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JUNE 2023

Turkish Military Deploys Counter Mortar Radar At Its Northwestern Hama Observation Post

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The Turkish military has deployed additional troops and equipment, including a mortar detection system, in its main observation post in the northwestern Hama countryside.

“The [Turkish] convoy entered from the area of Khirbet al-Juz, through rural Idlib, and headed to the observation post in Sher al-Maghar, which was surrounded by al-Assad forces from the western side recently,” the Enab Baladi news outlet quoted its reporter as saying on May 24.

The pro-opposition outlet also released photos of the Turkish military convoy, including one showing an Otokar Cobra II infantry mobility vehicle (IMV) equipped with a SERHAT II Counter Mortar Radar.

Turkish Military Deploys Counter Mortar Radar At Its Northwestern Hama Observation Post

Click to see full-size image. Source: enabbaladi.net

SERHAT II is a mortar detection system developed and manufactured by Turkey’s ASELSAN. The system provides a 360° azimuth coverage and has a detection range of 6km.

Turkish Military Deploys Counter Mortar Radar At Its Northwestern Hama Observation Post

Source: savunmasanayist.com

The Turkish observation post in Sher al-Mahar was targeted with mortar attacks twice in May. The first attack, which occurred on May 4, injured two Turkish service members.

Opposition activists held the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) responsible for both mortar attacks. However, these accusations were not officially adopted by the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey, that has not identified the attackers yet.

The deployment of mortar detection system indicate that the Turkish military is working to determine the source of fire, and in some cases even to strike back.

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klove and light

hahahahahaah LOLOLOLOL

ridiculous pathetic…veryyyy veryy weak syrian Leadership

so your BEST Buddy the russians are allied with your greatets enemy LOLOLOLOL

well this is the result….in afrin, in Idlib, in hama…absolutely ridiculous

for the breavest of the brave my houhti Brothers, who like hezbollah , dont take no shit…..ps. funny how russia voted with uk and USA against the houthis in the security council and for the Saudis…..….hezbollah, houhtis would never trust the russians…never… and they know why!!!!

“God is the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam”

Brother Ma

Victory of Islam over who? Aren’t the patsies working for murica all moslems fighting against a Moslem country,all for Uncle Sam?

klove and light

thast the houhti Slogan i Quote…i aint no Moslem…..ps… the Saudis are Moslems????yeah on paper Maybe only no true Moslem can sit in the same room with a Zion ist jew without trying to starngle him……

Jens Holm

As usual. One more having been forced amputated by birth as well as the brain was too. Some patent.

Even muslims say, there at least are 3 sunni versions of Islam as welll as the Shiit one.

Maybee You are number 4 far out.

Concrete Mike

Identity politics playing fascist pig!

I can do sentence fragments too you danish nazi!


“i aint no Moslem…..????” -sure, Paki.

klove and light

inform yourself first before you make a comment

“God is the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam

this is the houhti Slogan they use in each Video u see…..ofcourse i translated it from arabic to english!!!

You can call me Al

But we are talking about Syrian, you brain dead, piece of shit.

Promitheas Apollonious

i see you have not blocked the shit4brains yet.

You can call me Al

No he is blocked, the screen just updated.

I want to show you a screen shot, but, well you know.

Jens Holm

Which God is the greatest. You have no patent in Gods. It seemes there are many of them.

Even so, I only see bad people and many of them. Gods seemes to have some lack of influence.

Even muslims seemes to have many being very far out Cousins.

Concrete Mike

Muslims.jews and christians have the same god, come on you know that!!

Jens Holm

I dont see that. Not even muslims can stay together in peace not seperatet by concrite walls and with no opium.

You can call me Al

1 GOD, many prophets – even my Muslim mates reluctantly agreed.

Brother Ma

I wasn’t aware that that the hourthi’s war cry.

Brother Ma

Syria needs to send in some planes to knock out Aselsan. I know it is hard and suicidal but so was Doolittles raid on Japan in WWII. The planes and/or its bombs must be able to take out the factories and put them out of action for at least a year .


Syrian are not Japaneses, they run away from terrorists when they see they can not overpass them, even leaving sophisticated weapon at the place.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Comparing Syrians to Japanese in terms of military fighting ability/spirit… please… DONT lol

Jens Holm

Those are not Syria. The fight against Syrians and helpers.

Next time You can make corrections such as Hesbollas, Iraniens, Russians and Palestniens. And dont forget “forced recruitments”.

