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Turkish Military Aircraft Made First Direct Flight To Libya’s Al-Watiya Air Base

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On July 16, a Turkish C-130E Hercules military transport aircraft landed in al-Watiya Air Base, marking the first direct flight from Turkey to the western Libyan base.

The C-130E, which belong to the 222nd Squadron of the Turkish Air Forces’ Air Logistical Command took off from the military section of Konya Airport in northern Turkey. The aircraft landed in al-Watiya in the morning.

A day later, a second Turkish military transport aircraft, also a C-130E, landed in al-Watiya Air Base. The aircraft followed exactly the  same path as the first one.

The Turkish military has been working to restore al-Watiya Air Base since last May, when it was captured by forces loyal to the Government of National Accord from the Libyan National Army. The base sustained damage in the battle.

Earlier this month, a series of pinpoint airstrikes destroyed a Turkish air-defense and electronic warfare systems which were recently deployed in the air base.

Turkey is reportedly working to turn al-Watiya into a permanent base for its troops in Libya. This may mean that Ankara is planning to deploy fighter jets and more military equipment at the base.

It remains unclear if al-Watiya can, as for now, host fighter jets. C-130 were designed to take off and land in unprepared runways. Fighter jets, like Turkey’s F-16s, can’t do this. The air base will likely need much more work to host such warplanes.


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The Egyptian bitch is one a Ziocorporate leash and subject to cuts in US “aid” if they piss the US’ favorite sultan off too much. Even tiny Syria, which can shoot down ISISraeli F16s, has helped Libya more.

Peter Jennings

The LNA must be watching and waiting and licking their lips.

Icarus Tanović

Wannabe Sultan is biting too much. Not good for him.

Brother Ma

I hope France ,Egypt and GrecoCyprus and Haftar know what they are doing. It seems to me Russia has allowed the Turks to buildup whilst prwtending to be against it. Now that it is fait accompli , Russia can sit back and watch the allies fail? Either that or Russia is leading Turkey into a trap.

My take? Russia doesn’t care are as it already has secret deals with all of them that they will get a share of the loot. Good for Russia but bad for Libya and me. I want Turkey broken!


I have a question: why the turks don’t fly directly over the earea of the pseudo maritime deal with the Libyan pretend government? ? I look forward to September…….


i had the same thought…they are a bunch of chickenshiets obviusly!

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