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Turkish Is Ready To Discuss With US Situation In Syria If Washington Drops Support To YPG/PYD – Presidential Spokesman

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Turkish Is Ready To Discuss With US Situation In Syria If Washington Drops Support To YPG/PYD - Presidential Spokesman

Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin

On January 23, Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalin announced that Ankara will be ready to discuss “the current situation and future of Syria” if Washington drops support to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military wing – the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

“Our expectation is actually very basic, simple, clear and concrete: To end [its] support of the YPG and PYD. When this is accomplished, then we will say this is [the guarantee] from the U.S. for us. Then let’s talk about the current situation and future of Syria as well as the interests of the Syrian people,” Kalin said during a live television broadcast on CNN Turk about Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin. “Our expectation from the U.S. administration is to completely cut their support to YPG and PYD. This is a solid guarantee. This is also a necessary step [to be] taken on the ground.”

The YPG and its female branch – the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) – are the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

The official added that Ankara has no direct contact with the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Instead Ankara relies on Moscow and Tehran as mediators between it and Damascus.

“At the moment, there are two countries that have an impact on the Assad regime; one is Iran, the other is Russia. We’re going to get the results on the field. We have to do it via their mediations,” he said. “Our attitude toward Assad’s future is clear. It is not possible for someone who has been so cruel and has been [responsible] for so much bloodshed to build the future of Syria.”

Kalin further added:

“In this regard, we cannot agree with Russia and Iran. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot work with them. In Aleppo, in conflict zones, in Idlib and in other areas we have to work with them.”

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The Turkish bastard must discuss with the president of Syria (Assad) not with the USA


I think right now those are just words. Like Hamas still vowing to destroy Israel, or some old school social democrat party still talking about implementing socialism. Words that nobody expects to see become real, but have invested too much to relinquish. Fact is that Assad is not going anywhere, he is expanding his control over Syria with every day. That is a reality. The headchoppers are losing and everyone knows it. Even most of ISIS has already left for greener pastures elsewhere. The Turks still can’t admit defeat by talking to Assad directly, so they’re saving face by talking to him indirectly via his backers. He even admits it. Politics is all about such childish behavior, as its all about maintaining plausible deniability.

And of course the Turks must discuss with the yanks, after all, they’re the ones arming the Kurds, who will undoubtedly pass a large part of that weaponry on to the PKK.

northerntruthseeker .

Actually, you are partially right here… The US has been arming the PKK/YPG forces to the teeth for that force to be used against President Assad… Therefore the Turks are right in wanting the US to stop that support for a force meant for the overthrow of the Damascus government…

But yes, the Turks should also be talking to the Syrians.. But first Erdogan must give up his support for the so called “rebels” operating in Idlib Province against Assad….And Erdogan must give up on his “Assad must go” rhetoric as well…


If the US really gave weapons to the Kurds (Tanks, antiaircraft batteries, drones, heavy artillery) now the Turkish terrorists would already be destroyed…..Turks and USA actually agree to divide Syria…..And Assad understood this very well.

Daniel Castro

Had the muricans done that the kurds would have been attacked a long time ago, and in fact they are being attacked exactly because JewSA gave them too many weapons already, so they start to have ambitions of a border force with Turkey.

Yes, Dogan made an agreement long time ago to divide Syria with Israhell, but that agreement fell to the ground as they couldn’t bring Assad down, now after JewSA betrayed him he is going on his own, of course this is not good for Syria, but everyone is on this for their own interests, unfortunately Syria iss too weak to defend itself and Russia won’t risk national interests chalenging the turks.

Man Dagang

After discussion 1 bullet in Assad head to end the war


If the US were to withdraw from Syria and Iraq , would be a clear indication they have stopped backing the Kurds . Out or get out of Turkey !

northerntruthseeker .

The US has no right to be there in the first place.. They were never invited into Syria and basically their presence there is nothing more than an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation.


sadly rules, laws and norms no longer exist. It is what it is


Absolutely correct , the US best get out of Syria and Iraq , or Erdogan will toss them out of Turkey . Who would have guessed he would be helpful .


So North West Syria is Turkish. Still leaves East Syria to US and Israel.

northerntruthseeker .

Not for long… And hopefully that situation will change very soon….

John Mason

US and Turkey colluding to overthrow Assad? Starting to appear that way, US stated that any YPG involving themselves in fighting Turkey will not be supported by the US and now this statement from Turkey. A report was just recently issued stating that the SAA and Russians have moved back to Manbij and that al-Qaeda with Turkey solders are on there way there.

Daniel Castro

“The YPG and its female branch – the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)”

Stop spreading this stupid leftist propaganda joke, YPJ is a non-entity, it’s just some feminist propaganda bullshit to get support from western leftist zombies.


