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Turkish Military Carries Out Massive Artillery And Air Strikes On Kurdish Forces In Afrin (Map, Video)

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Turkish Military Carries Out Massive Artillery And Air Strikes On Kurdish Forces In Afrin (Map, Video)

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The Turkish military increased number of artillery and air strikes on Kurdish YPG/YPJ forces in Syria’s afrin after its proxies had failed to establish control over the strategic mount of Birsaya despite two days of the operations there.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) supported by the Turkish Armed Forces attacked positions of the YPG/YPJ on multiple frontlines but were not able to break the defense of Kurdish forces and to achieve any notable progress on January 23. According to pro-Turkish sources, the FSA seized the village of Hammam and the nearby hills. However, the area became contested after Kurdish units had launched a counter-attack there.

Despite this, the YPG/YPJ is now in very complicated situation. Turkish forces have an advantage in manpower and firepower and they are able to pressure Kurdish forces from multiple directions.

Turkish multiple rocket launcher systems shell positions of the YPG/YPJ in Afrin:

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All of the are criminals in foreign country, if you in Syria and you are not invited and you don’t have the support of the government you are official terrorist



Tudor Miron

Can’t argue with this.


This is the definition of retardation.. Do you understand what the word foreigner means maybe you should look that up on the oxford dictionary

Muharrem Beyaz

Turkey elimates Criminals on North Syria (Afrin) region. PKK/YPG/YPJ same terror organisation with different names. In the DEAS clearance they changed names to SDF its funny :)


Remember that Turkey has its own terrorists in Syria. Turkey and USA must leave Syria right now, point.


I propose you read a little as that is not the international definition of a terrorist at all.


I like the Kurds due to their modern ways of thinking, I like Turkey for their staunch military history. I do not like them fighting each other and killing their beautiful young folks and I pray the war stops and they can peacefully negotiate a solution that helps all the civilians.


Well, as the turks are attacking, they can stop, right?


Well, as the Kurds occupy half of Syria, they can retreat from Manbij raqqa and the rest of syria right?

Solomon Krupacek

I like the Kurds due to their modern ways of thinking

promitive gypsies, murderers of other nations. such half-animals do not deserve freedom and land.


and you know this because? you have been in kurdistan? you have come to know them? or you just believe all the propaganda you read?

Solomon Krupacek

i dont need to visit mars and i know abot conditions there. the brutality of kurds is well documented. bot in the past and in the present.



then you are that thing they need..a “perfect idiot” that belives whatever he reads… there are kurds and there are kurds…not all of them are the same

John Whitehot

because your’a jewnazi and that’s well proved by your hate of gypsies.

at least they never made war against anybody.

Solomon Krupacek

kurds killed armenians


On orders of ….. why, that would be Turkey.


“Kurds did the dirty work for the ottomans”. What do u think “dirty work” means?
Why did they kill Armenian Christians who had lived with Kurds side by side for centuries in peace?
Because they were promised LAND!!!!

Solomon Krupacek

this argue is false. look at democratic world. also today send in prison soldiers, who killed juice. and their argu: we got ordres does not help.
moreover, kurds were weri dilligent, active. they want to take the land of armenians.
you are murderers. also in syria kurds bundled off 3-500 000 non kurds.


That was the Mamluks.

Solomon Krupacek

mameluks wer in geypt werent they? turks gave orders and kurds laughly filled. they wanted the armenian lands.

John Whitehot

was talking about the gypsies, they never made genocides or wars, they didn’t even ever start bitching about having a country.

Solomon Krupacek

kurds = mountain gypsies


You should read how gypsies behave wherever they go.

John Whitehot

i don’t need to read nothing, if there was a proportion with “how they behave” and the disdain they receive from people, and how the real criminals behave – Israel, the US and most western democracies would have been razed to the ground by now.

I’m not condoning theft or other felonies, but somehow people is always ready to jump at the guy who steals to eat, and always ready to be stepped over by the one who steals billions and causes hunger, illness, war and suffering to entire populations.

I’m willing to bet money that, if tomorrow thieves started dying on the basis of how much they stole in descending order, most gypsies would be around at the latest rounds.


you are the half animal here shlomo

Solomon Krupacek

i am half god

Larissa Vanderbilt

Utterly delusional. Should be in a psychiatric facility, or at least somewhere where you can get the help you need . .


.”Kurds did the dirty work for the ottomans”. What do u think “dirty work” means?

Why did they kill Armenian Christians who had lived with Kurds side by side for centuries in peace?

Because they were promised LAND!!!!


Estranghero Arafat

Its not about the land they fight..its because of Jihad with the Ottomans..American Offered Land to the Kurds thats why they fight.


thats my point! they do this for land!
And the Kurds who ADMIT to the Armenian Holocaust say they were were doing it under the promise of land! This is even stated in wikipedia! Go ahead and read it! Kurds always wanted land and this is why they did what they did! Their words!


