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Turkish Military Conducts Battle Tank Drills On Border With Syria’s Idlib

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Turkish Military Conducts Battle Tank Drills On Border With Syria’s Idlib


The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have conducted a military exercise involving battle tanks in the Hatay province bordering the Syrian province of Idlib, the Turkish news agency Anadolu reported on January 12.

According to the report, TAF units were deployed in Hatay’s Yayladagi region. Battle tank exercises were held in the same area. The news agency added that Turkey is deploying more armored vehicles to the border with Syria.

On December 12, 2018 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan once announced plans to launch a military campaign in Syria to the east of the Euphrates River against Kurdish armed groups, which Ankara views as Syrian affiliates of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) outlawed in Turkey.

Earlier, Turkey conducted two military operations in Syria – Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch. As a result, the TAF estabishled control of a large part of the northern Syrian province of Aleppo.

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So called “rebel” (lower than animal ) proudly holding the head of the female Kurdish soldier.

comment image?resize=465%2C374

Syria insider

What you are saying is not true they are even then worms in the ass of my cat.


Islam is a Talmudic cult created by a certain sect of Talmudic Jews in order to fulfil one of the most important Judaic Talmudic commands, which is that every Goyim on earth must worship the God of Israel and that all other Gods are “idols”. This is literally the number 1 command of the 7 Noahide Laws which the Jews believe all Goyim must obey by or die. All the laws of Islam are nothing more than Talmudic Judaism customized for the Goyim of that region. The Jews already had experience with creating Christianity which is another Jewish creation but with Christianity they had to make too many compromises with their own laws in order to make it appealing to the European peoples but with Islam they made it almost purely Judaic/Talmudic and used terrorism and force to spread it.


Being Christian I find very offensive your claim that Jews have “created Christianity”
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Followers of Judaic religion were opposed to the Christianity from the beginning.
Jesus Christ have created Christianity (which was from the start opened to everybody who believed Jews and non Jews ).

Also (I’m not an expert but…)in Muhammad’s time “Talmudic Jews” didn’t exist.
In those days they were following teachings of Torah
So your theory is false even though Islam has took many things from Judaism, much, much more than Christianity


Have you read the Bible? ALL the early Christians were Jews including Jesus who was a rabbi and his 12 apostles. It was basically a breakaway sect of Judaism. Yes most mainstream Jews rejected it but this doesn’t take away from the fact that it was a Jewish creation. Not all Jews agree with each other on all issues all the time. Even today you find many Jews who are Zionists, many who are anti-Zionists, many who are Communists, many who are anti-Communists, etc. Just because there’s a plurality of views in the Jewish community does not take away from the fact that Jews have been behind many if not most of the intellectual/political/social/religious movements of the world.

Christianity was basically a watered down version of Judaism for the Goyim. Jews of course hardly want or allow non-Jews into their own religion since they consider their own religion to be exclusive and an elite chosen club but they regularly create Judaizing universal movements that are based on Judaism and work in the interest of Judaism.

Talmudism existed prior to Islam. The Rabbis started writing down the Talmud following the destruction of the second temple several centuries before the rise of Islam. You need to google “7 Noahide Laws” to understand what I said in my previous comment. Jews codified 7 laws that ALL of humanity must abide by or otherwise perish. This was not an invention of the Talmud, this is taken from the Bible itself. The Jews simply codified it in the Talmud. In the Old Testament Israel’s God repeatedly commands the Jews that all of humanity must worship him as he is superior to all other Gods. You yourself are a living example of their success. Your ancestors used to worship their own local tribal gods just like the Jews used to worship their own tribal god “Yahweh” yet here we are today and the worship of ALL of our ancestral Gods have been eliminated and replaced with the worship of the God of Israel.


I have read the Bible (but not in selective way like you did)
Not “ALL” the early Christians were “Jews”.
Jesus was accused of many blasphemies, many times.
And among those many different reasons for different blasphemies one was for blasphemy of inviting NON Jews to Salvation and for helping non Jews and Jews alike.

Calling Christianity “breakaway sect” is (again) insulting for every Christian.
Just shows that you don’t have clue on the subject…

Also you don’t understand the meaning of the word “Jew” that comes from “Judaism”. If one is “Jew” one can’t be a “communist” in the same time.
Because majority of the Jews today are only Jews through their religion because NOT true Semites, NOT Hebrews.
Many are nonbelievers today and called “Jews” because of their parents or grandparents were belonging to the Jewish religion.
So of Jewish origin would be more exact…

Maybe Talmudism have existed but let me repeat once again; in those days before Muhammad Jews were not Talmudist’s

“Jews codified 7 laws that ALL of humanity must abide by or otherwise perish. This was not an invention of the Talmud, this is taken from the Bible itself. ”
I categorically say this not truth at all.
Give me the chapter from the bible with those exact words if you can please!
I claim that it does not exist. You are pathetic liar !
You can shove up you know where your Google “truths” about “7 Noahide Laws”

You are pathetic neo-NAZI bigot and propagandist without respect for any of the religions including Christian religion.
People like you make me puke for the hate you carry inside yourself.


I sense that your response is a bit emotional and not rational. I hope your next responses are a bit more rational and logical and not confrontational or insulting. In other words please only address the message and not the messenger and don’t assume or accuse me personally without knowing anything about me.

