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JUNE 2023

Turkish Military Convoy Hurrying Up To Rescue Militants In Khan Shaykhun. Syria Responds With Warning Airstrikes

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On August 19, a large Turkish military convoy (at least 28 pieces of military equipment including battle tanks) entered the territory of Syria from Turkey. The convoy entered the town of Saraqeb in eastern Idlib and moved towards the town of Khan Shaykhun in southern Idlib.

Khan Shaykhun is the key stronghold of radical militants (Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies) in the area. After the recent gains by the Syrian Army, militants’ defense in the town appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

The Turkish miltiary is reportedly aiming to set up an ”observation post’ in Khan Shaykhun thus preventing the Syrian military from liberating the town from terrorists.

“Turkish vehicles loaded with ammunition, weapons and material equipment passed through the Syrian-Turkish borders on Monday morning and they entered Saraqeb City in their way to Khan Sheikhoun to help the defeated terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra [Hayat Tahrir al-Sham] which is on the lists of the Security Council as a terrorist organization, which affirms again the continued unlimited support provided by the Turkish regime to the terrorist groups.” Syria’s state-run news agency SANA quoted a source in the Syrian Foreign Ministry.

“The Syrian Arab Republic strongly condemns this flagrant Turkish violation and it holds the Turkish Regime fully responsible for the consequences of this stark violation of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic which constitutes an outrageous breach of the international law’s provisions.”

The foreign ministry added that actiosn of “the Turkish regime will not in any way affect the determination of the Syrian Arab Army to continue to hunt down the remnants of terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun and other areas till liberating every inch of the Syrian territories from terrorism.”

Syria did not limit its response to releasing an official statement on the issue. Just recently, the Syrian Arab Air Force carried out warning strikes near the Turkish military convoy moving towards Khan Shaykhun. According to pro-militant sources, at least one militant field commander accompaining the convoy was killed.

Turkish Military Convoy Hurrying Up To Rescue Militants In Khan Shaykhun. Syria Responds With Warning Airstrikes

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Military Convoy Hurrying Up To Rescue Militants In Khan Shaykhun. Syria Responds With Warning Airstrikes

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Military Convoy Hurrying Up To Rescue Militants In Khan Shaykhun. Syria Responds With Warning Airstrikes

Click to see the full-size image

Turkish Military Convoy Hurrying Up To Rescue Militants In Khan Shaykhun. Syria Responds With Warning Airstrikes

Click to see the full-size image


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lol those convoys are like siting ducks…dear Assad DO not hesitate for a moment to completely obliterate the invaders!! they are an invading force trying to steal territory from Syria…send them to hell!!

klove and light

again.. you are totally correct..”they are an invading force trying to steal territory from Syria…send them to hell!! ”

but… you tend to Forget that TAF is not alnusra…. TAF is a well armed NATO army… and Partner of Putin!!! and even more, most Folks here as usual on our planet have a very very short Memory..

It was PUTIN who allowed TAF to invade syria…first in Afrin, later in Idlib allowing TAF to build 12 Military bases in Idlib!!! and even more treacherous, selling TAF the S-400.

Maybe you should sit back a Moment, and think About the bigger Picture…..and i will give u a small,hint…

Russia and USA…. two sides of the same coin!!!!


I think you are completely right in your thinking, but should not forget that there’s another player in this situation, wich gets stronger by the day and plays independently. That player is Iran, and I’m pretty sure that no matter what Russia, the US, Israel or Turkey does, Iran will stand by Syria, so in the end I think it doesnt matter too much what a country with huge internal problems does (Turkey) or what some besiged genocidial land stealers do (think its obvious who that is haha), or what a country with such a widespread military presence around the globe does. By now the resistance is looking more solid everyday and in the event that any of this lunatics starts an all out confrontation neither of them would be capable of puting up a decent fight, let alone destroying the resistance


Hey man, dont say that too loud. Some commenters here cant stand basic truth, and will cry for banning. ;)

Funny thing is, those idiots believe to somehow fight MSM propaganda. But are just as deluded. So dont hold your breath. Most of those following the war will agree with you, but dont care to change the minds of those ideological drones that even after 1 year of the Idlib deal have understood nothing. Reality is too harsh for them to understand and complex, they need simple black and white worldviews or their tiny brain comes crashing down. :)


So what’s the solution you an klove propose to us idiots, sorry if things are to nuanced and complex in the world geo-politics, that your or kloves eyes everyone is evil and that there is no hope and that everyone is a puppet of some nefarious force. If you, klove or anyone subscribe to that notion to the T, then you might as well off yourself.

