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Turkish Military Convoys Pave Way For Forthcoming Military Operation In Syria (Video)

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A military convoy of Turkish Armed Forces entered the city of Tell Abyad in the north of Raqqa governorate. The reinforcement is taking place amid the ongoing rumors about Ankara’s preparation to large-scale operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Turkish convoy of armored vehicles left the Turkish town of Akçakale, which is located on the border with Syria, in early hours on October 26 and entered Syria.

Turkish M60 Sabra tanks and ACV-15 armored vehicles were spotted mounted on tractors in the convoy.

Turkish Military Convoys Pave Way For Forthcoming Military Operation In Syria (Video)

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Turkish Military Convoys Pave Way For Forthcoming Military Operation In Syria (Video)

A modernized M-60T (Sabra Mk. II) on maneuvers.

Meanwhile, tensions between the Kurdish and Turkish-backed forces remain.

Artillery of Turkish-backed forces continues shelling of SDF positions near Tal Tamar.

Despite any local opposition, and a wave of civilian protests in Tel Rifaat against Turkish military actions, on October 25, clashes between YPG and Turkish-backed forces were reported north of the town.

The SAA deployed reinforcements in Northeastern Syria in order to deter the operation, or at least to provide an adequate defensive posture.

Turkish Military Convoys Pave Way For Forthcoming Military Operation In Syria (Video)

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Another convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces carrying military equipment and concrete blocks reportedly crossed the Kafr-Lusin border crossing and headed forward in Syria’s Idlib governorate.

Over the last few weeks, the Turkish military deployed large reinforcements and established two new positions in Greater Idlib. The region is under control of Turkish-backed militants, and they frequently violate a ceasefire agreed between Moscow and Ankara back in 2020.

In order to remove the obstacles to its military operations, the Turkish parliament approved the government’s request to extend the Armed Forces’ mandate in Syria and Iraq for two years.

In accordance with the mandate, which was approved by the vote on October 26, the Turkish Army can carry out combat operations beyond its national borders in Syria and Iraq. It also has free hands to deploy its military contingents and establish military bases abroad.


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Icarus Tanović

Two apc’s and one museum worth tank. Oh, that’s something. Indeed.

jens holm

Thats very good tanks if the enemies has nothing to defend themself with.

Assads many times has shown they cant handle tanks themself andnot only in 1967 and 1973. Even those fatal errrors was not learner for the father. The son seen seemes to have same low level and has showed it well.

I expect more vehicles then those three ones.


Bashar al-Asad doesn’t lead the army, so he has nothing to do with it. Still, it’s true that Syria’s hardware is terribly outdated and their ‘allies’ won’t help them, except with some anti-air missiles…

jens holm

So funny comment.

This is not about hardware. Try to learn. Its about the software which by Syrian lack based on old days traditions rewarding too many of the ones, which has no talent.

Its exactthe same in the family structures. Too often old men are allowed to decide vitals, but after being kept down and learned to accept that for decades they are totally damaged as Leaders.

Its even worse for the vomen, which are learned to decide even less then that.

Syrians comming here as refugees and some as emigrants even muslims never has been reading a single line in th Choran as well. Even that beoldered stuff is more modern in warfare and leadership for families and Syria.

Its easy to compare. SDFs are organized in many small grops of 10 and used to operate as independent in most things almost always being a minority just as PKK in Turkey.

By that they has many small local Leaders, which fast can join in bigger missions, split up fast again. Thats local independency in its best and fx by traps is opportunisme.

the danish soldiers dig holes themself, where they are and fight. They need no commander for own sensible protection.

In bigger units we are organized by Kommuner, which take in half of the tax and spend it for own purpose. By that they optimize the spending and choose better solations. We also can remove the bad apples as plitical leaders being testet every 4. year.

That make us number one in low corruption, the corts are number one as trusted. Mainly the police are our friends – apart from the criminals.

So its a big lack in the culture, which is very visible.

jens holm

Sure 2 shee dont reward going to school, educate themself well by good teachers, finding skils and doing hard work.

No wonder nothing is united in Syria. The tools are not there but only stubbernes camouflaged as honor and respect too many men pretendig they are big roosters and only are able to make kakkalikye..

Very depressing and a good reason for any kind of opposition. Perfect for violent uprise instead of consensus.

In the ME terms here opposition is to kill the opponent including, chairs and shoes.

And next all are sitting on the floor with nothing.

We dont do lke that here. We make elections and new persons might be elected and take over the seats and continue the devellopments for the country. f they are wrong and are not doing well, we make a new election.

Thats not possible in Syria and unneeded too. Assads got 91,5% of the votes. Thats devastating.


That hardware is better than anything you’ll likely ever see.

Icarus Tanović

Maybe. But I’ve seen what 5000 dollars worth on black market rb zolja does to this exact tank.

jens holm

If its like that why has both tanks ????

Icarus Tanović

What? Do you even speak English intelligibly?

jens holm

Thats perfect english.

I do speak, read, write and understand most things in modern fast english very well. Thank You.

I can do it in SMS and MMS as well added mojos, avatars whatever as well.

You write in Lawyers and Doctors english but reduced by the limitations in Your thinking in Your home language.

What dont you understand ? If You dont, I write back.

Im so tired reading like Yours. Danes being between the best in the world in english should not join and integrate ME english having not even allowed vocabulary for so many things making themself to non devellopment zones.

