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Turkish Military Establishes Another Position In Greater Idlib, Deploys Large Reinforcements (Videos)

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On March 8, the Turkish military established yet another “observation post” in the Greater Idlib region in northwest Syria.

According to opposition sources, the new “observation post” was set near the town of Zardana in the northeastern Idlib countryside, 15 km away from the governorate’s city center.

Turkish Military Establishes Another Position In Greater Idlib, Deploys Large Reinforcements (Videos)

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

This was the second observation post to be established by the Turkish military this week. On March 5, a post was set in the town of Kafr Nasih in the western Aleppo countryside, a part of the Greater Idlib region.

Meanwhile, Turkish military reinforcements continued to arrive in Greater Idlib. On March 8, three convoys, consisting of howitzers, armored personnel carriers (APCs) and other military vehicles, entered the Syrian region.

Earlier this week, Turkey and Russia reached a new agreement on Greater Idlib. Under the new agreement, a ceasefire was put in place and joint patrols are expected to begin within a week on the Aleppo-Lattakia highway.

Nevertheless, the Turkish military buildup in Greater Idlib suggests that Ankara may be preparing for a confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the region.

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Rafik Chauhan

Turkish pig are working to create buffer zone in north which is provoctive act. bcuz if ceasfire is in palce then why turk pig are bringing militry in idlib . it measn they want to create war . Ceasfire agreement is to only mobalize terriost .

Shia man

This was the obvious outcome turkey can’t be trusted.

Pave Way IV

The RuAF could crater the roads on the Syrian side at just three Turk-Syrian border crossings, shutting down all of Turkey’s land access and resupply to AND FROM Idlib. Then bomb the Turks when they try to rebuild the Syrian roads. Turkey has no right to have unfettered access to Syrian sovereign territory if Syria objects.

klove and light

unreal pathetic ridiculous..

and still 99% of Folks here “believe” that Idlib will be “liberated”…………….sorry brain washed Zionist donks…that is ONLY possible under 2 conditions:

1. Turkey will retreat out of Idlib and close down all of ist now 36 I REPEAT 36 Military Posts!!!

2. SAA will have an all out war with Turkey

ps. for the sheep here is the latest list of turkish Military Posts in Idlib:

Location Order of Construction Date of Construction Number designation per Turkish Army Date of encirclement by SAA

Salva village near Al-Dana 1 13 October 2017 No. 1

Samaan village near Darat Izza 2 23 October 2017 No. 2

Aquil Mountain near Darat Izza 3 19 November 2017 No. 3 17 February 2020

Al-Eiss near Al-Hadher 4 5 February 2018 No. 6 8 February 2020

Tell Touqan 5 9 February 2018 No. 7 5 February 2020

Sarman 6 15 February 2018 No. 8 21 December 2019

Anadan 7 17 March 2018 No. 4 16 February 2020

Zaytuneh 8 3 April 2018 No. 12

Murak 9 7 April 2018 No. 9 22 August 2019

Rashidin in Western Aleppo 10 9 May 2018 No. 5 29 January 2020

Zawiyah (Sheir Maghar) in southern Idlib 11 14 May 2018 No. 10 27 February 2020

Ishtabrak in southwestern Idlib 12 16 May 2018 No. 11

Maar Hattat 13 20 August 2019 Unofficial 1 February 2020

South of Saraqib 14 30 January 2020 Unofficial 5-6 February 2020

North of Saraqib 15 30 January 2020 Unofficial From 5-6 February until 27 February 2020 From 1-2 March 2020

East of Saraqib 16 1 February 2020 Unofficial

West of Saraqib near Tarnbah[12] 17 2 February 2020 Unofficial From 5-6 February until 27 February 2020

