosts dozens of Turkish troops. Heavy weapons, including artillery and rocket launchers, are also deployed in many of them.

Turkey had to reopen the M4 under the March 5 agreement with Russia. The establishment of new posts near the highway could help to facilitate this goal. However, it remains unclear if Ankara is planning to respect its commitment, or if it is preparing for a new confrontation with Syrian government forces.


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Bente Petersen

59 ”observation” posts !!! Erdogan is working overtime during the COVID-19 epidemy… Will Russia accept this ? I doubt it…

Dušan Mirić

Perhaps Russia doesn’t care, but I doubt Syrians will take it easy

klove and light

hahahahaahah…and the 99% still believe in cock sucking bibi treacherous Zionist pig Putin.

great Job Putin….from ZERO turkish soldiers on syriann soil……………Putin and erdogan Agreements………..to 2020 and 59 Military turkish Posts only in Idlib….and well over 15,000 turkish troops occupying syrian land.

again for the 99% donks and Putin cock suckers…….”great Job” …fantastic work Looking all smooth and well for SAA—sarcasm out

ps. the reason why the 1% can NOW fake a pandemic and ORDER the 99% selfimpose quarantine is because you fuckers ARE ZIONIST BRAINWASHED DONKS!!°!!!

same goes for syria………

Only a madman who has lost all his senses or a treacherous Zionist pig, could have the idea and come to the conclusion, that a turkish Invasion and occupation of syrian land would Benefit the legitamate Government of assad.

klove and light

so go ahead and take the upcoming corona vaccine……lol……and this will be your LAST MISTAKE…

degenerate cock sucking Putin Lovers…you idiots

They all run the same Zionist satanic Agenda…be it in Russia or China or uk or USA etc…..

you fuzcking Dummies…

everything is done after a controled playbook…….Control Control Control…..this is the key element…CONTROL…….no matter if you are in USA or luxemborg or Russia or China etc… CONTROL…..were by the final curtain is the

Quantum Dot Tattoo

Quantum Dot Tattoo

Quantum Dot Tattoo

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no matter where you are…….this will be the final solution…….

they will use it as “vaccine” Registration as digital Money base…… as total ID registration

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dontz worry….coming soon in the next 2 years qworldwide

Quantum Dot Tattoo

Pave Way IV

Turkey establishes it’s 59th tactically indefensible ‘observation post’ in Syria’s greater Idlib.

A well-armed speed bump is still just a speed bump. Syria isn’t going to attack them directly until it has the capability to drop Turkish F-16s inside Turkey. At least the precious few operational F-16s and even fewer pilots that Erdogan will sacrifice to defend the observation posts if necessary.

We’ll see how many F-16s/pilots the Turkish people will tolerate losing for absolutely nothing before they finally string the Erdogan crime family from lamp posts in Ankara. The Syrian invasion was never popular in Turkey. Turkish soldiers’ lives being wasted in Syria isn’t going over too well with the average Turk. Now the repeatedly botched Turkish government COVID-19 response and half-lockdowns that are still destroying their fragile economy but failing to contain the disease? Millions of Syrian refugees but 25% unemployment among men in their prime working years? Food riots and hyperinflation are just around the corner – we’ll see how popular Erdogan is then. Erdogan can’t print his way out of this one or contain the rage of the Turkish people for much longer.


Remember when the Turkish lira was .40 to the dollar a few years back? I’m sure the Turkish people do. Smeagol has transformed all of Turkey into a bigger version of Idlib. Nice job, knucklehead.


Perhaps someone should tell Erdo that small and large military outposts were made redundant during and after WW2. Such ‘Platoon or company’ bases failed in Afghanistan and Vietnam.

These days, missile accuracy is such that fixed fire bases are the lazy option of control.

Pave Way IV

Do these ‘observation posts’ ever get used as fire bases today? Seems Turkey mostly uses long-range artillery far away from the Idlib observation posts, and the Turkish troops at the posts are mostly used as meat-based forward spotters. Maybe I got that wrong.

The overall intent seems more logistical – like headchopper supply depots and pre-placed invasion armor and troops if/when Turkey ever decides to move directly into Idlib and occupy what is now headchopper territory. Who knows if it would ever happen, but Erdogan is making the most out of the potential threat. The SAA can wipe out any individual post, but the real threat is all of these posts activating at the same time with long-range Turk artillery support and more armor flowing in from Turkey backed by Turkish air power. I doubt the SAA forces in Idlib could withstand that. On the same token, I doubt Erdogan could withstand the assured Russian non-military response against Turkey again if they tried something that stupid.


This will ensure an even sharper drop in Turkey’s ability to maintain these posts. SAA advance is looking to be so fast that Turkey will have to negotiate the safe extraction of Turkish troops from Idlib after they have been completely overrun and residing in SAA controlled RED SPACE.

