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JUNE 2021

Turkish Military Column Enters Eastern Idlib Countryside

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Turkish Military Column Enters Eastern Idlib Countryside

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On January 26, a Turkish Army convoy entered the opposition-held areas in the eastern Idlib countryside, according to the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet SMART. The media outlet said that the convoy consisted of six armored vehicles.

Several Syrian opposition activists claimed that the Turkish Army convoy preformed a reconnaissance mission around the town of Abu Duhur held by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Some activists even claimed that the Turkish Army is establishing an observation position near Abu Duhur in order to stop the SAA advance there.

However, the Turkish side has not confirmed any of these claims yet. Moreover, observers doubt that Turkey could take such an aggressive move against the Russian-backed SAA while it’s already attacking Afrin area.

A similar convoy of the Turkish Army entered the western Aleppo countryside on January 24. Back then, several Syrian opposition sources also claimed that the Turkish Army wanted to establish new observation positions north of Abu Duhur. However, the Turkish Army was only reinforcing its old positions west of the Afrin area.

In the last few days, may Syrian pro-government activists said that the SAA, Hezbollah, Iranian-backed forces and the Tiger Forces are preparing to launch a major military operation to break the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) siege on the towns of al-Fu’ah and Kafriya in the eastern Idlib countryside.

These reports led to frustration among the HTS supporters in Idlib, who warned that the SAA could attack the city of Idlib itself. It’s located only 2km west of al-Fu’ah.

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Richard M

Ottoman invasion columns need airstrikes!

888mladen .
Richard M

Strange story. The Ottomans want to “monitor” the fighting at Abu Duhur! IF that were true they would send observers to their HTS allies, not armored columns.

Feudalism Victory

Yes it does. Syria loses the initiative by letting turkey have free reign

Ryan Glantz

Battle of Platées

Engraving of 1829 showing Plains Plains from Mount Cithéron General informations Dated August 27, 479 BC AD Place Plates , Greece outcome Decisive victory of the Greeks belligerents Greek city-states Persian Empire commanders Pausanias Mardonios Forces in presence 110,000 ( Herodotus )
100,000 ( Pompey )

~ 40,000
(modern estimates) 300,000 (Herodotus)

(modern estimates including Greek allies) Losses 10,000+ ( Ephorus and Diodorus )
1,360 ( Plutarch )
159 ( Herodotus ) 217,000 (Herodotus)

Medical wars battles
Ladé · Marathon · Thermopyles · Artemision · Salamis · Plants · Mycale · Eurymedon

The Battle of Plataea ( Ancient Greek : Μάχη τῶν Πλαταιῶν , Machē tōn Plataiōn ) is the last great land battle of the Medical Wars . It took place in 479 BC AD near the city of Platea in Boeotia and opposed an alliance of Greek city -states including Sparta , Athens , Corinth and Megara to the Persian Empire of Xerxes I.

In the previous year, the Persian army, led by the king in person, had won several successes at Thermopylae and Artemisia and had conquered Thessaly , Boeotia and Attica . However, during the battle of Salamis , the Greek coalition fleet had won an unexpected victory and prevented the conquest of the Peloponnese . Xerxes then withdrew with the bulk of his army leaving his general Mardonios to complete the invasion of Greece.

In the summer -479, the Greeks gather a powerful army (following contemporary standards) and walk to the north. The Persians retreat to Boeotia and build a fortified camp near Plataea.
The Greeks refused to advance in the terrain too favorable to the
cavalry around the Persian camp, which caused a stagnation during the
next eleven days. The Greek supply lines being harassed by the Persians, the Greeks retreat to a better position in some disorder.
Thinking of the Greeks in full retreat, Mardonios orders his troops to
pursue them but the Greeks (mainly the Spartans, the Tegeans and the
Athenians) fight and Mardonius is killed. A large part of the Persian army locked up in the camp is massacred. The destruction of this army and the remains of the Persian fleet at the Battle of Cape Mycale puts an end to the invasion.

888mladen .

So what was the poet trying to say?

John Mason

That someone lost.

888mladen .

Didn’t we know it already.

Graeme Rymill

This seems to be a translation from a French source. “Medical wars battles” should read “Persian wars battles”. The Medes were a Persian people – nothing to do with medicine.
“Battle of Platées” is normally in English ” Battle of Plataea”

888mladen .

Medes were not a Persian people. They were different ethnic group. They jointly overthrew Neo Babylonian empire. However Persians were the dominant right through the end. All the Persian kings were of Persian nationality except so called false Smerdis.


They shouldn’t fear losing idlib. Idlib was never their’s to lose.

You can call me Al

To quote – These reports led to frustration among the HTS supporters in Idlib, who warned that the SAA could attack the city of Idlib itself.”…….. whahaha, who TF do these scum think they are ?; “led to frustration”; lordy lordy, I hope it leads to their rotting corpses, frustration is the last thing they should be worried about.


Never trust a Turk , the only ISIS left in Idlib are south and east of the Syrian city of Abu Duhur and they are surrounded by the SAA . Obviously the Turks have mal intent . Send in the air force .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Think things will be changing as most of the Coalition behind the US are deciding to end their military operations, most are limited now.