West of Saraqib near Msibin[13] 18 2 February 2020 Unofficial

Taftanaz Military Airbase 19 6 February 2020 Unofficial

Between Idlib City and Saraqib 20 7 February 2020 Unofficial

Al-Mastumah 21[b] 8 February 2020 Unofficial

Maarat Al-Naasan [14] 22 10 February 2020 Unofficial 13-14 February 2020

Al-Jinah – Atareb [15] 23 11 February 2020 Unofficial

between Binnish and Taoum[16] 24 12 February 2020 Unofficial

Deir Sunbul in Jabal Al-Zawiya [17] 25 14 February 2020 Unofficial

Kafr Karmin west of Aleppo[18] 26 14 February 2020 Unofficial

West of Darat Izza 27 15 February 2020 Unofficial

Termanin [19] 28 14 February 2020 Unofficial

Al-Bardakly, between Sarmada and Al-Dana 29 17 February 2020 Unofficial

Nahlia village north of Ariha 30 17 February 2020 Unofficial

Mu’tarm west of Ariha[20] 31 17 February 2020 Unofficial

Sarmin [21] 32 18 February 2020 Unofficial

Al Barah [22] 33 24 February 2020 Unofficial

South of Kansafra [23] 34 24 February 2020 Unofficial

Bassams [24] 35 24 February 2020 Unofficial

Kafr Nashe [25] 36 5 March 2020 Unofficial


So this shit is going to drag on forever unless maybe there is a change of government in turkey which there is a slight possibility of that happening especially if Turkish soldiers keep coming home in body bags and their economy collapses

jade villaceran

erdogan may purge his political rival but turkish people will decide next election, in this case, if erdogan win this election, the people of turkey want their country to sponsored terrorism

Tim Williams

He’ll ignore the results … he needs to be executed

good american

Who knows what will happen, but the end score so far is the Syrians with more and Turkey et al. with less. Undeniable advancement, no? Next time you make a long list, can you do it horizontally rather than vertically? Tanki pali!


Turks/ISIS/al-Qaeda are slaves of the Ziojew terrorist filth’s geopolitics despite Erdogoon’s pretend “opposition” to the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine. NATO-led terrorist scum have has 9 yrs and won’t learn they’ve lost until the SAA hits them thermobaric rockets.

klove and light

ohhh iam sorry there is ofcourse a 3rd possibility………

alnusra HTS will become true “moderate” “rebels”, and they will take part in the upcoming elections, and their “papa” erdogan will also miracuosly chaneg for the better and become a true “Moslem democrate” who seeks Peace and love with his political opponents and neighbors.-sarcasm out

Romeo Pesiao

Erdogan maximized the utilization of Turkey military assets for a meaningless war…


It was part of the agreement.


I wrote it before and i write it again because you dont get it:

Idlib is officially ANNEXED by Turkey! New “OLIVE BRANCH” zone or however you wanna call it. They have strike/retaliation rights based on the recent Russia agreement.They have more then an ARMORED/MECHANIZED DIVISION deployed on the ground already.

Now go celebrate!

jade villaceran

those weapon they are using to strike saa will be a target practice for syrian air force and russian air force


Sure,we all seen how that worked out. :)

Icarus Tanović

Yes, we have seen that and it was very bad for Erdogan. He achieved absolutely nothing.


You right,if you regard: Got a signed papper to keep armored troops into a foreign country,stopped the Assadist offensive,decimated the SAA (Russia/Syria/Iran/Proxy) by destroying their best men and equipment,got Syrian Airforce grounded,both helicopters and airplanes,etc…yes,you right nothing. :)

Tim Williams

If the TURKS so much as twitch against SAA forces … RuAF will blow them to kingdom come

Tim Williams

The guns and armor the Turks are bringing in is now to protect them against the RATS they just turned on …


I would of thought. Putin would have demanded from Turkey that no more military convoys into Syria or new observation post.

Tim Williams

they can’t do anything below the M 4 or east of M5

Joe Doe

Any new reinforcement to Idlib, will help militans and Turkey very quickly move pass the M4. Putin made another blunder, allowing Turkey create new posts or send additional reinforcement. Again, Putin should go and fight himself at the front line. Maybe than he will understand his blunders and mistakes at the expense of Syria

Al Balog

Well, a deal is a deal. Putin has to provide Erdogan a little rope to hang himself with so he could sign the paper. Assad himself is quite pleased with the agreement. As I’ve said before: If Assad is happy, then I’m happy.

Assad said in this article towards the end “If you remove these three obstacles, there will be no problems for the restoration of Syria. We have great resources, human and material, and also we have devoted friends, like Russia and Iran, who will help us”:



It is all part of a larger picture. Not to see this, is the actual blunder. Russia put tremendous pressure on the Occidentals this week in terms of the oil market. Erdogan is more alone all of the time. He can be dealt with in sort order like that. A few tanks, some arty, ect …….. it doesn’t mean a damn thing. All for show.