Kurds are not the problem, especially in Afrin , its the USA , trying to use the Kurds to carve a new country out of four countries . The US in Syria and Iraq is the problem , and they have been the problem since 2003, with Bush and the WMD .


well said


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Hide Behind

Kurds want own territory, which in reality will be no more than one more US controlled and administered Protectorate.
WHAT they are now fighting Turkey over is lands they have never owned
Both Kurds and Turkey are no more than thieves fighting for leftover spoils of US led destruction of Syria.
Out of question as Kurds displace original inhabitants both from their lands and if they remain they become second class inhabitants,
How does one become a citizen of a non existent country,Kurdistan?
That Turkey has always been an ally to US plans of destroying Sovereign Syria, first aiding with those allies ISziL and Al’Q and recieving stolen oil as payment, and now are taking tens of thousands of Syrian lands as payment when they too joined allies in destroying ISIL etc and helping Kurds getting US and Euro arms through their lands, now they want land in payment.

Moussa Saab

Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria are the truly altruistic ones. Iran and Hezbollah had selflessly fought for Syria and Iraq in the war against ISIS. Also to mention they have their own agendas too.

Hide Behind

Yes they have own agendas.
That is what I meant by no truly altruistic.
In both cases, Iran and Hez, are allied with Syria, and aided byRussia, as part of own defense and fight for survival.
In Hex case, military training of its own forces from future attacks by Israel and Lebanon military is untrustworthy as it is US trained and US and Euro arms equipped, besides too cowardly to resist Israel.
Iran needs real modern combat experience as their war with Iraq showed their tactics caused massive and unnecessary losses.
Also by locating an airbase and middle factory in Syria it changes US/Israel and Saudi attack plans, that all three keep threatening to do.
Iran knows that Iraq military officer ranks are all NATO trained in Jordan and US, that while Iraq talks like being independent their whole economy is dependent on outside financial interest, and have a treacherous Kurd minority within their lands that at anytime US wants they can be turned loose upon Iraq proper.
Each nation involved , over 40 M E , African, Latin American and Euro/NATO nations, are involved and all have their own agendas of military might and profit driven motives
Gathering of the Jackels, around a wounded Syria.


Mayham in Middle East. Who likes that?…Hmmhmhmhm, USA, Israel?


More deaths to solidify a throne.May all young people who are blindly sent to war and die rest in peace.


Given the recent history, I doubt the kurds in Afrin will be very impressed.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out the coming months.

As for me, I just hope TFSA will be destroyed in the attacks and TSK will be crippled.

Solomon Krupacek

hope dies last. after kurds.

Bill Wilson

I check Wikipedia’s map of the Syrian Civil War to see what’s transpiring. It had shown the territory the Turks initially seized then the next day that they had lost most of it. Today it shows Turkey having a base inside Afrin at Tal Syriatel that’s surrounded by the Kurds. I’m wondering if those fellahs got left behind during the Turks retreat?


Third largest standing army in the world , Turkish forces are just “in training” regardless of the manpower cost .


the mountain is now covered in a dense fog so the Kurds have the upper hand for few hours

Solomon Krupacek

ideasl for biological weapons


lets hope they slit some neo osman throats

Astar Roth

Ideal for artilery long ease, calm strikes. They already have their positions on maps.

Pave Way IV

Another reason Erdog was pissed at the US/Kurds – the US neocon/chickenhawk plan way back whenever was to ‘steer’ ISIS/al Nusra to Hatay and the Amanos mountains, acting as a placeholder until the Kurds (SDF) could ‘liberate’ the area. The Port of Iskenderun was probably part of that. Recep would have none of this today, but remember that failed coup thing a while back? The US didn’t plan on having him around for the Kurdish liberation of Hatay, and a US puppet-led Turkey would have negotiated away Hatay to the Kurds (or so it was hoped). The Russian presence also screwed up the long-dead US/Israeli scheme for a Kurdish Corridor from the Mediterranean to Iran. Initially as a Kurdish pipeline route from Iraq, and then as an Iranian attack corridor for the IAF or whoever.

The current graphic from the Andalou Twitter account suggests some ridiculous ‘threat’ from a couple dozen PKK in the mountains. Just used it because it’s a great reminder of the long-failed US Kurdish Corridor scheme.comment image


Perhaps the US puppet masters of the head-chopping, heart-eating rapers want them out of the way so set them up for the Sultan to knock them down?

Pave Way IV

It’s anyone’s guess now, Attrition47. But the Turkmen head-chopping, heart-eating rapists (the Turk FSA) seem more focused on the Kurds than the ‘other’ head-chopping, heart-eating rapists (Nusra, HTS and other assorted non-Turk Saudi Wahhabi psychos). I lost track of them all. Where’s the al Zenki child head-choppers nowadays – HTS?

I suspect the Turks are just making sure their guys are the biggest mafia with the most powerful thugs in the northwest after all the heads are chopped. No need to kill the non-Turk head-choppers. They’ll flip to the Turk side as soon as their paychecks from KSA and the UAE dry up. Qatar still has plenty of cash and weapons, so they’re probably bankrolling side-switching head-choppers allied with the Turk head-choppers.