1. You accused me of reading the Bible selectively, this is false, I’ve read the Bible cover to cover, literally word by word. I’ve also done the same with the Quran and other religious texts. The only book that I’ve read “selectively” was the Talmud and only because it’s extremely long and full of unnecessary random information that is not relevant to the issue. It is more of a reference book than a study book.

2. You then went on to describe what Jesus preached which is true but irrelevant to what I said. I’ve already acknowledged that mainstream Judaism rejected Jesus and his teachings. Jesus was clearly violating many Orthodox Jewish laws and trying to create a new sect of Judaism that was based on Judaism but with different set of laws.

3. You called my calling Christianity a breakaway sect of Judaism as “insulting”. As a rational person I don’t understand how the truth can be “insulting” but that’s not something I can address in a rational discussion. It’s up to you to examine and accept the truth as what it is and not be insulted by it. Christianity is completely based on Judaism. It accepts as truth the vast majority of its belief system and doctrine and only modifies a small segment of it to make it compatible to becoming a universal religion rather than an exclusive Jewish tribal religion. That’s just a fact, not something I made up because I am “Neo-Nazi”.

4. You then claimed a Jew can’t become a Communist. Whether true or not this is irrelevant to the discussion. My point with making that statement was that even in modern times you have Jewish people believing in completely opposite political/social/religious ideas or movements. You can have practicing Orthodox Jews who are hardcore Zionists and practicing Orthodox Jews who are hardcore anti-Zionists. Within Judaism itself you have different sects, some who only believe in the Torah and reject the Talmud, some are Talmudic, some are “Reform”, some are “Haredi”, etc. The point was that you don’t have a common and universal belief system within Judaism.

5. You claim Jews are not “Talmudic” in Muhammad’s time. I just stated the fact that Talmudic Judaism had existed centuries before the rise of Islam and became a dominant force within Judaism since Judaism could no longer continue without a temple and Talmudic Judaism became a way of keeping the religion going in “exile” mode. Obviously no one has exact numbers of how many Jews were Talmudic and how many weren’t but to generalize without any facts and make brash claims like “Jews weren’t Talmudic in that time” is nothing more than an assumption.

6. You misunderstood my statement regarding the 7 Noahide Laws so let me trying to clarify what I said. The 7 Noahide laws comes from the Talmud and in the Talmud it is stated that those gentiles who do not adhere to the 7 Noahide Laws deserve death. My point with bringing up the Bible was that the origin of the 7 Noahide Laws comes from Bible itself not the part about punishment of death. In other words in the Bible it is stated several times that all of humanity must bow down to Yahweh and that all other Gods are idols and inferior to Yahweh. It is stated that all of humanity will bow down to Yahweh in Jerusalem as he is superior to all other Gods on earth. It is also stated that all the wealth of the world belongs to the Jews as they are a superior people chosen by God. All these statements are in the Bible and I would dig them out for you if I believed you were serious about this discussion but since I get the sense that you’re taking this discussion as some sort of personal attack on your identity I won’t waste my time since the end result will be you just dismissing everything I say and insulting me personally. Been there done that.

7. The rest of your post is childish emotional attacks on the messenger which shows that your belief system is weak and already crumbling at the slightest sign of being challenged. I don’t take your insults personally since I have facts on my side and don’t need to get emotional. Even if I’m proven wrong I’d be happy to correct my position and wouldn’t feel “insulted”.


You have INSULTED 2 times all Christians (me included) and on top you are LECTURING me about good behavior ?!?
What an arrogance.
I already had enough of your bigotry (no respect for religions).
Go talk to yourself instead.
I can’t be bothered with you comments any more !
If you insist and continue I will simply block you…

This conversation is over.
Good bye


One word: Pathetic


One word: BLOCKED


BL, sorry, but you can’t protect your believings with a science called History. History, as any cience, don’t give a dam to believings, and only can consider them to study.


Persia and Creation of Judais | CAIS©
For an interesting read, try this link, Persia goes back much farther than the Jews, Christians and Islam.

You can call me Al

Wow, a military exercise. You heroic numpties.


Possibly a blocking move for when SyrRus and Turkey place HTS between a rock and a jack-hammer.

You can call me Al

That is what I thought and hoped, but today that seems to have changed. Have a look at today’s news.


A military exercise with match boxes called Leopard 2. Very easy to light up.


Many inhabitants of Hatah province – currently part of Turkey – consider it to be a detached part of Syria.


I wish journalists would stop using the word tank. A tank is a tracked armored vehicle, armed with a gun in a rotating turret for a specific type of shock assault and breakthrough operation. No army however only deploys tanks in a military operation, because tanks by themselves are incredibly vulnerable. History has shown again and again how vulnerable pure tank assaults. That is why combined arms operations were conceived. That is why besides tanks we have armored infantry fighting vehicles who carry infantry into battle, and mechanized artillery to support. And a whole host of tracked armored support vehicle. When dumbass journalists say tanks were deployed on the streets, or the border, what they actually mean is that a combined arms force, of which tanks were a part were deployed. Because dumbass journalists are cluesless when it comes to military matters.

Now you might justifiably say, does it matter? It’s just splitting hairs. I say it does matter because if I can spot journalism when it comes to incorrect identification of military vehicles, what else might these dumbass journalists be wrong about? Get your facts straight or find me someone who can!


Well, Barba, the best exercise to the turks is to go home, very quickly.

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