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Turkish Military Established ‘Temporary’ Military Base In Syrian Town Of Al-Bab

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Turkish Military Established 'Temporary' Military Base In Syrian Town Of Al-Bab


The Turkish military has established a “temporary” military base in the strategic town of al-Bab in the Syrian province of Aleppo, the Turkish daily “Hurriyet Daily News” reported citing own military sources.

According to the report, the military base is locateed at the hill of Akil in western al-Bab. The Akil Hill is an important site which allows Turkish forces to have a fire control over the western part of the town.

“The base also functions as a place where armored vehicles used in Turkey’s ongoing Euphrates Shield operation are parked and repaired if damages are minor,” Hurriyet Daily News’ article reads.

The Turkish army and pro-Turkish militant groups seized al-Bab from ISIS terrorists last week. Since then, various Turkish sources have repeatedly announced that Ankara-led forces are now aiming to take control over the YPG-held town of Manbij west of al-Bab.

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Strange silence of Russia about this invasion of Turkish of Syria, so called “cooperation against terrorists”.

Solomon Krupacek

not strange. business spirit.


a commenter on another article stated the possibility that it could be a trap by putin, to lure him into northern syria, clearing it from ISIS but at the cost of erdogan himself as well. it sounds risky but the payoff would be enormous


It will take the US some time before it realises that the Turkic world (under Tukey’s/Erdogan’s leadership) has now formed an alliance with Russia and Iran. That is, the leader of the Sunni World and Shia World have united with Russian support against Western interests in the Middle East. In a few months time Turkey will have S-400 ABMs! Wake up.


I fail to see how turkeys wanting to overthrow Assad lines up with Russia and Iran’s ambitions, which are exactly the opposite of that. What evidence do you have of your assertions?


Who said Turkey is there to overthrow Assad? Assad & ISIS was a pretext for every Tom, Dick and Harry to enter/”invade” sovereign Syria under the safety of UN Security Resolutions for their own respective interests. The US wants to partition Syria like it did to Iraq and create an independent Kurdish corridor stretching from the Mediterranean to Iran: thereby also as a by-product cutting Turkey off from the Arab/Islamic world. Turkey and Iran are scrambling to prevent this from occurring. Turkey and Iran will never allow an independent Kurdistan because they both have large Kurdish populations of their own and know that eventually the West would support a Greater Kurdistan encompassing territory from both Iran and Turkey. Turkey also knows that the West needs to replace Turkey as an ally in future because Turkey quite frankly is getting too big and powerful again: it is resurrecting its leadership in the Islamic world. When the Turks and Islam meet history shows that you end up with a large power. It no longer does as it is told. A Kurdish State in the Middle East on the other hand would be an unconditional ally in the region.


One of the Turkish commanders leading their Euphrates shield operation just admitted their goal is to topple assad, there was a whole article about it in here just the other day. And yes, I know there are many different countries & players in Syria all trying to get their slice of the pie, but SAA and Russians are stopping them BUTT COLD!


Of course Turkey will say publicly one thing (that the objective is Assad and ISIS) and privately do something else. How else would they justify their actions under the UN Resolutions? Yet everyone knows that Turkey-Russia and Syria are now working together. Turkey and Russia have an agreement that enables both to take unilateral action in Syria.


What is the agreement? How do you know they have an agreement? I can’t imagine both syria and Russia being okay with turkey deciding to take bits and pieces of Syria as it likes.


“Iran, Russia and Turkey reiterate their full respect for sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic as multi-ethnic, multi-religious, non-sectarian, democratic and secular state”: See text of agreement http://www.mid.ru/en/web/guest/foreign_policy/international_safety/conflicts/-/asset_publisher/xIEMTQ3OvzcA/content/id/2573489

Solomon Krupacek


the soviet hordes came to us also for ‘Temporary’. stood for 22 years.

in hungary were also ‘Temporary’. for 36 years.

the best for each country is no foreign soldiers.


Akil Hill , a tank base , sounds “expansionist” .

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