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JULY 2022

Turkish Military Destroys 15 PKK Positions In Northern Iraq

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Turkish Military Destroys 15 PKK Positions In Northern Iraq

Turkish Army tanks manoeuvre during a military exercise near the Turkish-Iraqi border in Silopi, Turkey, September 25, 2017 © Umit Bektas / Reuters

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have destroyed several caves, shelters, and hideouts of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) during a series of special operations in northern Iraq, the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey announced on February 22.

“Turkish commandos carried out anti-terror operations at 15 different spots in the Hakurk region of northern Iraq,” an official statement by the ministry reads.

According to the Anadolu Agency, Turkish forces seized an anti-aircraft gun, two RPG-7 rocket launchers, two tons of diesel fuel and a large quantity of clothing and food in the course of the operations.

The PKK is designated as a terrorist group by Ankara, Washington and even the NATO. The TAF and the Turkish Air Force (TAF) have been carrying out intense operations against the Kurdish group’s cells in northern Iraq and Syria for years now.

Last month, a Turkish airstrike on the Iraqi Kurdistan Region killed two Kurdish civilians. The incident led to an outrage among Kurds, who stormed a Turkish militantly base in the near the northern city of Dahuk.

The Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) ignores civilian casualties and condemned the attack on the Turkish base, which reflects its deep commitment to the Turkish war on the PKK.

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jim crowland

It is time to start the partition of Turkey. Kurdistan free. Piece for Armenia. Piece for Greece. Piece for Russia. Piece for Bulgaria. Piece for Syria? Erdogan and funny wife to jail for life.


kurds have been tenants under turkey, syria, iraq and iran for eons and no reason to change that in a hurry. they are better off with the aforementioned countries than to beg and crawl before the ever evil morons from moronistan (akausa) and in particular never ever kowtow to the child-murdering squatters in tel aviv – they, the squatters, are busy as it is in their grand depalestination plan which includes a full scale concentration camp a la hitler’s theresienstadt and the resulting ethnic cleansing of palestinians.

DEPALESTINATION a good and useful word – use it for the world to see and join the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctins movement now!

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