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JULY 2022

Turkish Leopard Batte Tanks Shell Syrian Army Near Ras Al-Ayn (Video)

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On October 29, clashes between the Syrian Army and Turkish-backed forces were reported in the village of Tal Al-Hawa, located around the town of Ras al-Ayn in northeastern Syria.

According to pro-militant sources, up to 20 army troops were killed or detained in the clashes. However, the video from the group shows only 2 Syrian soldiers captured.

Videos released by pro-Turkish sources also showed at least one Turkish Leopard battle tank participating in the fighting.


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Toronto Tonto

Not much has changed in that area of the world in a thousand years , except they have guns now. EH


Fuck off solomon kupek.

Jens Holm

He is right in that, but forget its like that in to may parts of the world.


Come on solomon kupek time to drop the canuck act.

Toronto Tonto

Born in st joes on the lakeshore in TO . ok Ivan

John Wallace

Should have been a couple of hundred meters south then you would have a better understanding of Bin Laden and Abu no more.

Concrete Mike

Said no one ever. Did your handler type that out for you??

Concrete Mike

Racist prick, uneducated shithead.

World Wisdom

pro turkish subhuman terrorists shall be all killed!

klove and light

PUTIN u fucking Zionist pig treacherous son of a bitch……

great fucking Agreement with jihadi erdogan………..great fucking Agreement…here and in Idlib…protecting and helping the Advance of the sunni Zionist controlled thugs…….


Your a fucking Zionist pig Israeli troll fucker. Shows anybody can imitate whatever you post you stupid animal.

Jens Holm

Haha. You copy Yourself a lot and a lot never is, beacause You are filled with not tabu and threats against You.

Jens Holm

Pigs and we antime prefare pigs from some like You.

Pepe Little Sudiar

su-34 work needed


Turkish backed forces are comprised of islamists, jihadis, former HTS and IS and anti Assad forces in general. Them opening fire on SAA is only to be expected. So SAA and SDF together need to take them out.

Concrete Mike

No SDF, you had your chance.

Disband and join the 5th assault corps.

That way, united ,we can exterminate jihadi scum that is sponsored by the same people that sponsor SDF., come on wake up dude!

Your spin is not working, give it up already, reconciliation is the only way, otherwise , regular syrian citizens will suffer more, for sweet fuck all.

klove and light

and where are the Zionist brainwashed Donkeys today…..and start fucking EXPLAINING the “mistakes” or mysterious “Actions” of your beloved Zionist pig PUTIN………

so Agreements are made….. and beiing broken the day they are signed……be it the bs “descalation” Zone bs in Idlib….be it the dozens+ ceasefires in Idlib…….be it the green lighht by Putin for the Invasion and occupation of AFRIN by TAF and ist proxies…..the Invasion and occupation by TAF of Idlib by Agreement with PUTIN…..and now the nail in the coffin… letting Turkey invade and occupy the North and n.east of a Sovereign Nation , SYRIA under AGREEMENT between Putin and erdogan….and even this Agreement was and is broken from day 1…….

now u moronic Donkeys….there are only 2 explanations

1. Putin is plain and simple stupid and “just” made baddddd strategic decisions..

2. he is part of the Agenda to weaken the resistance……

putinnnn u Zionist treacherous pig. typical Zionist Modus Operandi……..treacherous


The monkey brains post yet again like a broken record, the sure hire idiots like you in mossad.

Toronto Tonto

He is right putin is an idiot .


Hey solomon kupek how is bibi doing forming a government, get over you lost Syria.


Come on solomon kupek drop the canuck act.


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John Wallace

Ah , so it wasn’t the mouth sores that has kept him away afterall. , or maybe both . I wonder if the chicken is still alive …, of course it is , he isn’t that big.


I hope he didn’t treat it badly.

John Wallace

Well he wouldn’t would he . He knows it would squawk on him having learnt from the pig squealing on him.