cechas vodobenikov

designed so the turks can observe their jihad proxies scurrying away in defeat…r their drones unable to “observe”?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So now there’s at least 59 OB posts in Turkish controlled territory, that’s 51 more than the original Astana agreement allowed for, so that means for every legal OB post built there’s another 7 illegal OB posts erected illegally, no wonder Assad’s so upset, 8 were agreed to and 59 have been built, is that what they mean by ‘he asked for an inch and then he took a mile’. Does anyone start to wonder why Erdogan’s doing what he is, none of the newly built positions are easily defensible, and they’re usually located near towns and important infrastructure or important logistic routes, and sometimes they’re even built very close to opposition encampments too, so why is he doing this instead of creating one big long fortified front line, that’s what most military commanders would be doing if they thought they were about to be attacked by the SAA, they wouldn’t have 59 minimally defended positions dotted all over the place. So does anyone have a clue or any ideas at all as to why Erdogan would split his forces up so evenly, and then purposely place them all over his territory so far apart from each other, which effectively makes it impossible to reinforce any of their front line positions if they’re attacked, ACTUALLY TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Placing most of them near the front lines in defensible fortified positions would be the ONLY thing a smart commander would do, that’s if he thought there was any chance in hell the enemy were about to launch a full scale ground assault, but Erdogan’s not doing that is he, he’s doing the exact opposite. But on the other hand if a commander was only worried about an air assault this is exactly what a smart commander would be doing, spreading out all his forces in positions that could virtually cover all the logistcaly important locations, towns, factories, water, power, telecommunications, ect. And he’d also have an air defense system in every single one of those posts, possibly even 2, on top of that he’d also have a security detail to provide protection from small scale ground assaults, a few short range mobile artillery, a few tanks, some light assault vehicles, and a detachment of ground troops, and guess what, that’s exactly what Erdogan is doing, he’s setting himself up to defend against a possible air assault. Now some of you you may be thinking that’s stupid, that means Erdogan’s bringing a knife to a gunfight, why would he do that, he’s going to lose the fight if he does, but is he, we’re all assuming it’s going to be a gunfight, but if it’s not then Erdogan’s the one who brought the right weapon to the fight. I don’t like being the bearer of bad news, I do get sick of being called a troll or terrorist sympathizer by some of the more intellectually challenged people who read SF, but the facts are the facts, SF has been telling us all exactly what Erdogan’s been doing for the last 2 months, we should all know by now exactly what’s happening and why it is, but sadly some of us have no idea at all, so SF should tell us. If the SF journo’s are smart enough to write for SF then they should also be smart enough to work out exactly what Erdogan’s doing and why he’s doing it, and then they should write an article speculating on his objectives. Considering the evidence they’ve already published on SF it should be obvious to anyone with even very limited military knowledge what’s actually occurring right in front of our noses. I have no military experience whatsoever but it’s becoming pretty clear to me what’s really happening, and nearly all the info I need SF has supplied [sometimes a little late], so even with the barest facts it’s blatantly obvious. The Turks already have nearly a dozen drone control towers built all the way along the Turkish border, they cover areas in Syria all the way from Latakia in the west to eastern Aleppo in the east, so their drones can go anywhere, and they’ve also placed ALL their best long range artillery units [100km range] all along the border with Idlib, then they have 59 separate locations dotted all over the territory they control, and each of those locations Probably has at least 1 air defense system, even if it’s only a MANPADS in some of the less important locations, but from what SF has told us many dozens of both short range and medium range AA systems have been deployed in Idlib, so some of those locations will have serious air defence capabilities. As I’ve already said all the defended locations have the capability of repelling small scale ground assaults, and the long range artillery at the Turkish border can easily hit any SAA positions 100km away from the border, which means the Turks will be hitting the SAA with their long range artillery before they can even make it to any of Erdogan’s OB posts, they may not be able to stop a serious attempt to overrun them but they can definitely hold their own in anything less than a full scale assault. So what’s the morale of my long winded story, what does it all boil down to, it simply means that Erdogan isn’t preparing for any large scale ground assault against the territory he holds, in fact that seems to be the least of his worries, the only thing he appears to be worried about, is airstrikes. Now I don’t think Erdogan’s countermeasure are only supposed to repel SAAF attacks or a combination of Russian and SAAF attacks, I think it’s more designed to deter Russian airstrikes full stop, not to repel them. Erdogan knows Putin won’t purposely kill Turkish soldiers but he knows he will kill any opposition or terrorist forces that get in his way, but Putin’s going to find it hard to get to the enemy when his friends the Turks are stuck in the way. Merged battalions was a telltale sign the Turks were going to start interbreeding with the natives, now the Russians won’t be able to smack these new babies the same way they could before, mummy might get upset and throw a few knives if they do. Erdogan’s in Idlib for the long haul, and yes I do mean forever [if he can], and I’m not being a troll or terrorist sympathizer by saying it, it’s just becoming an obvious fact that’s getting harder and harder to ignore. And Erdogan’s not stupid, as I said he’s not bringing a knife to a gunfight, so don’t assume it’s Erdogan doing everything wrong, he’s not going to get caught with his pants down when the SAA suddenly launch a new ground assault, and he’s not going to because he firmly believes it won’t happen, so if he’s wrong the SAA will swamp him very quickly and he’ll lose most of the territory he now holds. And no I don’t like Erdogan, not even one little bit, and I up until about 8 months ago used to think he was a retard and totally unrealistic in his ambitions, but then I started to realize it was me being retarded by thinking that. Stupidly I let my hatred of the man get in the way of my reasoning and I misjudged him, so when I started to re evaluate his achievements, I realized he’s actually achieved every single one of them [so far], and yet I myself have always said in my comments on SF, that he could never do all the things he kept saying he’d do, but he has, and now I realize he’s actually a lot smarter than me. But hopefully I’m clever enough to see what he’s doing now, I don’t think I have to be a genius to work it out this time, it’s just becoming too obvious to actually not know what’s going on.

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