A bullet a day send the spendables away…

klove and light

and here for the smart asses and the upcoming war with Iran which i mentioned Always since years is inevitable..(and some comment back to me with “you are inevitable”..lol….. they dont even know what the fucking word means..and thats exactly the Problem with 99%…uninformed,,dont read books,,,degenerate plain and simple stupid) and as i have written in the past days…….the troop number of US Forces i iraq


TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iraqi lawmaker blasted the US for not pulling out its troops from Iraq, and underlined that the number of American forces in the Arab country has considerably increased. “A large number of forces and military equipment have been sent to Ain al-Assad without any permission from the Iraqi government, noting that the number of American forces in Iraq has exceeded 50,000,” Member of Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee Karim al-Mohammadawi told the Arabic-language al-Ma’aloumeh news website. The Iraqi lawmaker reiterated that the US plans to turn Ain al-Assad airbase in al-Anbar province into a key center for its air force in Iraq. He noted that the US wants to turn Ain al-Assad airbase which is a regional base for operations and command into a central airbase for its fighter jets.

i got ridiculed last week when i wrote that the true us Forces numbers exceeeds 30,000 already without counting the 16,000 working at us embassy…… welll here u have iraqi parlamentarians Talking of 50,000 US troops!!!

wake the fuck up!!!

Jens Holm

Well, look in the mirror. Those numbers has been well known for years.

And You are wrong too. Many of those foreigners are not even from USA but helping hands from the coalision.

Denmark as a very small one has had upto 250 but they have been as teachers, logistics and radar experts.

You – of course – also forget, that we were called back as helpers for Bagdad hardly having any armny as well as airforce. They have now.

The many You mention as affiliated to the their Embassy are civilians or semicivilians transporting supply and some even from Basra to SDFs in Syria.

klove and light

FARS News agency from Iran!!!

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Turkish army forces stationed in truce-monitoring points in Shir al-Maqar in Jabal Shahshabou in Northwestern Hama cooperated with the terrorists in their recent attacks on the town of Kafar Naboudeh, field sources in Northern Syria said. “Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) and Turkistani party were logistically supported from Shir al-Maqar region in their move towards the Syrian army positions in Kafar Naboudeh,” the Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted field sources in Northern Syria as saying on Thursday. They added that the Turkish soldiers participated in the terrorists’ offensives by artillery and missile fire on the Syrian army. Meantime, the Syrian army continued its military advances in other parts of Syria over past 24 hours. Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian army’s operations in provinces across Syria. Hama The Turkish army forces stationed in truce-monitoring points in Shir al-Maqar in Jabal Shahshabou in Northwestern Hama have cooperated with the terrorists in their recent attacks on the town of Kafar Naboudeh, field sources in Northern Syria said. The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted the sources as saying on Thursday that Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at and Turkistani party were logistically supported from Shir al-Maqar region in their move towards the Syrian army positions in Kafar Naboudeh, adding that the Turkish soldiers participated in the terrorists’ offensives by artillery and missile fire on the Syrian army. They noted that the Turkish monitoring points in Northern Syria are used to monitor the Syrian army moves and military and logistic assistance to the terrorists, adding that a joint operation room consisting of Tahrir al-Sham, National Liberation Front, Turkistani Party, Jeish al-Izza, Jeish al-Ahrar and other terrorist groups has been formed. Meantime, the Arabic-language service of Sputnik quoted a field source as saying that the Syrian army forces withdrew from Kafar Naboudeh on Wednesday after the terrorists’ repeated attacks. He added that all terrorists’ moves are within the range of the Syrian army’s fire, noting that the army has strengthened its positions in Tal Hawash and other fronts in Northern and Northwestern Hama to retake the region. Other reports also said that the terrorist groups misused the truce declared by the Syrian army and sent over 300 military and armored vehicles and thousands of their militants from Ankara-controlled areas in Northern and Northeastern Aleppo to Northern Hama and Southern Idlib. Lattakia Terrorists stationed in Northern Lattakia fear losing the strategic region of Kabani as the Syrian army is heavily reinvigorating its forces in the Northern parts of the province. The Arabic-language service of Sputnik reported on Thursday that the Syrian army has sent a large number of forces and military equipment to the regions from Job al-Ahmar hills overlooking Sahl al-Ghab to the borders with Turkey in the North. It added that the Syrian army forces had targeted all the moves and military convoys of the terrorists near Jisr al-Shaqour towards the strategic town of Kabani with artillery and missile attacks, saying that the militants fear losing the region. The town of Kabani and the nearby hills are among the highest hills of Lattakia mountain which overlook the towns of Jabal al-Akrad in Northern Lattakia, Sahl al-Ghab region in Northern Hama and Jisr al-Shaqour as well as the Lattakia-Aleppo highway to Ariha in Idlib. Aleppo People in Northern Aleppo staged mass protests against the Turkish occupying troops and affiliated militants. Field sources in Northern Aleppo reported on Thursday that hundreds of residents of the town of Souran in Northern Aleppo have held rallies against the Turkish forces fighting under the ‘Operations Euphrates Shield’. They added that residents of the town attacked one of the centers in which the Turkish officials and commanders of terrorist groups had held a meeting, forcing the so-called ‘Local Council’ militants to leave the region. The sources said that the militants opened fire at civilians to crack down on the popular uprising and sent a large number of military equipment to the regions near Souran. People in Northern Aleppo are demanding the Turkish occupying forces to leave the region as tensions and insecurities have sorely increased in the region.

