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Turkish-led Forces Clashing with US-backed SDF in Northern Syria – Reports

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Turkish-led Forces Clashing with US-backed SDF in Northern Syria - Reports

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Reports have appeared that Turkish-backed militants from the Free Syrian Army (FSA), supported by Turkish artillery and tanks, engaged the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) south of the city of Jaralbus in Syria’s Aleppo province.

After seizing Jaralbus from the ISIS terrorist group, the Turkish-led forces advanced further south, taking the villges of Dashtan and Al Shamel. In turn, the SDF gained control over Mazaleh, Yussif Bay north of Amarinah.

This situation lead to clashes between the Turkish-backed groups and the SDF. Pro-kurdish sources reports that Turkish artillery and tanks are supporting the FSA units in this fighting.

Turkish-led Forces Clashing with US-backed SDF in Northern Syria - Reports

Click to see the full-size map

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Kurds are backstabbers…

Jens Holm


No wonder many kurds want their own – reading something like that again and again.

Olayinka Abdulgafar

Talk of real politik the Kurds did what they think was right for them, I mean it can be argued and rightly so that Turkey forced the Kurds into America’s lap when turkey veto the participation of the Kurds in Syria political settlement dialogues, at least give them a chance to air their view, such hardline position is unwarranted by Turkey. Let’s face it they needed to survive, though they could have sided with Assad or seek the support of Russia but Russia is not a reliable patron as she could start using them as bargaining chips with Turkey and access to weapons from Assad controlled part of Syria as been cut off by deash, so they made their choice which is to seek the patronage of Washington and Washington gets things done though always with a price. But all is not lost for them if they can reach some compromise with Assad now that there’s access between their region and Damascus, they shouldn’t shed their blood for America’s goal as they’ve seen through Joe Biden statement in Ankara today that America doesn’t care a hoot about no ally but her interest. They should shun sectarian agenda as such policy in their geopolitical location surely will only bring to them death and destruction and they will only be important for as long as they can serve as cannon fodder for big powers interest.

Jens Holm

ISIS taking half of Syria included most of the territory where they are living and 100% supported by the turks has nothing to do with being friends with USA or nat. millions are away from homes – if the homes are there. Sveral 100.000 are DEAD.

Thats were Yua take any kind of help, You can get.

To me it should never, never be even possible Assads will come back to most Syria.

Jens Holm

By the way: Very good type of map for this and much better than lines. War of today is more like that than long lne shoulder by shoulder.


The Kurdish groups only hope of peace and a homeland , is a deal with Syrian the government similar to the Iraqi government giving Kurdish autonomy within the state of Iraq. The US will only use them to fracture Syria , Turkey , and they hope Iran. Americans are great salesmen, but don’t honor the deals they have made. Assad and the Kurdish can broker a direct deal , they don’t need to go to the Swiss Alps.

Tom Johnson

US SOF will get the YPG and SDF back over the Euphrates, although it is as difficult as herding cats.

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