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Turkish-Kurdish Standoff Led To New Casualties In Iraqi Kurdistan

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Turkish-Kurdish Standoff Led To New Casualties In Iraqi Kurdistan

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The Turkish National Defense Ministry acknowledged that a Turkish soldier had been killed in northern Iraq on July 26.

A Turkish patrol convoy came under attack in the Hakurk region. According to the statement, the attack was carried out by members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The victim was identified as Sergeant Halil Çelebi.

Turkish-Kurdish Standoff Led To New Casualties In Iraqi Kurdistan

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Turkish military is suffering casualties on  a regular basis in Northern Iraq. On July 17, a Turkish military convoy came under attack while it was passing in Zilkan in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh.

A newly released video shows attack on Turkish forces in Iraqi Zap region that was carried out on July 2, reportedly claiming lives of 5 soldiers.

Kurdish attacks don’t go unpunished. In April, the Turkish military launched the joint Claw-Lightning and Claw-Thunderbolt operations against PKK cells in the Kurdistan Region.

According to the Turkish Defense Ministry, 3 PKK fighters were killed in Iraqi Kurdistan on July 26.

Moreover, on July 26, Turkish security forces claimed the elimination of the PKK’s logistical head in northern Iraq’s Hakurk region. Hakan Ateş, codenamed Serdar Pir Avesta, was killed in a joint operation with Turkish intelligence forces near the Birkim village of Hakurk in Iraq on June 22.

Hakan Ateş was active in the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDG-H), and was reportedly involved in the terror group’s activities and recruitment affairs. He was responsible for PKK’s logistics in Iraq’s Harkuk region.

Turkish-Kurdish Standoff Led To New Casualties In Iraqi Kurdistan

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The number of casualties in Turkish ranks has significantly increased in recent weeks, as the military escalation with Kurdish forces continues both in Iraqi Kurdistan and Northern Syria.


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Simon Ndiritu

‘Halil Celebi’ hoped to become a celeb but is now dead. Turkey’s goose is cooked. The Kurds seam like they are under ‘new management’ and are now effective and lethal.


the kurds aswell as the turks are still both the same losers as they always were and truely nothing has changed

Simon Ndiritu

I agree 💯. Both are all trouble makes with delusions of grandeur. However, while everyone is handling Turks with kids gloves Even as Turks steal land and support Takfiri losers, Kurds are imposing some costs on Turks. I don’t know if I sounded a little bit off but Syrian Intel can try to use Kurds to rain hell on Turks.

Icarus Tanović

It’s pornou ced as chelebi.


Anus anus up yours pezevek.

Simon Ndiritu

Thanks for that assistance bro




seems like french support works ;) poor turkonoids

Superpower China

Turks vs kurds? Turks win, Gayrab vs turk? Turks win hahaha. Dont what will happen with greek vs turk

Turkeys are being slaughtered

Over 1,000 Turkeys have been killed or wounded for the cowardly pimp Erdogan’s insane quest for a neo-Ottoman empire on the carcass of a rotten Turkey. It is not that easy to swallow Iraqi and Syrians lands.

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