Too bad the Kurds have the ‘US support’ jackboot on their necks. They waited too long to attempt to ally with the SAA, and now that’s history – the Syrians will never trust them again. Into the dustbin of history…


I fear that Kurdish nationalism precludes anything but temporary accommodations with the states which occupy their Kurdistan. A deal with Assad = a sell-out to the Turkish, Iraqi and Iranian Kurds. The Kurds must play the long game because it’s all they have and this means that a fairly good deal with Syria is a bad deal for Kurdistan. damned if they do, damned if they don’t. I wonder for how long the Kurdish grip on trans-Euphrates Syria can last?

uncle tungsten

What are the Russians doing permitting turkish jets to invade Syrian air space and bomb Syrian people? The kurds are Syrian people or has Syria agreed to Kurdish succession and partition? At this rate Russia will have destroyed its moral authority by weeks end.

Gabriel Hollows

Russia is not there to defend the Syrian airspace. They made it clear from day 1 that they came to kill terrorists, nothing more.


Russia was in Afrin , and had arranged a deal between the Afrin Kurds and Damascus , but the Kurds said that while they would allow Syrian flags on government buildings , but they would not allow SAA in to Afrin . So the Russians left , who could blame them .


This report claimst Turkey has a superiority in numbers for Turkey.

Based upon what, ewhat numbers does SF calculate? The 25k TFSA do not exist, that is common knowledge. How many there are, nobody knows. I would be surprised if they even reach 15k. And deployed? 3k?

TSK 20k? Sounds nice, but how many have been really deployed? 1k? No more as there are hardly any TSK on Afrin lands.


After repelling a HTS attack towards Basufan, SDF forces are now counterattacking southwards into Idlib, direction Dayr Siman, heavy fighting reported. I do not know if only HTS involved or TSK forces there too, which have some Hawks SDF can use.

If this is correct, not only all turkish attacks repelled (TFSA led by SF of TSK) but SDF now taking on their attckers. Soon an attack on Marea and Azaz?

It would be a strategic disaster for Erdogan.


But online maps show otherwise!
Lets be realistic! It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Kurds in these areas will prevail against an Airforce and modern army like turkey! You know this!
If they are going to survive, they will need to beg russia or syria! the Kurds in the main pocket of Syria have a lot to think about! Because u know that if the Kurds retreat from Raqqa, Manbij and the oil fields, all this slaughter will go away!
“hmmmmm, money or Kurds lives”!
This is the choice Kurds have to make!


In this civil war IS had several campaigns against SAA, aided by its and RU airforce and IS beat them : first SAA assault on Tabqah, Palmyra taken twice by IS.

Longer term is another matter.

Politically, this is another matter. Not for me to say what SDF should do but it seems to me Assad is trying to revert to pre 2011, which SDF will not accept.


But will the SDF send more force to Afrin, only to be bombarded by Turkish arty, how much ATGM was supplied to the SDF ?


WRONG! not a civil war! its a PROXY war! Stop telling lies!
Going by what u claim, this is merely a war within syria and we should totally ignore other players whom support and arm militants! You know damn well ISIS was formed from al-Nusra and Al-Nusra was getting arms from the FSA!
You know damn well isis is supported by countries like KSA and Qatar! And u know damn well the USA was doing nothing to ISIS before Russia even got involved!
U expose urself every time u say something!
Who do u think u are talking to? Do u think I am 15 years old and I am just finding out about this war now?
This is exactly why nobody likes u!
U bullshit!
PROXY war! Many involved!
U know this!
Civil war my ass!


Artillery bombardments and air raids if you please, strikes are what the NUM used to do.


It looks like the Turks are starting to put the hammer down. That earlier retreat from that village might have been a strategic move to suck the Kurds in. I do recall reading an article that said the Kurds were going to send reinforcements to Afrin. That might be just what the Turks want.

I feel bad for the Kurds, I really do. They are good people, but I think they made a terrible decision to get in bed with the Americans. They could have allied with Damascus and worked out a deal. Russia and Iran would have made sure that it did not come to this. Instead, they look like sacrificial pawns.

Larissa Vanderbilt

Right on. Well said..


Syria for over 5 years now, (and earlier Libya and Iraq) and now Turkey (and in near future Iran) are fighting for their existence threatened by AngloAmerican-Zionist agenda.

Kurds have never rioted in their history except for serving some colonialist Imperial force. (used to be UK/France now its US). Israel always behind everything.

Noone here can object the fact that should US/NATO had not interfered, ME would be intact and peaceful today, (I am not even going back to formation of state of Israel on Palastinian land.)

Note : I also read here that some blame Turkey for having supported ISIS (IS/ISIL) and Al Qaeda. Those friends should not forget the role and power of US/NATO and its Gladio over Turkey. Afterall all educated people know that Islamic terror and ISIS ”is” a US (Neocon) invention (started in Afghanistan by Brzezinski and Carter). US/NATO and its Gladio have strong foundation within NATO and other ally countries and they can create coups or make key position breucrats do things. However when a real threat to their Nations existence comes about, they no longer serve as puppets – due to big pressure from the Nation-State mechanism.

Efe Şengül

Im from Gaziantep, Turkey (so close to Afrin) I have too many kurd friends. We live here in peace. But PKK or YPG is doesnt want it. They want a country. I want to say again we live in peace here as a people.

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