Thank you.That’s exactly my thought when I read this article.
As much as I searched to find out the number of YPJ members, I faced ridiculous numbers from 24,000 to even 100,000! without anything to confirm it.

Even 24,000 means it’s a freaking division (~15000) or even corp (30k-50k). Now I understand all of them may not be in a single unit, but at least we should have seen some pics from a brigade (3k-5k) or even a regiment (1k-3k) of full female members. Of course such pics do not exist.

All we can see is a few scattered women wearing camouflage, like a platoon or if you’re extremely optimistic, a company.
And let’s not forget their music videos with other countries’ flags…


Erdogan just keeps barking up the Assad tree to keep the support of his own privately established militia, the FSA. They are the spearhead for Turkey’s operation against the Kurds as well now! Poor bastard never knew how the tide would turn in the coming years! In reality, Turkey is distancing itself from US gradually. I do not believe Erdogan’s interests lie in a Syria with a different regime.

You can call me Al

WTF has the Syrian situation got to do with either Turkey or the US, apart from they are the invaders.


Bashar Assad is the most popular and loved leader arguably in modern Syrian history. He saved secular Syria from the Israel/Saudi head choppers. What Syria traitor can beat Bashar Assad in any election? NONE. The Syrian Arab Army is 90% Sunni Arab and mostly secular. Bashar Assad’s wife, Asma Al-Assad is Sunni Muslim.

Art Best

Putin himself is an anglozionist.

If not, then why would Putin and his oligarch collaborators would prop up the anglozionist regime by BACKING the anglozionist DOLLAR with Russian oil and gas, and Russian international arms sales, all of which are conducted and transacted in anglozionist dollars?

It is disingenuous to claim that the Russians are doing all that they can to stop the Americans or the Israelis under the circumstances. Putin can STOP the Israelis and the Americans without firing a single bullet let alone an S-400 rocket, simply by repudiating the DOLLAR. STOP selling valuable Russian oil and gas for anglozionist dollars. The Russians just sold Russian gas to the Americans CHEAPER than the Americans themselves produce it for, in America: http://www.fort-russ.com/2018/01/sanctions-galore-unless-we-need-you.html?m=1

The dollar is WORTHLESS and ILLEGAL according to the Constitution of the United States itself! All Putin and the Russians have to do is, cite the US Constitution and pull the plug on the economic foundation of the the anglozionist MIC by publicly acquiescing the ILLEGALITY of the FRNs a.k.a the US dollar.

NO ONE is going to fire nukes in anger to Russia for the “crime” of respecting the US Constitution, as some disingenuous trolls are suggesting!

Yes, Why does Putin keep supporting America and Israel if he’s not a zionist? Why does the Russian government give away Russian natural resources and Russian arms essentially for free (I.e. against illegal thus worthless dollars) when it can turn off the economic spigot that feeds the anglozionist Beast?

The indubitable answer is, Because Russia and Putin are controlled by Western bankers. The Russians are not in Syria to defend Syrian or Kurdish or Turkish or even RUSSIAN interests.

The Russian central bank has been owned and controlled by the City of London banking establishment since the creation of the new Russian Constitution under Yeltsin. The Russians are forbidden to issue their own currency the rouble without permission from Western bankers, and the Russians can only buy US Treasuries with the dollars they get for their oil, not gold. There are more American dollar assets than Russian rouble-denominated wealth in Russia:



Russians collaborate with the Americans, the Israelis and the Saudis. NO Israeli or American jet was ever prevented from bombing and killing Syrians. Russians sell sophisticated S-400s both to NATO member Turkey and the Saudi Arabs who recently crucified a child to death for refusing Islam.

Russia would not compromise Russian national security by selling S-400s to NATO unless Russia was in bed with America and Israel.

Even the Soviet Union effectively BACKED the American dollar with Russian oil and gas by selling them for its purported enemy’s financial means of mass extortion a.k.a the dollar, so there is nothing new under the sun.

Why is Putin selling Russian oil for dollars or other Western fiat currencies which include the euro and, yes, the yen?

It would be in ALL Russian residents’ interests to demand Russian roubles or gold in trade for Russian oil and gas. This would force buyers to sell dollars and euros in order to acquire roubles which thus had become necessary to buy Russian oil, thereby raising the value of the rouble–just like this process does the same for the dollar.

The Russian oligarchs that some are intimating their deference to, would also personally greatly benefit from the rise in value of their rouble-denominated Russian assets. Unless they were not truly RUSSIAN oligarchs, yes?

That Putin and the so-called Russian oligarchs are refusing to demand roubles or gold for Russian oil PROVES that they are traitors serving foreign interests, in view of the common knowledge facts I delineated above.

Note: My aim is to expose the fact that the ruling classes the world over are in reality co-conspirators working in tandem against the interests of their very own respective populations they rule over.





Never forget.

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