John Wallace

Oh dear , looks like someone has upset the chicken ,ucker as it has come back after hours and downvoted us all. A sure sign of success when it can’t even come back with anything to say. Mind you whatever it does say is always mindless anyway.


Got nothing to say Israeli monkey.

klove and light

i have warned the donks About the direct confrontation between Turkey and SAA……it is Happening now, and will only intensify.Turkey is a NATO member ……..and when the NATO article goes into affect, all SAA troops over the river in the east will have just US airpower above them, tAF troops to the North and US troops in the south………

to the spot i was correct u morons……….everybody…SAA, hezbollah etc,.. tried to avoid a direct confrontation with NATO…….and i warned u morrons all the day when u Donkeys all celebrated the turkish Invasion of afrin and ist occupation……a Invassion which was only possible witht he direct standdown and green light of Putin and russian Forces in the North…..i warned u Dummies..Zionist brainwashed Dummies….but it went on….the so called “deescalaation” Agreement bewteen Putin and erdogan for the sunni Terrorist infected Idlib area……PUTIN gives erdogan the green light to invade Idlib and build 12 Military bases there, knowing full well, that erdogan is the number 1 Sponsor of terrorism in syria, be it Isis or al-nusra or other Groups…all Friends with Turkey and ist security apparatus….and 99% of all Isis oil sold thropugh Turkey to ISRAEL. now after the deescaltion bs agreemenst which were broken on day 1 by TURKEYS side and ever since has not been implemented(months ago- Turkey supposed to fight terrorism in Idlib hahaha) PUTIn that treacherous Zionist pig, gave Turkey the green light to invade some more of a foreign Sovereign Nation and even gives them per Agreement part of that area INDEFINETLY…….now turkish armed Forces are Standing HEAD ON opposite the SAA Forces, something that anybody who calls himself a friend of syria tried to avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well Putin that treaCHEOUS ZIONIST PIG MADE IT happen.

Putin u trecaherous Zionist pig…and fuck all Zionist brainwashed Donkeys…

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews

Alberto Garza

i dont think nato will get involved in this because they are not invading turkey .


You need to stay calm clove. AND STOP RAVING LIKE A LUNATIC ! :0


NATO is a defensive alliance. That’s why NATO didn’t support Turk invasion of Cyprus. In Gulf War 1 Turks did not allow NATO to strike Iraq from Turk territory. When Reagan bombed Libya, France did not allow NATO to overfly French territory. Defensive alliance.


defensive? satire or sarcasm?


I see your point. The bombing of civilian infrastructure in Serbia was obviously aggressive. Bill Clinton is a War Criminal. For purposes of invoking assistance the alliance is defensive.


Turkey invasion to Afrin, Idlib and now north Syria was made under total agreement with USA and Russia, evidences ? They will appear sooner or later.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

russia blow these vermin to hell!!!!!!!!!

klove and light


Home Syria Turkish-backed militants launch new attack against Syrian Army Syria Turkish-backed militants launch new attack against Syrian Army By News Desk – 2019-10-29

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 P.M.) – The Turkish-backed militants launched a new attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the northwestern countryside of the Al-Hasakah Governorate. According to a military source in northwestern Al-Hasakah, the Turkish-backed militants attacked the Syrian Army’s troops around the town of Aniq Al-Hawa.

This attack by the Turkish-backed “Syrian National Army” resulted in a series of clashes that ended with the latter’s retreat after suffering a number of casualties at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army. Tuesday’s push by the Turkish-backed militants marks the fourth time in the last seven days that the latter has carried out an attack like this against the Syrian Arab Army. The Syrian Army has yet to take the offensive against the militants in Al-Hasakah, despite these constant attacks; however, should these attacks continue, it could result in the military taking the offensive against these Turkish-backed forces.

bamm what a great fantastic Agreement between Zionist pig Putin and erdogan……….-sarcasm out

Idlib 2.0 says hello!!!


source pro-djihadiste 20 killed !! ahah my eye!!


stuff like this just makes me more mad at the Kurds. Thanks to their garbage, this northern border is now populated with jihadists and the shady Turks. As if the Kurds had it so bad under Assad right?

