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Turkish Military Convoy In Idlib Struck By Militants

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Turkish Military Convoy In Idlib Struck By Militants

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On October 17th, a Turkish Armed Forces convoy was struck by militants from the village of Maaret-El-Uliya in Idlib.

It is presumably under control by pro-Turkish militant groups.

The convoy, when struck, was carrying out measures to withdraw from the territory of the observation post in the village of Murek, which is under control by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

According to pro-government sources, the possible goal of the shelling could be an attempt to accuse the SAA of failing to ensure the safety of the Turks during the evacuation of objects from territory controlled by the Syrian Armed Forces.

Thus, the interested forces are trying to thwart the withdrawal of Ankara’s military personnel. Militant propagandists blame the SAA for the shelling.

These days, Ankara has actively been preparing for the withdrawal of forces from observation posts from the districts previously liberated by the SAA.

In the days leading up to this, however, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has made a major military deployment to Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib after months of relative calm in the region.

According to the Turkish daily Milliyet, a convoy of 70 vehicles, consisting of tanks and artillery, crossed the border Thursday and entered Idlib. The military convoy was deployed particularly to the Turkish observation points in Idlib.

Apart from the heavy deployment, the Turkish military also started to build a new military base in the southern part of Idlib, the daily reported.

The October 17th attack was blamed on the Syrian Arab Army by the UK-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

SOHR sources said that a truck driver was killed on the international road near the city of Saraqeb, as regime forces opened fired on rented trucks used to transport equipment of Turkish post “Murek”, north of Hama.

Syrian trucks entered from the area of Al-Tarnaba and headed to Saraqeb to reach the international road Damascus-Aleppo “M5”.

“Reliable sources have just told SOHR that Turkish forces, stationed in Murek observation post in regime-controlled areas in the northern countryside of Hama, started disassembling the observation post, in preparation for leaving it. It is worth noting that the observation post in Murek is the largest Turkish military post in northern Hama and the Turks have been stationed there for nearly two years and four months.”


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https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0df92124f0e5851ad41c21443e2917ce0c609d92756a7a9d98ad210fa590dd96.gif it is always good to see terrorists eliminating terrorists

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