I can handle the fact, even if frustrating that Russia or Iran has to deal with two faced countries like Turkey, and their imperial handlers. In a way that prevents the situation from spiraling out of control, the proof is in the pudding as they say. They played the Turks game for nearly a year and they didn’t deliver, with maintaining a ceasefire. Hence their quietly slinking away from this current offensive in northern Hama, because the Turks have run out of diplomatic excuses on their presence there.

So now the offensive to retake Idlib from the Syrian government with support from Russia is now underway. I guess you and klove still suffer from a typical North American or Western sickness, the need for instant gratification. Instead learn a thing or two from countries like Russia, China, and Iran, that the best victory or achieving your goals is through long-term planning, patience and wearing down your opponent.

Oh and if all world leaders are simple marionettes of world ruling cabal like you or klove claim. Then why bother with the chaos and wars, since the so called elites have that supposedly that much power. Then they would be already in control of every inch of everything on the planet. Instead of formeting chaos deliberately like you and klove claim. Chaos would be stupid way to rule, since the law of averages would work that causing enough chaos would eventually backfire on you, since chaos in uncontrollable. That’s the opposite of what elites want.

Controlled chaos, claims of fake opposition, and nebulous puppet masters in control of everything is just cheap excuse for people who don’t want to deal with complex realities, and want instant gratification. Symptom of a sick and over individualized society.

David Parker

I don’t see it that way. Why would Russian object to attrition and loss of morale in the TAF? Erdogan’s adventures to seize land in Syria are costing him and work to the advantage of Assad and Putin. As long as Turkey has the means to pay for the S-400 and Russia can prevent its use against Russia (you can bet on that), take the money and laugh all the way to the treasury. If the US was not completely under zionist control, they would sell as many F-35 turkeys to Turkey as Erdogan could afford: Just remember to take gold and silver in payment. Also, it’s not as though Turkey is a dependable ally to Russia. The Turks are quite capable of repeating the Armenian genocide given the power and opportunity. Putin knows very well what would happen to Orthodox Christians if Erdogan or any Turkish successor had the power to do it. The chief motivation of the CIA/MOSSAD/Turkish head-choppeing demons is that the Syrian government allows Christians and “moderate” Muslims to live side by side. So it is, the underlying conflict is between good and evil, between Christianity and the demonic world. As long as they are under the spell of Islam, the Turks cannot be a reliable ally of anyone, particularly any people whose culture is historically Christian.

David Parker

They are an invading force whose ultimate goal for a decade is to murder Assad and the SAA.

Icarus Tanović

Ultimate goal for a century, rather.


Welcome to the black hole.

klove and light

well where is your bullshit now moron???? 1 hour ago you cursed at us Folks that wrote the truth About TAF in khan Shaykhun….now???

what the fuck is this Afghanistan nonsense in an artcle About TAF in Khan shaykhun???

you stupid stupid Boy!!!!

>TAF is Putin Partner

Putin= treacherous Zionist pig!


nice try troll


While he certainly could have left out the swearing on his attack of our poor Rob: Why is everyone who has a different stance than your groupthink here a “Troll”? A troll is someone who willingly and consciouly tries to inflame people for fun, or is a goverment sponsered actor payed to spread gov propaganda.

Now why is someone who has a different opinion always a “troll”? because what we need in Alt-Media is that everyone believes exactly the same? Because discussion is toxic?

This bullshit is THE SAME TACTIC OF MSM PROPAGANDA! You all try to shout down others who dont agree without. Nothing else. And you dont serve nobody with that. You hurt Alt-Media and everyone who dares to look behind a narrative.

David Parker

paid don’t anyone


You know, your an idiot.