Jens Holm

Classic stupisisme with totally memorylack of the worst uusal kind as well. How can any of the human race even write crap like this.


the Kurds are a bunch of losers. They’re lucky Russia and Assad saved them from destruction

Jens Holm

It staretd with mpre then 2 mllion refugees went to Turkey not protected and an important priority by Assads oil and gas included.

Next PYD/SDF by help outside removed ISIS and also åpartly FSA, so there only was SDFs there.

Now Assads by SDF has totally free entrence because of Turks and Russians and not Assads at all.

If SDFs has not retaken the area well helped by mainly USA and PKK in the Syrian version the Assads hardly has been in Syria any more.

Hard for me to see the SDFs are loosers. They all could be dead or refugees forever in Turkey and fx Europe. They are not.

They have taken their chances in their own kind of opportunisme and has done very well taking back that much of Syria. It never was ent, they should be something. Hard to say they has uprised and certainly not against Assads.

They have asked for own changes in a local context and modern structure, which should be implemneted in all Syria as well as in several other countries or parts of countries in many muslim cuountries. Even some countries in the socalled western hemispere and other parts too, would ave improment by that.

A main issu is trust and locals know where the local problems are and support them by their own local tax. A very good part of that is, that corruption dont let people in the centers like Damaskus eat for free as well as local corruption can be controled and one county/caounty/vilayet going bad only keep the rest intact.

Concrete Mike

Bullshit if sdf would not have been there , SAA could have liberated all their land and the war would probably be over. This SDF deal should have been resolved in 2017, instead SDF was too busy sucking saudi balls.

Now look at what happenned, SDF refused to make a deal with the SAA, and now the turks and their little hyenas are swarming in. All because SDF cant reconcile.

You should be thankful of how merciful the Assad government has been with SDF, instead you spit at them every chance you get, no better than these al nusrah punks you claim sdf fight so well against.


In all fairness, SDF was fighting for NE Syria long before SAA had a presence along the Euphrates. Syria had no support to offer them, their priorities where in the SW. SDF helped to weaken ISIS, this helped SAA to liberate Deir Ezzor garrison.

Jens Holm

Yes, there was a wide free zone all the way from Jarablus, Al Bab est of Assad lake to Palmyra apart from DEZ and Hasaka incl. Tabqa and Tabqa airport and Capitol Raqqa.

In Geografy many here reminds me about Charlie Chapling having the whole earth as their possetion and private property playing Hitler.

Jens Holm

SAA never would have arrived as You say. Assads only are there, because SDFs has killed so many from ISIS by a wide front and taken a lot of terrain and possible supply.

I allow me to say, that Assads wasnt in Syria without the help by SDFs and the heavy stuff support from the outside.

SAA refused to make any deal with YPG in Afrin but demanded they should take over almost day by day. Those YPG didnt fight agains Assads but the enemies of them and Assad. Many has died for that too.

Assads didnt reach Al Bab at all. YPG took land by hard fightings there having no support from USA as well as Assads didnt shoot a single artillety shot to help them. Assad came there covered behind the Kurds as slow primitive rookies hoping many kurds were killed for it.

“You should be thankful of how merciful the Assad government has been” does it. Little midget dwarfs like Your kind should decide nothing in the whole world and are above none.

We see the same among our dirty little refugee children here. They learn they are above their sisters and dont have to listen to female teachers and cant work under female leadership as well. Syrian refugees also has hard overcrime.