Albert Pike

Why ? He can only destroy them on Syrian soil – he can’t do it in Turkey…


The failure to destroy these new convoys from the air will promise another Turkish offensive.

Tim Williams

Border crossing closed due to RATS in a full scale war with each other now …


Joe Doe

This is clear indication, Erdogan has no plans to comply with the agreement. Rather, buying time to reinforcements and rearm the militants and fortify the front lines. Again, Putin got play by Erdogan and Syria will pay the price again, unless Putin will rearm SAA with most modern military hardware, such as S-400 4 or 5 batteries, SU-30, MIG-30, Attack Helicopters, long range Howitzer and etc..


Thanks expert. I didn’t realize that you are so much smarter than VVP. I’m sure he will be calling you for advice shortly.


You’ll be singing a different tune some weeks or months from now, when a massive Turkish offensive kicks off, far bigger than the last one and probably including the aggressive use of F-16’s and Apaches this time. You idiots are so busy gloating you are blind to Turkish buildup. You people remind me of Stalin before Operation Barbarossa when he stubbornly refused to acknowledge all the signs of the looming attack, preferring to bask in ignorance. Putin should be mobilizing for war but it’s clear he’ll avoid war with Turkey at pretty much any cost, including Syria itself.

So go on folks, bury your heads in the sand. I’m sure it will all work out somehow.


Whatever man. Turkey will get it’s head chopped of if it sticks it’s neck out too far.

Tim Williams

The Western media tells us not a hospital is standing in SYRIA …


Tim Williams

7 days left for the rats to get out …


Tim Williams

Weekly meeting with the troops at the front lines …


Al Balog

Erdogan’s making this move to prove to his online troll fanbase that he is still the “tough guy” in Idlib. If that’s so, and if he really violates the deal, he’ll get his ass kicked again ??

Saif Imam

Slight violation & he’ll be roasted. Which eventually he’ll do. Keep watching.

Icarus Tanović

That’s exactly what is happening.

Assad must stay

and then come running to putin for another ceasefire, and putin will agree to it, and then this cycle is going to keep continuing and nobody is smart enough to stop it


Putin will never go to war for Syria….even if the Turks takes over Damascus and never attact Russian interest Putin is cool with that. Let me try repeat again.. 1:Russia didn’t come to save Assad, Russia came to fight Alqaeda and ISIS and their terrorists related friends, because these poses a threat to Russia… 2: Russia came to Syria to save its military base…so even if the turks can struck a deal to keep the Russian base and take over Damascus, russian will accept 3: Russia is neither part of the axis of Resistance (syria, hezbollah, iran, yemen, Iraq etc) nor part of the axis of evil (Isreal, Saudi, US, Turkey, and all the Zionist entities) 4:Russia stands alone and has no ally (not even China), and that is why they’re developing weapons that no nation will never even think of attacking the fatherland. So if anybody bets his ass as an ally of russia you do that for your own risk. So pin not any hope on the Russians as liberaters or helpers who will free the earth of the scums or of oppression. Yes they may do that accidentally when their interest is harmed at a particular place, and example is Syria… But they don’t rely on the Russia for liberation for now….maybe going forward policy would change but as it stands now…pin no hooe

Tim Williams

are you on meth or Quaaludes ?


Pls I respect your views…if you have no logical rebuttal to my post don’t insult..

Tim Williams

the only logical rebuttal is that you are under influence of a powerful narcotic to write up this nonsensical dribble and then post it


says the unintelligent guy who can only respond with a insult

Tim Williams

piss off punk

cechas vodobenikov

w most amerikans an insult is preferable—they r unable to comprehend evidence, logic or reason “amerikans cannot think except by means of slogans—they identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell of course UK is not Europe: to this day, the British exclude the British isles when they say Europe “amerika requires a stupified population”. Christopher Lasch This is fully examined by Alan Bloom in his famous 1987 book, ‘the closing of the amerikan mind’


Wow the level of discourse on this forum is pathetic. What a dumbass (this Tim idiot above me).

