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Turkish Military Deploys More Troops, Military Hardware For Al-Bab Offensive (Photos)

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The Turkish Armed Forces have deployed more troops and military equipment for the Turkey-led offensive on the ISIS-held Syrian town of al-Bab.

Since December 2016, Turkish troops and pro-Turkish militants have made a number of failed attempts to retake the northern Syrian town from ISIS terrorists, but failed to achieve any notable results. The town is still only partly encircled and Turkish forces have not penetrated ISIS defense lines.

In turn, ISIS units continued counter-attacks, targeting Turkish military personnel west of al-Bab. On Wednesday, at least 1 Turkish soldier was killed and 4 injured in the ISIS attack.

The complicated situation at the frontline pushed Ankara to deploy more and more forces for the operation in northern Syria. Accroding to unconfirmed reports, there are up to 7,000 Turkish soldiers are involved in the operation in the country. Even if no, high number of Turkish military personnel near al-Bab is confirmed by a high number of photos and videos.

A Turkish military convoy is passing the Syrian border town of al-Rai on the way to the area of al-Bab:

Turkish Military Deploys More Troops, Military Hardware For Al-Bab Offensive (Photos) Turkish Military Deploys More Troops, Military Hardware For Al-Bab Offensive (Photos) Turkish Military Deploys More Troops, Military Hardware For Al-Bab Offensive (Photos) Turkish Military Deploys More Troops, Military Hardware For Al-Bab Offensive (Photos)

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Trustin Judeau

And the Turks still cant take Al Bab.But this is good for SAA.If the Turks take Al Bab they can advance deep into ISIS territory.SAA should launch offensive on Deir Hafer and its surroundings in the coming weeks.


Preferably right now, imperative Deir Hafer taken then drive on to regain JIRAH airbase and western shore Lake Assad. Cut off Dai’ish, block retreat SE to Raqqa


Orcs vs Uruk Hai


I don’t think the Sultans troops have the will or fortitude to do anything in Al-Bab. If they need Russian air power to assist them, then they are lost. What else will they need? Military advising? They are good at blowing up Kurdish towns where the defenseless civilians reside, but I put them just 1 millimeter above the Saudi army.

Pave Way IV

“…They are good at blowing up Kurdish towns where the defenseless civilians reside…”

Same plan for al Bab now. All that additional artillery and armor is to level the entire city. I don’t think they care much about civilian casualties anymore (not that they ever did). They’re going totally scorched-earth. Everyone in al Bab is finished.


Have not heard much about civilians in Al Bab. Whether they are held as shields or not. Am sure all ISUS friends and family all already vacated. The Turks got a bloody nose, so maybe they bring in whole mess of 8″ howitzers and just line them up! Just like they old days of siege warfare. Screw the bad publicity? Erdogan controls the news in Turkey. ISUS can still hide in rubble with ATGM. And FSA does not care for a difficult battle. Let them devour each other! I hope the civilians can get out. Godspeed SAA.

Joseph Scott

Based on past operations, doctrine, and training and selection methods, the TSK could be expected to be better than any of the Arab armies, even the Jordanians. I think what you are seeing is the result of severe demoralisation caused by 1.) Erdogan undermining the philosophical foundation of the TSK with his policies, 2.) the uncertainty in the aftermath of the coup, 3.) cynicism at fighting people that some of them probably well know were being supported by MIT and their head of special forces, 4.) depression at being stuck working with worthless and horrifically unprofessional and barbaric FSA, which only accentuates the worst stereotypes of Turks, and 5.) making the mistake of assuming they could actually rely on the FSA for anything, much like what happened when the Germans assumed Italians and Romanians could actually hold a fighting line on the Eastern Front.

Heiko Demonus

The problem for the Turkish forces is their total unexperienced forces like Saudi Arabia has, in this uncommon war against ISIS.


At the end, the Sultan´s army will need the YPJ to help them conquer Al Bab :)

solomon mlambo

Turkey like Saudi Arabia are clearly psychotic countries, may be paranoid or better still, diplomatic midgets. If achaic history of ‘imperial majesty’ still acts as the motive in their current misjudged military enterprises in both Syria and Yemeni respectively, I can assure you that in the event that Trump deserts them, they both will be made meat for birds of the air to feast on their military carcases in the Desserts. If Iran had decided to help the Hauthis in Yemen, the House of Saudi would be burning. If special marine embeds in the Saudi Army were not directing both strategy and tactics, the infidel Saudi King would by now be licking the wounds of defeat at the hands of battle hardened Hauthi nationalistic patriots. Turkey’s involvement in Syria in particular is without the moral and strategic inspiration of both Russia and the USA. They are a lone hawk in the dessert and presumably fighting against their key protege ISIS. But we all know this is not the case. They are primarily motivated to crush the nascent Kurdish homeland and to effect regime change in Syria. The regime change agenda somehow appeals to the Americans while at the same time antagonising Russia and her allies. Anyway, what we have is chaos – perpetual chaos, which is America and Israeli policy enabling them unrivalled exploitation of local resources for their generals and their secret society funders, N.B. not for the benefit of the American people. Israel then benefits from the chaos by remaining a bastion of stability and retaining the initiative to strike at any regional foe without answer backs (wielding the sword of Damocles). She also maintains her satanic control and subjugation of poor Palestine. Perpetual chaos is coming to both countries and the result is not palatable for the world.


After Turk/FSA setback around hospital, they may be taking a slower approach (buildup and bombard). It looks like they are sending in more of their own mechanized inf units. Maybe they don’t have full faith in their FSA allies?! Reported that SAA has repelled multiple ISUS assaults north of Kweiris airbase. Daesh may want to upset future SAA attack towards Deir Hafer. This is why Russian air has been hitting Al Bab and south of there. No need to cut ISUS off for now. Let them concentrate there to fight FSA! Wait for the right timing, and then kick ass! Patience is a virtue.

Paulo Romero

Al Bab will become the new rest and refitting area for Turkish/Saudi backed Jihadis in Syria. The Turks will leave whole dumps of US supplied Eastern European manufactured weapons together with food and new multicam uniforms and webgear for the psychos. I bet a few portable battlefield hospitals will be thrown in too.Not to mention more Nato “advisers”.

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