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JUNE 2023

Turkish Military and Pro-Turkish Militants Deploy in 15 km from Strategic Syrian Town of Al-Bab

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On October 25, the Turkish military and Turkish-backed militant groups advanced furher southeast of their stronghold of Mare and seized more villages – Shahba Dam, Kassar and Tal Jayjan – from the ISIS terrorist group in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo. As result, the Ankara-led forces deployed in merely 15 km from the strategic ISIS -controlled town of Al-Bab.

If Turkey and its proxies seize Al-Bab, they will prevent any attempts of the Kurdish YPG to link up the Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Syria.

We recall, recently, Ankara temporarily suspended military operations against the Kurdish YPG stronghold of Tell Rifaat in Aleppo province due to the so-called “international reasons”.

Turkish Military and Pro-Turkish Militants Deploy in 15 km from Strategic Syrian Town of Al-Bab

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Jens Holm

It make no sense at all only to attack from the shortest distance. They could have taken Al Bab from Al Rai days ago by 2 good roads and a almost all over drivable landscape perfect for it.

This is – If it is – more like killing a person by taking fingers, toes, nose, ears a.s.o. You can even take a dick and it stil can pee.

What are the Turks telling. Well mainly they are very bad planners with second or third class infantery as support – or they have no intesions for defeating ISIS at all.


Isis it is a NATO paramilitary army, born of the left overs of blackwater and has direct roots to GLADIO, If you never hear of that google is your best friend.

So why the turks should want to kill their own people when they can unite what they take with them and … miracles of miracle, they no longer bad ISIS but, but glorious turks liberating.

Too stupid and too arrogant, to understand the trap they been leaded into.

Jens Holm

Seems like Your bird has been diving in ink and see nothing.


yes? Do you think you are in position to judge what I say and have the depth of my knowledge little kid?

who are you one of the amerkans or brits that dont even know the capital of their state?

Jens Holm

Yes I do.

It doesnt matter if I was green, had 3 legs and just had got some satelite at my túrtle shield.

Its Crap.

Seems You never left Your garden, if You have one.


ok prove it not with personal attacks on the level of a retard as you do now.

Astound me with your deeper knowledge and wisdom. Or you just another amerikkkan, who dont know his a.. from second base?

You sure sound like one.


Washington and Moscow both want ISIS to be replaced with a terror group with local rather than international ambitions and they have found it in the YPG. Like ISIS, the YPG mainly “conquer” cities that Assad cant control and maintain a working relationship with Assad and Russia to enforce their sieges. But because their ambitions are only local they only bomb cities in Turkey rather than Western capitals, making them best suited to Moscow and Washington.

Joseph Scott

Oh no, IS was designed by the US from the start to have international ambitions. Syria and Iraq are just a tiny portion of the playing field, and the US has definite uses for IS’s international aspirations.

Jens Holm


Joseph Scott

Given that you can barely type coherent English, I tend to doubt that you have insight into the US foreign policy establishment’s designs and motives sufficient to make such a judgement.

Has it occurred to you that simply saying “rubbish” or “bork” is neither insightful nor convincing, and really, nothing more than the behaviour of a disagreeable child who doesn’t actually understand the matter or have anything meaningful to say, so they just repeat themselves monotonously in vain attempt to drawn out the opposition? Grow up.

Jens Holm

Well, asked or treated as something crashe dinto mars – as You expect we are are, then I have 3 american TV channels, BBC world and as a news freak I read all I can about politics byh the free sites at Your newspapers . We also have about Trumpet and Dillery every day.

4 of my ancisters emmigrated to You less than 100 years ago and 3 did very well – 1 died of it. Therefore I have focus on all kinds of asylans as a part of me. My ancisters were from the poorest low class. Im middleclass now.

I dont pretend Im an expert, but I also have google, bing and yahoo as You.

Joseph Scott

I’m going to assume you mean Constructivism? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but modern physics (yes, physics) is increasingly coming to prove the validity of Constructivism, in unison with practically every serious wisdom tradition in human culture.

I’m not trying to pick on you further, but in all seriousness, you would communicate your ideas far more clearly if you took a little more time to double-check your spelling and sentence structures. You post here to (I assume) communicate and exchange ideas. So please, slow down, re-read your writing and touch it up before you hit the post button. I often have little or no idea what you are trying to say, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that, which tends to defeat the purpose of posting, yes?

I don’t regard the BBC, American television or American newspapers as particularly useful ways of grasping American foreign policy. The Western media has been largely a propaganda machine for over a century now (at least). The amount of glaring and deliberate factual errors one can find in practically every single paragraph typed or spoken by such luminaries as the New York Times, the Washington Post, or CNN is mind-boggling. The only decent US journalism I know of are the reports of Seymour Hersh, and the articles at TomDispatch.

If you want to understand American foreign policy, you need to look at:

1.) American history over a long period (American actions are quite consistent going back to at least the 19th Century);

2.)At position papers and theses put forward by government agencies and the think-tanks that support them, again going back at least to the mid-20th Century, to observe the long term patterns; (especially the statements of one Zbigniew Brzezinski)

3.) AND you need to look at Masonic literature and doctrine. The United States of America was founded as a Masonic country, by a group (or rather, two competing groups) of Freemasons. That’s not mere conspiracy.theory. It is easily established fact, one I am all the more aware of because my grandfather belonged to one of those very Masonic families, being descended from 16 of the 32 original signers of the Declaration of Independence. If you don’t understand Masonic goals, doctrines and techniques, then you really have no idea what the USA is up to.

You seem to have the superficial view of the USA which the government here would like you to have. Having friends in the American intelligence, law enforcement and military special operations community, let me assure you that I have seen more than enough evidence to be certain that Islamic State was created by the CIA and US State Dept., and that it’s purpose as a foreign policy tool is global in scope. If you do your research, and you can read English as well as you suggest, than you will easily find evidence of that premise.

Jens Holm

I only say bork and rubbish to pure shit or comments which hardly – correct spelled – shoud be named better than that.

I know a lot about the Blackwater scandal and who is behind them and whats proven they are from and has done.

And I am sofficient enough to make sutch judgements and Im very carefull on my use of words. I often use – semes to be, some say, thats their oppinion – I have mine. I also call myselv amateur when I am and even Nilling Nulling worth…

So whwn I write Your rubbish bork there are none of those, which I also use for my eqations – And You do understand my broken english. I come from a tourist location and speak english, but so far I have only been writing it 2,5 monts ecept for ordering by internet.

Before that I have been on many local sites since 1998 at a win95+explorer. I therefore know what Im reading and writing about and why.

I hate autistic correction as well as that kind of construtuism You represent. Its monkey some fools has given new clothe. Well some of the autists are excused.

Jens Holm


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