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Turkish MANPADs Don’t Help. Syrian Army Liberates Entire Westen Aleppo

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Turkish MANPADs Don't Help. Syrian Army Liberates Entire Westen Aleppo

Syrian government forces have cleared the entire western countryside of Aleppo city of members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other Turkish-backed armed groups.

During the past week, the Syrian Army and its allies cleared up to 300km2 delivering a devastating blow to members of Idlib armed groups despite the fierce Turkish support to them and even the direct participation of Turkish forces in clashes. On February 15, the Syrian Army opened a new front in western Aleppo attacking Turkish-led forces from the both southern and northern directions. By the evening of February 16, the entire western countryside of Aleppo was captured by pro-government forces. Idlib armed groups demonstrated no real resistance to pro-government forces.

During the past months, Turkey supplied them with lots of military equipment and weapons, including MANPADs. Members of Turkish-backed armed groups even shot down 2 Syrian helicopters, but this appeared to be not enough to stop the advance of the Syrian Army.

According to pro-government sources, at least 60 members of Idlib militant groups were killed and up to 10 pieces of military equipment were destroyed in recent clashes in southeastern Idlib and western Aleppo.

According to the Russian side, the Turkish Armed Forces recently deployed 70 battle tanks, 200 armored vehicles and 80 howitzers in Greater Idlib. A large part of Turkish-deployed military equipment appears in the hands of Idlib radicals. Russian media reported that at least 20 Turkish-supplied vehicles had been destroyed.

The major setbacks in eastern Idlib and western Aleppo forces militant supporters to invent some victories in the media sphere.

Syrian opposition activists claimed on February 14 that a drone attack had targeted the Russian Hmeimim Air Base in Syria killing several generals of the Russian Armed Forces. The opposition sources provided no photo or video evidence to confirm these claims. However, names of the supposed Russian casualties promoted by various sources correspond with Russian historic personalities and even cinema actors. The most fierce supporters of Idlib groups even claimed that the UAV attack on Hmeimim destroyed an S-400 air defense system.

The Syrian Army advance in Greater Idlib comes amid multiple condemnations by NATO member states. If the military bloc really wants to change the situation in the region, it should consider using Article 5 to protect its Al Qaeda allies in Greater Idlib. If not, it always can claim that the defeat of terrorists in Idlib is a humanitarian catastrophe and impose more sanctions on Syria and its allies.

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Joe Doe

SAA should continue to push West and South, while militans on the run. This will save SAA lives and military hardware.

Boris Kazlov

Russia should engage more forcefully, NATO opposition is a given to be expected. There is a Duma resolution approving use of force.


I hope the Russians have started preparing military assets in the Caucasus region. I suspect Turkey will attack the SAA in Idlib and possibly theater-wide unless it looks like Russia is ready to throw down.


uhuh the paranoia scenario! the turkey coward!!

Oscar Silva Martinez

At this point of the war The U.S., France, England, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia would have to try something much more dramatic than relying on a bunch of incompetent terrorists to defeat the SAA and its allies. If they really want to take down Assad they would need to launch a full invasion with their regular armies or at least massive air and missile strikes on Damascus, and such things are highly unlikely today. There’s no other way for them to remove President Assad from power, NO WAY!!!

Assad total victory is close!

Long live the brave SAA and its allies


NOt yet, Syria needs to recover Turkey stolen land, Kurds stolen land, USA steal stolen land, and Israel stolen land from Syria. Long way to go my friend…..long way.

jhon malakiat

the main objective syrian war created by the west is to topple Bashar Assad.

and that is completely failed.

the rest story is Assad and Syrian people have responsibility to recapture syria land from turk/kurd/USA.

And i believe, sooner or later, the day will come.


erdogan may be crazy but he is not stupid, he tried, russia called his bluff and showed bigger balls, nobody wants to fight ww3 over a bunch of cavemen, especially nato, assad gets aleppo, erdogan gets fresh hts canonfodder to send after the kurds and to libya, its far from perfect but it will do.


TSK needs to enter a direct war against the SAA, that’s the only way to stop their advance and turn the tide in favour of the Turkish forces. I don’t know what Erdogan is waiting for.

Tim Williams

Syria and Russia have a mutual defense agreement … Turkey is on it’s own


Turkey has USA-Israel-NATO support. It is not alone and it is not acting by itself.

jhon malakiat

turkey skin is not like Europe people.

Turkey alone no doubt.