Sadly China and Russia may be united on Afghanistan, but on Kashmir they show the first real devide and conflicting interests since the end of cold war. Eurasiafuture has a great article by Andrew Korybko:





Generally Korybko is one of the most neutral, unbiased writers in Alt-Media on Russia, China and Asia in general. Refreshing for anyone who hates the onesided narrative that many Alt-Media sites and readers seems to want to believe.


In reality Russia want to reconcile and integrate every country while the West strategy is opposit of it.

Russia want that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh again become united one supper country. Its good but Russia does not aware about caste system in India.


Yeah, Russia pretty clever “balancing strategy”. But if you read what i wrote Rob, you could read that this tactic is not facing its first real problem.

Meaning Russia is very reliant on India buying defence products from Russia, and also Russia is an ally for China. Right now Russia did support India, but not China on Kashmir. The question is, if this will in the long run damage Russia china relations, now that both countrys differ on such an important problem (India threatend China with WAR over Aksai Chin days ago!). THATS the problem now Rob. And its a tough nut to crack.


Russia and China are two allies but it does not mean that their like and dislike are also same. Pakistan for always too close to China but now increasing warm relations with Russia too and India for always close to Russia but now India increasing warm relations with US.


Nice that you agree. Not sure though why you repeat it as something different. Cheers

David Parker

I don’t think Xi is very concerned about Modi. India’s vaunted military is a paper tiger. I have no doubt the Chinese could disable all India’s nukes overnight if they so chose. However, the Chinese will not be stampeded into a hasty decision. Time is on the side of the Belt and Road initiative. Modi cannot restrain the untouchable poor people of India from the world of technology and trade. The desperately poor will never stop trying to climb out of misery. They will not defend the eastern mysticism and Modi’s own Hindu idolatry that keep them in misery. Paganism is doomed.

David Parker

super I am sure the Russians have no illusions about the caste system in India. However, time and technology are eroding all such satanic institutions. Putin has to shake Modi’s hand, but with every advance in farming, communication, and technology that reaches all the people, all such purely demonic traditions collapse.

David Parker

divide conflict of interest seem to want

Christian S

The sultans terrorists are not welcome in khan sheykun, syaaf should welcome them properly, we will not forget the sultans support to jays al fateh terrorist coalition in 2015 when they invaded idlib, turks should forget ottoman wetdream will lead only to war within turkish borders, sooner or later terrorist will turn against sultan.

Anthony Paul Mapes

Well no one can say they didn’t see this coming!


Exactly; one day there are loyalist gains, the next day there is a bailout for the headchoppers. And then the whole circus starts over again, Groundhog Day style. It is necessarily so: a cute warning strike will only be seen as admission that this convoy won’t get whacked for real–Putin will see to that.


Why not just don’t use a warning strike???


Warning strike – just bomb the convoy of rats Syria has every right to do so.

klove and light

“just bomb the convoy of rats..syria has every Right to do so”—– spot on.. yes.. BUT BUT BUT

you Folks all tend to Forget how TAF came into syria in the first place…. and WHO the Partner of Erdogan is….


and if you watch the Video very very carfeully.. you will see DOZENS of tanks of TAF entering the City…… and TAF aint no alnusra jihadi pricks…. TAF is a well armed NATO army!!!



David Parker

Turkey is the south shore of the Black Sea … .

Icarus Tanović

Who gives a fucking crap if they’re Nato? Besides you that is repeating this shit all over again.


The offensive in Idlib is proceeding as we speak with the support of Russia. So why don’t you take a bloody chill pill. Again I posted about the problem of instant gratification, and you seem to show a lack of emotional control and long-term thinking.


Don’t blame the Turks! Putin have the illusion that Turkey will be part of Russia one day.

David Parker

The mission of the Russian military is exclusively defense. Maintaining a stable government in Syria is part of that mission. Russia will benefit from the gratitude of the Syrian people and Russia is supporting Assad at minimal expense to the Russian Federation. Every Russian bomb, aircraft, and life expended in Syria will be repaid in mutually beneficial oil and gas contracts with a grateful people. That is the American way – get along and make a deal – the exact opposite of how the zionist-controlled US deep state operates. The US deep state has nothing in common with we the people of the united States.

klove and light

Putin is a treacherous Zionist pig

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews

Ooga Booga

Dumb ass

Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

Don’t chat shit.


sorry again man, but here people want to see Putin as Anti-Zionist, however crazy and detached from reality that is.