I never has problems with britts and americans apart from my spellings here and there.

jens holm

And I do ask a question. Why has both very expensive tanks, when they are that usesless ?

jens holm

The software is very bad. thats the whole point

jens holm

1 sheep is in denial of well proved facts.


Russia and Syria should allow Turkey to attack and eliminate SDF. Then chances are they will clash with the gay troops of the US. After that Russia should then force them out with Syrian troops help.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Not a bad idea actually.

jens holm

If it wasnt for SDF and USA the Assads wasnt even Emirs of Latakia. If the 7-9 million refugees Syrians had helped against ISIS, the Assads and SDF had won against ISIS and several other Jihadists years ago.

I compare with SDFs actuallly are volunteres and took back their own part of the terrain and more to it. Assads need that fighting force. Im sure Turkey has had taken much more with no SFs ASSISTED by USA.

So far the winners only are the ones in heaven finally in peace. Well, they probatly fight there too.

Chris Gr

SDF cooperate with Assad and they also cooperate with Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE. Pan-Arabism may make another stand this time with liberalism as its banner.

jens holm

There is no pan arabisme. But it was a good illusion when it was by Gamel Abdel Nasser. There actually came some needed wake up calls, but the baathists in Iraq and Syria went corrupt and limited everything for the people living there.

It was a kind of succes for Egypt for a while also making good connections to Egypt. But it was a big mistake joining wars and even in Yemen.

Those socalled strong Pan Arabs has lost wars in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973 too and hardly has solved anything.

well of importance I can onl mention more fair prices for oil.

The cooperatisme with Assad is a relative. Assads sold Afrin for nothing in stubberness. Now they canttake it back for very good reasons. Assads also didnt support YPG trying to take Al Bab against all odd. Actually Assads here took land being protected by the Kurds and never reached Al Bab. Turks got that part from ISIS too and still has it.

Assads wont give any kind of selfrule to any even its normal procedure to devellop areas by having stronger local structures.

So as I see it the SDFs has no choises and by that see themself as assisted by Assads defendingh the chaos mae by Assads and ready to try to remain more as their own.

I see the coalision as well. Its easy to see many dont like Assads at all.

I see no sense in trying to regain any Pan Arabisme. I see those contries cant even handle their own states in needed devellopments. Arabic thinking is based in old structures well supported by the Holy Choran, which says Emirate, Sultanat, Villayet or Oblask seize. Its so primitive but themn the Leader can see all corners having no structure for anything else.

And raising selling and buying vomen as goats and cows and even keep them more stupid then themself is same thing. Most parts of the education systems are not even there. And if it is it totally infected in much more then history books.

I dont see where You see any optimisme.

Chris Gr

Yeah maybe Syria needs to embrace Arameanism and Egypt to embrace Copticism.

jens holm

I dont think that will unite much.

SDFs has programs for it. They make the same laws for all as well as it goes instead of old days learnings added created infections by Assads.

So they make the sekular part much bigger and equalize all vomen and girls included with men and boys by birth.

We do the same here now. Boys are not more then girls here just because they are amputated below and raised to it by definition.

We try to learn people to gain respect, honor and responsability from birth. And it works well. Vomen are just as bright as men and know each other as people as number one and then gender as number two.

All are their own persons. Thats not repspected so many places in Islam even muslim men and vomen go to heaven one by one and not in family groups.


The Russians won’t do anything of the kind. They will see the Syrian regime become even weaker and eventually replace Al-Asad with somebody of their choosing (and more international support). Tlass is a likely candidate.

Chris Gr

Suheil al Hassan maybe?

jens holm

For sure Assads and the Baathists has not made stability even the area they has become smaller and with less minority problems.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

It didn’t go too well the last time for turkroaches…


hey…is here anybody making trillions from home?? i just wonder :)

jens holm

Yes, we has transformed our Dollars and danish kroner into liras and rials. We see why arabs and persians invented the 0.

Newborn ones all will get a parambulator as gift from the Goverment as a part of Our wellfaresystem.


Most people here don’t understand that there is a working agreement between the Syrian regime and the Kurdish regime. The S-regime couldn’t control all territory at the moment, so the Kurds are useful. They’re being armed by the US and harass the Turks. Trouble is, that the Turkish military is powerful enough to fight both the Kurds an keep the SAA at bay. It’s amusing to read dismissive remarks on Turkish hardware, when it is far superior to anything the SAA can muster. Turkish drones even fly circles around the Russians. SF was constantly hyping an “impending” attack by the Syrian regime on Idlib… I was right in saying we won’t see that for a long time, likely never. Note that I’m not saying it because I think that’s great, but rather because that’s the obvious situation on the ground.

jens holm

Thats highly correct. All of it.

Most here just talk the enemies down – and turks too. Their brains are not raised to relate and compare at all.

The narrowmindness is very visible in structures, where we still see Syria only can be a state as Assads, Jihadists and Kurds are no good. Thats even they anytime can see most of the rest of the world making progres in completly different structures.

They deny to know how big the Turkish militay firces are and parts are relative advanced. I dont like Turkey as they are at all, bjut from a military point they spread out too much and should have more limited jobs and finish them.

Chris Gr

SAA can take Idlib because Idlib militants are alone.

jens holm

So why havnt they:)

Icarus Tanović

They’re waiting for Copenhagen the zionist capital of northern Europe to say yes.

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović
jens holm

Very good. Our next move will be a parmanent lockdown by opium to support the Talibans.

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