So here You are low and if anything we should be mercifull and repatriate You for another kind of Syria being less dark and infected from top to bottom.


i’ve never seen a group make as consistently poor political decisions as the Kurds have. They’ve allowed themselves to be used and dropped several times now by the US. Israel does the same to the Kurds in Iraq. They listen to fake promises that anyone can see is nonsense. The US was never going to support their independence. They’d have lost Turkey as a NATO ally. The Turks are awful, but seeing as how it’s the second largest NATO force, has a huge airbase in a very important location, and hosts US nukes, there was no way they’d have picked the Kurds. That’s not to say the Kurds aren’t brave warriors. But an independent country on the border with Turkey given that the PKK is right there, no way. Anyone can see they were getting played. Same in Iraq. Assad was always fair with them and has shown a lot of patience. Now, no one gets the oil. Exxon gets it. The Kurds didn’t get their independence. Thanks to them half of Syria will have a hard time heating their homes in the winter. You can never rely on Washington, and this is coming from an American.

Jens Holm

Well, if someone like ISIS to my part of my country, I probatly would be very positive to remove them too.

The bad choises for decades has been made by Assads and the Baathist, so You comment a result in stead of the snake in the paradise.

Hardly none could see Trump give up SDFs and even they have made some big mistakes, I think they have been doing fine and many others has behaved and behaves bad against them.

One important matter is, that they actually has showed, they have changed or hardly ever has been as they are acuused for. SDF also today has a majority of non kurds and sekularisme is accepted as a new fact.

Kurds alo have showed, that Assads and Jihadists are not the only way to go even Assads has kept all Syrians in a dark given only the choise being Assads or Jihadisme.


………….you do it ALL the time.

Jens Holm

Hardly. Kurds and SDF has been trying i a nopportunistic way to make improvements for themselves. Assads has not helped them.

Assads left because they were not important. SDF kurds with help liberated themselves and they should have a chance to show the area, that even poor, poor people can devellop, if they get good local structures and decide themselves in a democratic way.

Wolfgang Wolf

could be his last salvo…. bring in some newest version of the KORNET ATGM and this german tank is toast… from a distance of 8-10km…..


I think the SAA could not optimally fight the Turks as long as they had “untrustworthy troops” behind them (SDF). They could be fire in the husk if one day they saw SAA weak, they would use that opportunity, an independent Kurdish state was still in their minds. Dismantle the SDF first, merge them into SAA, then SAA can focus against Turkey.

Joseph Scott

The SDC have never sought an independent state. You all repeat that, but it has never been true.


Really? Tell us … What do you think their true purpose is? They formed their own army and set up their own government in the north east of Syria without permission from the legal government of Syria? They even invited other countries without respecting the legal laws of Syria, and they took control of the Syria oil fields openly and prevented the Syrians from taking it back. Is it for fun? Anyone with a normal brain can see that it’s wrong! This is not about hating Kurdish tribes, but they must realize that they live in a sovereign Syria country, they are Syria citizens not “Kurdistan” states! Be a good citizen and all will be well.

Joseph Scott

Do you remember when IS was swarming all over NE Syria and the Syrian government couldn’t do anything about it? They took weapons from NATO because they were the only people willing to give them any to defend themselves. Wrong? What, wanting not to be killed or enslaved by IS? Would they be better citizens in your estimation of they had just rolled over and died?

They have never proclaimed or demanded an independent country. They have negotiated with Syria from the beginning. What they have asked for is 1.) a new, secular constitution that guarantees equal rights for all citizens. 2.) a new, secular legal system that removes all the archaic Islamic codes that some of the rustic country people where they live still practice, such as legal child marriages. 3.) maximum autonomy at the local level for local affairs, such as the ability for a village to conduct business in the language of it’s choice. That’s it.

They’ve never attacked the actual SAA, either. They have gotten into skirmishers with NDF units, over local issues such as those archaic religious codes. And that, as the US State Department officials admits, was why they got thrown under the bus by the US. the US did indeed wanted them to be useful proxies and try to overthrow Assad like all their ‘moderate’ jihadists, but they wouldn’t.