Putin has said himself numerous times, that he considers “Anti-Zionism” as mentally insane, and that only creeps that hate themselves project their hate on jews. He also delcared numouros times that Russia would defend Israel with even atomic bombs if existentially threatend, but still some nutjobs here want their fantasy of Putin being Anti-Zionist. Yeah, the great Alt-Media community of 2019. Everything goes to shit i guess.


doubt very much that Putin ever said anything like what you state he has said. rather the contrary if or when israel strays too far outside it’s boundaries there will be hell to pay and that russia would support Iran in any such endeavour, which was made clear a couple of months ago when israel and the unhinged states of A (bolton as a matter of fact) and a russian met in tel aviv and where the purpose was to make russia let go of Iran. Russia declared unequivocally that their interests were with Iran and would remain with Iran and as Russia early on in the Syrian saga told the participants, including israel, that they could be made the object of some unpleasant missiles fired off from the Caspian Sea and which no iron doom in the world could save israel from.


IF PUTIN is so treacherous, WHY didn’t he just stay out of Syria. Without Russia’s help Syria would have lost 3 years ago… Suggestion… Think before you speak.


I would not agree Putin is a traitor. Russia has no allies, at least not in the strict old soviet sense. Russia and Putin especially try to see every country as a potential partner, and tries to establish itself as a “balancing actor” and meditator on the world stage.

As Putin has no 100% allies, and partner of varying degrees of coordination, he can only be a traitor for his own, but not for different countrys. Though i know for a fact many on the side of the SAA see it that way. Even though the realtionship between Putin and Assad is colder as ever.

But truth is, the geopolitical equation changed in the last 2 years especially for Russia. Turkey now is a top “Partner” for Russia, which tended to influence Putins Syria policy in the last year especially.

Now that Erdogan shows signs of warmer relations with his NATO allys, the equation changed again for Russia, forcing Russia into a harder line on Idlib, and greenlighting the SAA offensive that until 2-3 months was blocked. I would hope others would be able to see it analytically and sober, but i understand those supporting the SAA for years being frustrated. Thats life.


That’s well said. Putin is a nationalist, loyal only as long as it helps his nation. That makes him the best statesman on earth today. Every country should wish for a nationalist as a leader. The reason Russia entered the Syrian war is because he had to. We, the US, and Israel had to be stopped. It is an existential situation for the freedom of the world’s nations. WE are the boogeyman.


Thanks russ! I would agree to everthing you said, even though Putin (like every human) has his cons. I would put his neoliberal economics as a con. But still i hope take him as a statemen over anyone we have in our western countrys. :) Cheers and good night, after what was a good day. For Syria and us who stand by it against the Jihadist hordes of Sunni gulf states and their NATO friends.

David Parker

“Even though the realtionship between Putin and Assad is colder as ever.” Really? I thought Assad was eternally grateful to Putin and Russia?

David Parker

God granted your request: “Crucify him! Crucify him!” “Let his blood be upon us and our children.” Jesus sacrifice was necessary, yet the people who engineered it are still guilty of the most heinous offense in history – effecting the crucifixion of the Son of God. Every since, everywhere the Jews settle, they make themselves odious to the native people. The current “state” of Israel is nothing special, the people who call themselves the exclusive “children of Abraham” are nothing special. The Christian church is the New Israel. The Near East war mongers are merely demonic – merely zionists who reject the Torah whose bible is the Talmud, which is the Torah rewritten by those children of the devil.


You know maybe you are controlled opposition that you claim Putin is, your saying this while this offensive is going on now in Idlib. You are either controlled opposition, or more likely given the emotionally unstable rants, your an emotionally stunted man-child.


Those photos show the ‘before’, the after the air force strikes is tomorrow.

AM Hants

Is this the start of the Turkish US safe border in the sovereign nation of Syria? Remind me, but, on what legal basis can Turkey just turn up and take by force, territory belonging to a sovereign nation?


Same as Russia in Crimea and Donbas


Yeah right… the 95% of Crimean’s voting to join Russia doesn’t account for shit.


Voting under little green occupation is the same as voting under al nusra occupation

You can call me Al

Go away little one, adults talking here.

