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Turkish Military Establishes 44th ‘Observation Post’ In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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On March 20, the Turkish military established its 44th “observation post” in the so-called Greater Idlib region in northwest Syria.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the post was established near the town of Bsanqul in the western Idlib countryside. The town is located less than 2 kilometers to the northern of the strategic M4 highway.

In the last two days Turkey established two similar “observation posts” near the town of Ram Hamden in northern Idlib and al-Jinah in northwest Aleppo.

Turkish Military Establishes 44th ‘Observation Post’ In Syria’s Greater Idlib

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Moreover, Turkish military reinforcements continued to arrive in Greater Idlib. Two convoys, consisting of 110 military vehicles, entered the Syrian region on March 20.

A recent report by the SOHR revealed that Turkey has deployed up to 1,400 military vehicles in Greater Idlib since the beginning of the ceasefire. Russia and Turkey agreed to impose a new ceasefire in the region on March 5.

A day earlier, a convoy of the Turkish military came under attack on the M4. Two soldiers were killed as a result. After the incident, Turkish forces reopened the highway, that links the coastal city of Lattakia with Aleppo city. Nevertheless, radical militants blocked the highway again within a few hours.

Turkey, that is rushing into strengthen its military presence in Greater Idlib, maybe overestimating its influence in the Syrian region.


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Constellation 2023

Idlib province is the red line for Turkey. Not going to change. Ankara will fight till the end like it always has. The tyrants of the Assad regime can try and take it by force if they dare.

Peter Jennings

I think it is clear to see that the Turkish ‘observation posts’ are merely MANPAD platforms, and they are growing.

If allowed to continue, Turkish forces will be able to mount an affective no-fly zone over Idlib.


Only 12 such posts are agreed. However, to forcibly ‘remove’ them would trigger a reaction from the Turks that can only be thwarted by Russian air power.

I would think that much of Turkeys corporate debt is in US Dollars, and this actually gives the US some blackmail powers.

Turkey relies heavily on the large tourism income and this year for certain will be a very very bad year. Next year could easily be a poor tourism year as well due to the aftermath ( we hope) of Corono Virus.

This might be a time to let the Turks stew in the cauldron of Jewhadi violence for a while.

Peter Jennings

I wonder what happens in the event of a debt jubilee? All leverage will be gone along with all future prospects of credit.


What consequences would that have for inflation or deflation would there be, Peter? Jubilees have worked in the past, but there is scant data about the outcomes.

Credit has always been a ‘killer’ BUT the elite would need to be divested of their ill gotten gains as well in order to prevent them buying up assets, I think.

Peter Jennings

I’m no expert. However, i’ll give it my best shot. The severity of effects will be different depending on where one lives but basically boils down to the same thing for all modern economies. The US, for example, will inevitably have more paper dollars than goods to buy with it, so it follows that they will probably have deflation first as the dollar declines further in value, and then inflation as the goods available will have gone up in price due to their being less abundant, difficult to import or replicate at home. This has played out before, in many countries.

There are lots of millionaires and billionaires who are going to be wiped out when collapse finally comes. Those families, and friends, pulling the strings and fucking up the planet are but a few. It’s their wealth and position that will be protected.

Some respected pundits have said that collapse could happen in weeks, months at the most. Whether they are correct or not we shall soon see. The gov’t spooks may just pull out another imaginary bunny with which to woo the market. Their Repo market is now in the trillions, keeping the zombies on their feet.


It’s telling that in Europe after the 2009 crash, when most of the governments compensated the lost savings depositor’s of failed banks, that the EU/UK then placed 100,000 Euro or 85,000 British Pound government compensation limits. Its as if the governments realised that the US ponzi scheme was going to collapse.

IF another banking collapse becomes reality, the lazy with only savings accounts in a ‘linked bank brand’ will suffer a total loss.

Those who opened multiple accounts with only ONE account per ‘ linked bank brand’ within the EU/UK will get all their money in any failed banks refunded within weeks of a bank failure.

The UBER rich will have bought government bonds, even with negative rates. or other assets that they hope will be a store of value.

Peter Jennings

It’s interesting to learn that all high street banks regard their customers as unsecured lenders which means that if the bank becomes insolvent, the ‘customers’ have no rights to reclaim their money.

The gov’t has underwritten some losses if/when they occur, but not all. They have done this only to save themselves a huge amount of grief and violence from the British public. The banks couldn’t care less and carry on gambling with debt they will pass onto the public.

Of course we, the public, will be told that we are doing our bit for the country. Just as Boris is doing over a ‘deadly’ virus which can be cured with an off-the-shelf malaria drug.


“Can be cured with an off-the-shelf malaria drug”. Can you elaborate on that, have you seen this; https://www.peoplesworld.org/article/despite-u-s-blockade-cuban-pharma-industry-producing-needed-covid-19-medicines/


When does Syria start establishing ‘observation posts’ inside Turkey?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Moreover, Turkish military reinforcements continued to arrive in Greater Idlib. Two convoys, consisting of 110 military vehicles, entered the Syrian region on March 20.”

Only military vehicles, are they sure, I would’ve bet my life savings on there being a heap of road construction vehicles as well, maybe even more construction vehicles than military vehicles.

“A recent report by the SOHR revealed that Turkey has deployed up to 1,400 military vehicles in Greater Idlib since the beginning of the ceasefire. Russia and Turkey agreed to impose a new ceasefire in the region on March 5.”

So if the fat little turd isn’t lying it means that 1,400 more have arrived since the 5th of march, and there were 3,000+ vehicles here already, so now we have about 4,500 Turkish military vehicles crammed into Idlib, that won’t leave much room for anyone else using the M4, LOL, I hope they forgot to bring traffic police, the accidents will pile up faster than IED strikes do, they may lose more Turkish soldiers to traffic accidents than they do to the disgruntled terrorists attacks.

Turkey’s in for the long haul, they haven’t abandoned any of the OB posts that the SAA now surround, and the Turks are also allowed to resupply and reinforce those surrounded OB posts through SAA front lines, and on top of that the Turks are also beefing up their presence in the rest of the occupied territory, and moving even more extreme long range artillery to the Turkish border to cover their troops in Idib, that’s what you do when you have long term plans, not what you do when your well laid plans have been thwarted. This has to be the strangest deal I’ve ever seen Putin and Erdogan make, the rhetoric, the actions, the reactions, the motives and the consequences all seem to conflict with the stated objectives and stated desired outcomes, 2 + 2 don’t equal 5, we need to add another one to make it 5, but they haven’t added that extra 1 into the formula yet, just told us 2 + 2 = 5, so does that mean they made a mistake and gave us the wrong formula for the right answer, or could it be they possibly gave us the wrong answer, maybe the 5 should actually be a 4 instead, 2 + 2 = 4, that would make much more sense, but what does the number 4 really represent, I think I already know.


All of this Turkish build-up will be either destroyed or taken over by SAA. Agreements for Turkish survivors allowed to leave from these observation posts in the future. Turkey holding its head way down, Erdogan stunned. New Turkish president as a result of unavoidable elections after recent government collapse. Compounded with this artificially induced Corona-Climate-Greta-Virus hysteria hammering down on our society, We The People will be changed forever. During and after the time of the formation of the ‘New Turkish Government’ ==> you think it will be glorious. In a way, here, of course. But as a result of world-wide ClampDown by the Deep State ==> Very Dark Days ahead..

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