John Mason

With all of the publicity with Turkey confronting the Kurds and the US appears confounded and distorted no one has yet come up with a theory that a possibility exists that it is all just a sham, that the Turks are working in conjunction with the US, that it is all a part of a master plan where Turkey annexes a portion of Syria that they with the US control.
Recent report has that Russia installed an extra few S400 in Syria and that a ship bound for Syria is to drop off some serious military equipment. Russia expecting trouble?

John Mason

Thanks 888mladen, interesting reading.

Deo Cass

I exposed that plot as soon as erdogan issued a stark warning to the Syrian government forces to stop their operation to liberate Idleb from the Turko/Zionist and co proxies of HTS occupation of that Syrian city. I cleraly said it and repeated it that the invasion of Syria just a week after Erdogan’s warning was no coincidence. I reiterate that the true reason why the Turish army invaded Syria is to confront the Syrian government forces not the Ocelan Kurds with whom Erdogan made an agreement to relocate all Kurds in Turkey to Syria thus ridding him of the kurdish problem. Angela Merkel on behalf of the EU is also part of this plot of mass ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Syrian population in Northern Syria and their forced exile to EU countries as refugees and their replacement with these Turkish Kurdish settlers. So yes, the Kurdish excuse is just a cover which got its objective though. Of convincing the Russian military contingent in Afrin to leave.

John Mason

Some good points you brought up.

s Slippy

KURDISH NEWS: Extra Extra NO PKK terrorist dead, No Turkish advance, 5million Turks dead and Trump celebrated by giving all of the Middle East to the PKK!

You can’t make this shit up, this is how much the PKK terrorist lies.


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Both sides lie and yet you pick on one you can’t make it up , you are a troll!!

If you criticized both then you for using propaganda then I could see some validity to your argument. Since you don’t do that your opinion is valueless and without merit.

s Slippy

is this also lies and deceit? In every war there is a winning and a losing side, admit that and act accordingly.


If you are gonna spread propaganda at least have some validity to it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Funny how the winning side will tell more lies afterwards and call them facts, the truth remains that calling a winning side and losing side isn’t an honest reflection of a war or battles. Have seen repeated media propaganda getting exposed on both sides of this conflict. My personal opinion who is more inherently evil would be the Turks by their actions they bomb civilians and destroy cultural history, count them as ISIS, only those who intend ethnic cleansing perform attacks this way.

s Slippy

This is the difference between you and I, you don’t care about the arabs but you pretend that you do. You know full well of the ethnic cleansing ,of how the arabs are forced out of their villages and if they refuse they are shot dead at the spot by the PKK and framed as ISIS supporters . But its probably just a coincidence that all the arabs flee and the kurds stay right? villages predominantly arab now a minority just by chance right?

The evil Turkey took 3 million syrian refugees in and was disgusted of how the kurds treated the arabs. And we both know who ISIS really is and thats a US invention, the fact that you try to pin that on Turkey shows your morals or lack thereof.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Can’t do anything there as could careless about PKK/YPG/PYD they are CIA sponsored terrorists, civilians are not terrorists but for Turkish propaganda purposes they are. The actions of the PYD/YPG can only dealt with under Syrian constitutional law. Most Arabs flee even the proxies of Turkey, and try to flee to Syrian Govt controlled areas.

The number of refugees still being held by Turkey are about 2.7 million and that includes all refugees from Iraq, Syria ,Palestine , Africa etc. so the claims we see in the media are largely false, all new refugees being claimed left before 2010. Talked to a friend of mine who emigrated 30 years ago is counted as a refugee.

Truth is Turkey has played a major role and has nothing to do with lack of morals or ethics , but ethical and morality play a huge part in placing blame on the known perpetrators of the terrorism that persists at the insistence of these non neutral parties. The old saying goes “walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s a duck!”

Problem of your belief that ISIS/Al Qaeda/FSA/HTS and all these like minded groups are a creation of the CIA alone is a laugh. What you and many fail to see these are a Cold War mechanism created by NATO Special Operations to disrupt the former Soviet Union and those that oppose their control. So unless Turkey is on it’s own you are in much need to re-examine your thought, they have to act accordingly within this framework. Turkey and the US goal is to create a Sunnistan with Foreign Islamists Salafists along with Wahhabis in Syria. You have much to learn when you live in a media controlled society and all you promote is a western media bias.

Have told others in wars there is no good guys or bad guys just the perception of, but not in actuality or reality.


What if the U.S. And the Turks have a deal where the U.S. Sells the Kurds out to the Turks, then the Turks let there Jihadi factions clean up all the weapons the U.S. Has giving to the Kurds and then you get an indirect way of still arming the rebel groups to keep fighting the Assad government and with American and Turkish bases around northern Syria, Russia won’t be able to target that area?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Have repeated this about the deal yet here we have those who like to pick between white hats and black hats , problem is the only real victims are the civilians and all hats are grey.


Since when do both Turkey and the US need to come up with such complicated schemes to supply weapons to Jihadis? That has never stopped either of them in the past for a single second. I think you give both of them way too much credit coming up with such a scheme.


Looks like my theory is coming true….

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