so lets get this straight again……. TURKEY.. russias allied Nation and Buddy…. is helping and assisting those jihadi headchoppers that supposedly the russians are helping the syrians Fighting???????????????????????????????

seriously , anybody believeing this russian bs is either a Zionist dirty jew, totally brainwashed, or plain and simple on either drugs or on booze!!! ps. not even “normal” stupid Folks belive this bs anymore…it is RIDICULOUS

Kell McBanned

Bomb those convoys and kill the any Turks stupid enough to fight with the jihadis

(ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง

Woo go Turkey hahaha

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Hey wannabe Attaturk Oglu, SAA has tochka, urugan, smerch, Golan. They can pulverize ALL your STRONK observation posts in under 45 minutes Using their airforce they can pulverize ALL your STRONK observation posts in under 25 minutes Take your pick :)


Of course Russia knows this and allows Turkey to do this. What Putin do not expect is that Turkey gives weapons to terrorists to attack Russia military basis, and that is already happening. Well, mmaybe it worth to give up military basis for selling S-400, for having gas pile line, and for constructing nuclear reactor in Turkey.

You can call me Al

Oh do be quiet especially regards, repeating your self – please.

This is a war, not a battle.

If we ever get to the end of this long road and it is obvious that Turkey let the Turkish pigs do what they wanted, I will be the first to apologise.

Akepenin yan kolu Cehape

suckk it

You can call me Al

Who are you in this ?, fuck off.

Promitheas Apollonious

you getting to be boring kid. In war what is happening it is normal, if you are in any hurry why dont you go there and show them how is done? Just dont forget to take with you a lot of diapers you need them, if you survive that is.

Jens Holm

I WW1 they had very good results by triangulating horns for listening.

The importance in that is to hit back fast before mortars are moved. The weapon against that listening is the same as for tanks and artilley. When the barrel gets hot, You move Your equipment to a new position, when it cools off. The new positions already are prepared.

The WW1s were quite accurate and fast connected by radion to own heavy artillery. Radars and the rest might be faster responce.

Using masts like that says direct visible in the walkie talkie freqenses or radar for real.

Maybee the soldiers use periscopes too. Arnered Techs help too. Haha. No white helmets.

It probatly works well, but they might be good targets themselves.


How about aircraft detection? :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dd258709082accb75d7438cfcbf55a4738204684684670bcf7b06beeb0b56a5d.jpg

Jens Holm

Haha. Nice to see old days now and then. I would say aircrafts mainly are too fast and has to be found on low distance.

Denmark has had another system, which worked well. The home defence had a lot of small towers all over. They could catch airplanes below the radars well and send messages to the airforce having rapid response.

Assads could use that against Israel as an option giving how many and direction. It wasnt expensive. The local homedefence was unpaid but were light armed by the goverment incl. many mines for the roads to delay Russians.

Not expensive is a good option for people which hardly can effort to fight, but of course it worked because it was very well organised too.

Nato several times were surpriced. Even very flat its possible to hide jets in the valleys of Denmark, but they are seen even inthe dark and do make noise.

Kell McBanned

Turks providing firing coordinates for jihadis more like.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, they might be effective against mortar attacks but what about long range artillery, the SAA has lots of those too, LOL. Look President Putin, your mate Erdogan is setting up equipment that will not only inhibit your SAA allies from attacking them, but will also allow them to retaliate against the SAA if they do, looks like the Turks don’t intend on giving up this OB post without a fight.


Any anti-radiation missiles left in the SAA arsenal?


These radar are for help and coordinate terrorists attacks to SAA.

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