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Turkish Military: 2,814 ‘Terrorists’ Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch

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Turkish Military: 2,814 'Terrorists' Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch

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On February 28, the Turkish General Staff released a statement claiming that a total of 2,814 ‘terrorists’ have been neutralized since the start of Ankara’s Operation Olive Branch in the Syrian area of Afrin. The military still continues to argue that some mysterious ISIS members were among the neutralized ‘terrorists’.

Meanwhile, intense fighting continued between Turkey-led forces and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) across the area of Afrin.

On February 27, the YPG repelled few attacks by the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). Since then, the FSA and the TAF have been preparing for a new push in Afrin.

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Given the report of yesterday, 2084 neutralized “terrorists” in Afrin, this would mean some 800 “neutralized” in one day.

Totally unbelievable, even more so as the report says there was little fighting in Afrin yesterday.

The glowing reports of how many villages are “taken” is nice propaganda but is, in a way, fake news. The invaders control some villages, one “town” (a larger village) but they are not “in control” of the taken lands. Almost every day there are reports of tanks destroyed (and on u tube too) in the Bulbul area, behind the jihadi lines. So are they in control?

John Whitehot

Agreed. Turkey is really exaggerating the kurdish losses.

The problem in this war is that civilians and “terrorists” casualties are constantly being reshuffled on the basis of propaganda needs.

The jihadists have always tried to pass their losses as civilians and came up with numbers that are beyond unbeleiavable.

I suspect that the larger part of the 2000+ kurds killed are civilians, otherwise the advances made by Turkey would be relatively unimportant.

in regards to destroyed tanks, that doesn’t really mean much. Ambush teams with atgms can quickly move and infiltrate territory controlled by jihadists, destroy a tank and retreat. Militarly though, that does not change much – Turkey has enough replacement to keep up with such losses indefinitely.

Basically, an old T-72 controlled by rebels is a much graver loss than a Turkish Leopard-2, as irregulars cannot replace their hardware promptly if ever.


Rebels here are not, as far as I know, using T72’s in Afrin.

Tanks used are Leopard2 and the upgraded (by Israel) M60. Together Turkey has some 600 Leopard 2’s and upgraded M60’ies.

That is not an unlimited supply. As Turkey lost some 40 L2 against IS near Al Bab and now some 30 to 40 of those against SDF (rest is APC’s etc), Turkey lost over 10% of its crack tank forces, not counting those in repairs or maintenance. Given that Turkey will never deploy all of its crack tanks forces against tiny Afrin and put those at say 50%, Turkey indeed does not have an unlimited supply of crack tank forces. and may already have lost over a quarter of those deployable in Afrin.

Imo the answer to all of this will become visible if Turkey starts to deploy older tanks in Afrin in the next month or two.

If that happens, one can say that there will not be an incursion into Manbij because of lack of crack tank units unless Turkey has to be willing to go all out and deplete its reserves elsewhere.


Where did you get your numbers ?
May be you should read more serious analysis before coming up with imaginery numbers to support your thesis.


Mehmet Karaca

You are just dreaming, begging your hope become true or you have been in delusion from the very beginning of this campaign. Do you think YPG is an army of avengers? Who are they? They already gave away what they are made of in ‘trench battles’ in Turkey two years ago. They are good at hit and run, they may inflict some casualties but that is all. They were preparing this battle for 5 years and result? They lost their mountains, high grounds and bunkers – some of them connected with 50 km of tunnels- in just one month, TAF lost one tank so far.

Who is saying 30-40 tanks have been destroyed by YPG? Is there any reliable source? Where did you get those numbers? This is not Saudi army, and terrain is not Yemen where tank battle is possible. I havent respond your comments so far but these lies are too much.

John Whitehot


it was an example.

the word “rebel” was generalized as in “not regular military”.

if you have 10 T-55, and no way to replace them, and solomon has 100 Leopards 2 and other 1000 in reserve, the loss of 1 of your t-55s is much graver than the loss of 10 of solomons leo-2s. get it now?


Yesterday there were informations (almadans) that the kurds recovered a city.


It says 2184, not 2814 in the offical TSK website.

You can call me Al

and ?…….


And what?

You can call me Al

Maybe I owe you an apology on this one. I have no idea why I wrote that.


Since you didn’t insulted me like other brain deads or rude retards, no neet to apologize, dude!
It’s kinda weird to see polite people though.


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Now Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan could open their military bases in Jordan, Syria and Palestine and could arm and train Jordanian, Syrian and Palestinian army. They have not helped Jordanians, Syrians and Palestinians at the beginning to save their countries from Israeli migrants and this was a big mistake.
Still they can open their military bases in Jordan, Syria and in Palestine if they want to protect their brother country from further human and land loses. Please don’t let US and Israeli brutal regimes to slaughter Syrians, Palestinians and occupy more Syrian and Palestinian land.


Southfront is really losing it. Last 2 weeks is filled with misstatements, false informations and obivious weird propaganda news. Offcial TAF statement said 2.184 terrorists, not 2.814.

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