Turkish Military: 394 ‘Terrorists’ Neutralized Under Operation Olive Branch


Turkish Military: 394 'Terrorists' Neutralized Under Operation Olive Branch

Members of the Free Syrian Army involved in Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

At least 394 ‘terrorists’ have been neutralized since the beginning of Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin region, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) said in a statement on January 27.

According to the statement, members of the YPG, the PKK and even “Daesh” [ISIS] have been killed. However, the fact is that ISIS is not present in the Afrin area now.

The TAF added that its forces have so far destroyed 340 targets, including weapon depots and strong points, belonging to the YPG and its allies in Afrin.

“The only things being targeted are terrorists, and any shelters, pits, weapons, vehicles, and equipment that belong to them,” the statement said adding that the operation is “successfully continuing as planned”.

According to the TAF, 3 Turkish soldiers were killed and 30 were wounded during the operation.

The TAF and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army launched a military opeartion against Kurdish forces in the Afrin area on January 20. The formal purpose of the operation is to secure the southern Turkish border from the terrorist threat.



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