Tim Williams

piss off punk


Interesting perception!!!!!


# 2 Russia came to Syria to save Itself,

The base, and Syria is just a part of Russia’s southern assets. Just as the US has deployed to surround Iran, so too have they tied to ‘contain’ Russia. Syria is a shield against that.

cechas vodobenikov

r stupid or deluded—ask the Abkaz or Ossetians or the people of Pridnestrovia whether Russia went to war on their behalf…or the Armenians where 5000 Russian troops r stationed on the Turk border….as Boorstin wrote, “amerikans live in a thicket of illusions; amerikans demand illusions about themselves”

Tim Williams

Has anyone else ever seen a President of his country that normally drives his own vehicle around the streets, goes to the farmers markets and bazaars ?

He has no fear and the Syrian people know that …


Saif Imam

Great move by Dogan, as Moscow was expecting. Great set of events will take place. Turks & Their Cuddle buddies have Cactus up in their ass, They wont be able to keep it in the pants..? ?

Tim Williams

Didn’t ERDO just watch this movie ?

The ending doesn’t change …




All good. If Turkey messes around, they will get really creamed this time. All that gear they are bringing in, could very well end up on the scrap heap in a hurry. They used their move with the drones already so, there will be no more chances to surprise …… and surprise is almost everything in warfare. On top of that, Russia is shipping in equipment, at what seems a more frequent pace, to Syria. It would not be a shock to learn that a decent amount of modern weaponry is presently being fed to the SAA. Turkey could very well be fighting a different beast in round 2.

It may be they are just setting up shop farther north. Anything south of M4 is basically gone and they know it. My take all.

Tim Williams

ERDO rattling his plastic saber again …



Slimy Worm Sultan Turd Erdogander is preparing for His Heroic Defense of Idlib. His brave backwards-running soldiers literally nailed BOOTS onto his half-rotten leperous feet, gave him a helmet with a bullet-hole in front to protect his demented head and an AK-47 was pushed into his hands shaking not-from-fear! Then screaming Erdogander’s ass was kicked so strongly Eastward that he stumbled toward the Front Lines: now everybody in his filthy roach terrorist army hopes that Leading By Example His Highness The Great Sultan will become a true inspiration for his Turkish-Turd Tranny-Troops. We’ll need a video of his heroic accomplishments on the battlefield.


They’re preparing for another attack. Erdogan was just buying some time with the new agreement. He will betray Putin again. I’m convinced Turkey and Isreal have a secret alliance.

Is Putin really as dumb as he appears to be?

Jason Tribolini

Putin fully knows what is going on of course, in the big picture he needs to buy time. In the short term this time is being used to dig in and prepare defenses to make the Turkish counter attack as painful as possible for Turkey/Al Qaeda/ NATO. In the long term Putin needs time to allow both Russian and Chinese military to catch up to US/NATO. The logic being USA MIC is now so corrupt and privatized it will, like Boeing, produce inferior products at very inefficient prices.

Russia/China are playing the long game, and are the ones stalling for time across all theatres. So, no it is not Putin who is dumb here, but the overly simplistic analysis that doesn’t look at the bigger picture.

cechas vodobenikov

prekrasni….the founder of modern political sociology, Moised Ostrogorski, examined political parties in Europe and USA—he found that only in the US did political parties have no principles, except for money…he wrote, “of all peoples in an advanced stage of ECONOMIC civilization amerikans r least accessible to long views, always and everywhere in a hurry to get rich, they give no thought to remote consequences–they see only present advantages…amerikans do not remember, they do not feel: amerikans live in a materialist dream”


the american Arms industry is all about the contract and not the delivered product. $15 billion for an aircraft carrier. A single Air Force F-35A costs $148 million. One Marine Corps F-35B costs $251 million. A lone Navy F-35C costs $337 million. Average the three models together, and a “generic” F-35 costs $178 million. All contracts a greased for payments to politicians, generals, admirals and corporate officers. They rob the American people to spoil themselves.


If so ( and it’ s more than possible ) , how to explain Terrorist Entity of Palestina is allied with kurds and turkish and kurds are enemies ? The only reliable answer is that is an usual interest of TEoP to istigate wars between people and nations around it .

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