But the turkish forces are way too busy cock twisting. No offense to the good turks

Ricky Miller

He might be concerned about it being too late. He might be concerned about losing gas transit fees, and cheaper gas supplies from Russia. He might be concerned about another Russian tourist and agriculture ban and losing the second S-400 unit. There’s an atomic reactor he might want finished. Oh, and Russia has armed advisors and special operations soldiers all along the Syrian lines. If Turkish forces kill any of them his troops could face a storm of Russian bombs and missiles. Russia could go as far as sinking Turkey’s Libya flotillas as well as destroying Turkey’s illegal gas drilling operations in Cypriot waters. Literally, two of Russia’s nuclear attack submarines could sink half of Turkey’s Navy. Escalation would be dangerous for everyone but it might be most costly for Turkey.

Raptar Driver

Article 5?

Ricky Miller

Half of NATO despises President Erdogan. And key states such as France and Italy are quite unhappy with his Libya intervention, including transporting jihadists as soldiers. Russian military acts against Turkey would need to take place after Turkey attacks Russian service personnel inside Syria. As long as the fighting takes place in Syria or on the high seas Article 5 would likely be laughed off by most of the alliance and they’d have a leg to stand on.

Raptar Driver

Youre post is logical but is NATO?

Semper Prudens

What Article 5? It can be activated only when a NATO member is attacked. Not when it commits aggression and gets beaten on territory of another country which it occupied illegally. Do you really believe that Greece (a NATO member) would vote that Turkey is attacked and that it should be defended? Of course it would not. And without a consensus, no decision can be made.

David Parker

Could sink half of Turkey’s navy? The Russian could launch from Russia and sink all of Turkey’s navy.

The Man

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The Turkish fascists are a serious threat to their neighbours. Remember, they killed more than a million Armenians. They would kill a million or ten million Syrians in a minute … and they would hail and dance and be proud of themselves. God save those poor souls! Peace:)

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Nobody is going to war for your shitty, selfish goddamn dictator and his insane dreams – certainly not the US or Europe. Erdogan is off his fuckin’ rocker. Americans know it. I’m an American born and raised. Americans know Erdogan supports bat shit crazy nuts. Americans hate US media and are realizing it is oligarch owned propaganda that lies about how evil and repressive Israel has become and about the war in Syria.

Turkey is now by itself. Americans will not spill one ounce of blood for Turkey or Israel.

Good fuckin’ luck, sucker. You’re going to need it.


Why do you even think we need you to fight for us? Have you ever heard any Israeli leader saying “Please U.S send us your troops we need your help?” No you haven’t. What we do need from the U.S is the political supprt in the UNSC when we go to a war, and this time, there will be no mercy. One thing you need to know about us Israelis is that we fight ourselves and die for our country, and if we need to flatten entire villages or cities to stop rocket attacks then so be it. Just watch Gaza soon, they will die like roaches.


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Then come and face us.


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The Man

Ha ha… so funny… we’ve seen pictures of your Yid soldiers PISSING themselves, they wear nappies for God’s sake, and there are many instances of you Yid soldiers shitting yourselves… ha ha… BTW, all the wars fought in the ME are for the sake of you Yids because you control the Yankee regime. When the Yankee bitches don’t do as you say, you just do another US Liberty false-flag-attack or another 911-type thing. SCUM!

David Parker

What a joke you are! The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes his victim. You are all about lies, complicity, manipulation, blackmail, every evil. 9/11 was a MOSSAD operation, the US deep state, currency printers, mass media, the holohoax, the murder of James Forrestal and JFK, the cries of despair that Iraq, Syria, Iran are working to develop nuclear weapons of which Israel already had developed some 200, all speak to your culture of lies and deceit. Jesus said it well – you are of your father the devil. Martin Luther had your number too, his book title is The Jews and Their Lies and the cultural and religious character has not changed in the last 500 years. The ghettos were to protect the people from you and were locked at night for that purpose.

Lazy Gamer

Turkey’s other main concern are the refugees and the Kurds. If he can achieve those, then that can be used to save face domestically. If Russia can think of creative, acceptable ways to give them that, then good. He might abandon Idlib altogether and make a U turn.


Time has come for the beheadier’s company to lance the next PR-gag to bring up a new cease fire. As always in the past when they were run out of air, energy, motivation and weapons…but hopefully the Syrians will not step into such traps but go on to beat the scum out of their country.

Tim Williams

Meeting in MOSCOW today … Russia says NYET to ceasefire …

Tim Williams

IDLIB has been the largest safe haven for AL QAEDA since 9/11


Brett McGurk former US envoy


al qaeda’s safest heaven was actually afghanistan and pakistan and only lately have the group migrated to other hot spots on directions of cia and mossad. have no doubt about it.

The Man

The only MANPADs the Turds and their proxy scum are good at using are the MANPADs they wear when they shit themselves… similar to those nappies that the Yid soldiers wear when they are faced with stone-throwing Palestinians or when the Gazans fire rockets at them. Stick to those types of MANPADs you Turkish Turd scum.

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