And now, they are fighting beside the SAA against the Turkish invasion when no one else will.

Hide Behind

For all the hype of Russias military prowess, admittedly they got into Syria on the cheap as far as manpower and but aided Syrian military to do heavy fighting, but in todays battlefields technology reigns and so far none of Russias vaunted high tech is saving Syrian or Iranian lives,; nor doing much for Russian troop either. While Russia purports to be able to monitor by satellite Americans arming and aiding ISIS and other terrorist move and sell Syrian oil, they cannot find terrorist tanks, armor, Toyota pickups and troop movement? There, in Theater of Operations along Turkish border, there can be little reason other than fear of offending Israel/US, Turkish and NATO occupation forces for not defending Syrian Military forces. And using jet aircraft that have damn little firepower may be safe it has been largely ineffective against terrorist troop, it has been Syrian in your face that do most of killing and dying. Todays counter insurgency warfare demands a highly mobile troop with superior armor and massive troop responce units aided by low level helicopter troop movement combined with in your F’n face devastating fire power. A retreating enemy should have no safe corridors of escape, not even by crossing some imaginary Syrian Kurds borders put in place by the enemies of your allies. In Afghanistan the US drained and strained Russian military might until it was forced to leave, abandoning ewuipment and allies including the very government that invited them into country to be destroyed by US supported groups. If it was Russian Sovereign territory being invaded, think Chechnya and places Georgia invaded, you would see full on assaults with no let ups. No letting enemy leave an area to regroup elsewhere while Generals and politico bureau chiefs get breaks to chat nicely and sit and dine with Turkey-US wines and foods or Israel’s Kosher food and drink. If Russia truly thinks it has a bigger Dick than Uncle Sam, it seems they had best chow down on Viagra to get it hard enough to measure.

Jens Holm

You try to writeabout too much in those few lines even relative well written. I agree in many parts, but You have forgotten that Russians interveined because Assads ad, what they had and by food reasons – which You also tell – are not good.

Assads hardly has improved their ground forces since Yom Kippur in 1973.

You also are correct for Tjetjenia as I read it. The Russians thought it was a walk in the park and used many second class troops, where the Russians are well known for, thse new soldiers even well equipped is no good for advanced warfare.

Russians certail got a lesson there and finally replaced with well educated “moutain troops” and by that could take the southern parts and its narrow valleys as well.

I also will add that Russians in the SDF Syria not are there because they fighted themselves in and against any terrorisme. They are there because of negosiations with Turks, Americans has left for free and SDFs has asked for help.

The main promise for Russians never has been to take back all Syria for Assad as well. The promise was to make Assads safe, get some batter base rights and some can be paid by some oil later. But things has changed by Turkish extra agressions and the very strange semi retreat by Trump. Trump dont care for much in Syria but in hi lection campaign in USApromised, that the Obama promise for an organized retreat soon would be fullfilled.

By that retreat and Ergopedia a vakuum eas made, where all are trying to fill it in for own purpose.


About promises…..Russia (Lavrov, Putin) has always repeated again and again about Syria intregral territory, no just a piece of it, this means, recovery totally of the Syria land. So, do not try to justify Russia pleasing Erdogan invasion to Syria.

Jens Holm

Thats not correct at all. It has been very visible, where Russians has bombarded and assísted on the ground and not.

Russia has given Afrin and other parts of Syria to the Turks, becauseAsads were stubbern as well as YPG.

The change is about SDF is because USA by Trump has left and a vakuum was made.

Russia has the same attitude as USA for Syria. Somehow it should be one Syria, but not one as it was.

Thats not pleasing Turkey but realisme. We wil see if Russsians somehow can clam down things there, but the constructions now seemes to be even more strange then before Turks came in there too.

Joe Dickson

This is just another extension of the Idlib front, bring the heat.


Ah well Russia plays both sides, Syrians wills suffer. It seems that the deal of Putin and Erdogan it’s finalizing smoothly.

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