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JUNE 2021

Turkish Military: 394 ‘Terrorists’ Neutralized Under Operation Olive Branch

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Turkish Military: 394 'Terrorists' Neutralized Under Operation Olive Branch

Members of the Free Syrian Army involved in Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

At least 394 ‘terrorists’ have been neutralized since the beginning of Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin region, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) said in a statement on January 27.

According to the statement, members of the YPG, the PKK and even “Daesh” [ISIS] have been killed. However, the fact is that ISIS is not present in the Afrin area now.

The TAF added that its forces have so far destroyed 340 targets, including weapon depots and strong points, belonging to the YPG and its allies in Afrin.

“The only things being targeted are terrorists, and any shelters, pits, weapons, vehicles, and equipment that belong to them,” the statement said adding that the operation is “successfully continuing as planned”.

According to the TAF, 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and 30 were wounded during the operation.

The TAF and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army launched a military opeartion against Kurdish forces in the Afrin area on January 20. The formal purpose of the operation is to secure the southern Turkish border from the terrorist threat.

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Rüdiger Preiss

They make up ISIS only to justify their illegal invasion


Are these Ahrar- al Sham? Looks like real terrorists with the one finger-signal.

Paulo Sigillo

FSA are terrorists supported by Turkey.

You can call me Al

In my view, it could represent any of the vermin. The FSA is just a name, a clever one at that – as obviously the “Free Syrian Army” portrays the goodies.


Have a look at this – https://www.libertarianinstitute.org/foreign-policy/no-fsa-al-qaeda/

(PS I shall copy it to 1eeripsa)

Richard M

Rabid beasts partly tamed by Ottoman feeding and training.

Deo Cass

How very impressive! And they did not get an inch of Afrin! What a sham! I repeat, this is simply Holywood drama. The true objective is to confront the Syrian government forces in Idleb.

You can call me Al

I was reading (maybe on SF), that the plan now is for the vermin, to extend the so called Israeli safe zone – so they will start going down the west of Syria; whether true or not, I do not know.

Deo Cass

Where is video evidence of the casualties with names of those who were killed or who died. The Syrian government always publishes the names of the terrorists it kills and of ts fallen heroes. Where is such confirmation from the Kurds or the Turks?


YPG publishes their fallen daily (ANF and others)

ANF and ANHA have also published id cards of fallen opponents. They also indicated many ID’s were missing and often TSK and TFSA take their dead along.

We know TSK is lying because the YPG has captured more bodies of turks then the turks claim to have lost.


You can follow Turkey’s chief of staff twitter account. Fallen Turkish soldier’s names, where they died, when they died etc. are all published there within the hours the soldier is fallen.


When the terrorist commanders in HTS, FSA, ISIS, SDF, YPG etc knew this that Syrian war is actually Zionist terror network dirty and evil plot against Syrian nation, so then they start fight against other terrorist commanders to neutralize them or simply they run away from their terror groups..

Richard M

Free Salafist Army and Terrorist Allied Forces need to be expelled from Syrian land!


In Syria thousands of citizens missing each year. The Zionist terror network kidnapping them from the Syrian streets and then smuggle them to different terror groups to utilize them in terror activities like suicide explosions and attacking Syrian civilians and army.


The Zionists in US army telling to Kurds to divide your country and separate from your nation. So Kurds should think that who will get benefit of this division, of course the enemies of Syria. Because the unity is strength and the division is a weakness.
UK and US are multi ethnic nations. Each ethnic group live in separate state but they want to live together. If all Syrians live together united then Turkey, Israel and US cannot destabilize or cannot make Syrian nation slave.

Anthony Paul Mapes

I agree somewhat Rob, however uk is different to the US in that we are not different ethnicitys but that of cultural differences. Where as US u rightly point out ethnic cohesion is somewhat paramount!
I’m basing this of demographics and country history and not off migration though, but as I said I agree in what your saying…!


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It is always a source of wry amusement to read the propaganda spitted out by Turkey.

Meanwhile, lossess at all side are rising, the most at the side of the TFSA, the walking beards.

Interviews by reporters in Turkey with the TFSA paint a totally demoralised group of people, seeing Turkey as their last chance to have a meaning within Syria, feeling they had already lost the war.

For how long will they stand?

Pave Way IV

With or without Turkish Captagon?





Real Anti-Racist Action

If Turkey can even just eliminate 30,000 of these terrorist, then when the Syrian government moves to place all of Syria back under one single government, the Kurd’s will have less resistance and be unable to kill any more SAA.
Kurd’s have been responsible for killed SAA troops for decades.
This is positive news in every direction. This is why Russia allows it. Kurd’s are products of Mossad and Mi6 and later on CIA.

Rum Anatolia

AKP ISIS Turkey … you can call it FSA


The Kurd better wise up.. The Turk as are getting in on this ‘live training’ and don’t care how many are going to die on the Turk side.. The Turks are getting jealous of the accomplishments that the SAA has achieved and the Americans are letting the Turks get in on the action.. Sick war.. it is getting just like Afghanistan (for the Americans and their allies).

Phil McDonald

Erdogan must be proud of his ISIS/Turkish military success against women and children.

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