David Parker

Not one Russian tank or threat entered Crimea. Not one shot was fired by Russia to terrorize the people living in Crimea. Never in history has the Crimean Peninsula ever been anything but Russian. The British fighting in the Crimea were fighting Russians … . Putin did not tell the people in the Lugansk to refuse to be governed by the new Ukrainian regime. Putin did not order them to put their lives and homes in jeopardy. They independently refused to be part of that zionist terrorist train wreck of a “government”. Most telling of all, if Putin and the MOD had wanted, the Ukraine would still be part of Russia and neither NATO nor zionist Israel could do one thing about it short of nuclear war. It’s not as though Russia is lacking any natural resources they cannot get from North Korea and China. It’s not as though Russia and Iran do not have mutual strategic interests.

John Wallace

The necrophilia pig fuker waffles sh it again. Time to stick with toilet paper and get flushed . Here only to wind people up. What do you do all day ? Get those toys with a wind up key in the back and set them off dancing on the table. Oh joy for some. Gronk. Can’t make up its mind if it is American or Canadian. I see your butt licking friend Tonto Bronco has left you to it.

Alberto Garza

or the united states with southern states it stole at gunpoint from mexico


Oh get over it Ukie Canuck, you galicians are so pathetic, you not only can’t get along with Russians, you can’t get along with Jews or Poles. You got nothing but yourselves to blame for losing Crimea after being mismanaged for decades by your corrupt asses. In fact they where more then patient with your buffoonery to have left Ukraine as late as 2014. Oh and since you are supposedly a Canuck, get over Ukraine or go back to that shithole country of yours.

AM Hants

LOL – the people of Crimea, like the people of Scotland, Falklands, UK, US, etc, etc, etc, used ‘self determination’ to vote to go back home to Russia and never looked back.

Funnily enough, even NATO used ‘self determination’ to justify their invasion of Kosovo.

The people of Donbass, so brave and strong, are defending their own territory, from the so called Government of Ukraine. Sure they are due another cauldron, for those from Kiev, who find themselves lost, together with their NATO mates.

Joe Dickson

uh oh, Turkish terrorists losing ground.

Lord Humongous

Send in the Sukhoi-24’s. Send the convoy to HELL.


Did the convoy turn around?

Hasbara Hunter

If the Turks think they can come to Rescue their Filthy Headchopping Mercenaries…then they are obviously Dead Wrong… Any Turk aiding Headchopping Terrorists On Syrian Ground should be considered a Terrorist himself and thus treated accordingly: Give them all a One Way Ticket to Hell!

Icarus Tanović

Very well said, and Wahhabi pigs, trying to rescue other Wahhabi pigs. We should give them a lesson to remember.

Icarus Tanović

Give ’em something to chew on…

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This is an exact repeat of what happened the first time the SAA made inroads into Idlib, the Turks rushed straight down to the contested area and build an OB post right in the way of the advancing SAA fighters, and only afterwards negotiated an agreement with Iran Turkey Russia and Syria to make it legal. That’s how the first Astana agreement was forced on Assad but I don’t think that’s going to happen this time, this time I think Assad’s going to say no way Jose, only over my dead body. This is a catastrophe for the SAA and a possible deal breaker, it’s like Erdogan’s placed a check on Assad’s Queen and the only way out for Assad is to sacrifice a minor piece, DAMM, what will Assad’s next move be, what can he do? He’s proven to me over the last 3 months he’s a lot smarter than anyone’s ever given him credit for, a hell of a lot smarter, so I’m hoping he has a clever contingency plan already set to go to for exactly this scenario, God I hope he does. I’m sure he’s been expecting this to happen eventually, and hopefully he’s thought about long and hard, and even more hopefully, come up with a clever way to circumvent Erdogan’s latest move. And not just get rid of the new arrivals, but get rid of the whole kit and kaboodle, Turks, opposition groups, terrorists and all, oh hang on, I should have just said terrorists, that would’ve covered them all anyway. Why hasn’t anyone tried to assassinate Erdogan again yet, try harder, we can’t wait until he’s voted out anymore, so please save the whole world a whole lot of grief, and just get rid of him.


sitting ducks. isn’t it time for erdogan to get a reality check?

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