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Turkish Intelligence Services Are Involved In Karabakh War: Russia

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Turkish Intelligence Services Are Involved In Karabakh War: Russia


Turkish intelligence sergvices are involved in the events in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Sergei Naryshkin, said in an interview with Russia’s RIA Novosti.

According to Narishkin, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service “senses” this and sees “separate elements” of Turkish work.

The Russian top intelligence official also confirmed that Russia has precise data about the participation of militants from the the Middle East, primarily from Syria, in the Karabakh conflict.

Turkish Intelligence Services Are Involved In Karabakh War: Russia

Sergei Naryshkin

The Armenian-Azerbaijani war, which started on September 27 with the Azerbaijani attack on the self-proclaimed Armenian Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, has become one of the key destabilizing factors in the South Caucasus.

At the same time, Azerbaijan and Turkey continue to insist that Turkey is not involved in the conflict and there are no Turkish-backed Syrian militants in the war zone. These claims go contrary to the reality and Baku has recently even been forced to admit that Turkish F-16 warplanes are deployed at airbases in Azerbaijan.

As to Turkish proxies deployed from the Middle East, their estimated number, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is about 2,000.


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Arman Melkonyan

“JERUSALEM — Israel has lined up with Turkey, terrorists and Syrian mercenaries in backing Azerbaijan in the current conflict with Armenia, and will eventually suffer the consequence of that unholy alliance…”



Intelligence and turkish, 2 words that are not cominable in same sentence.


yes, though, Turks are busting u and many others

Mustafa Mehmet

Shut up you stupid woman doing Armenian propaganda


Mustbe painfully degrading to be azeri. Not being able to fight a bunch of
old men and teenagers whith old guns from soviet era despite azeris
having the latest state of the art weapons.
Must be even more
degrading to be turk as being a nation of +80 millions and having
unlimited resources, still not being able to fight those poor Karabakh

Even calling for jihadist terrorist from Syria and the
rest of the shithole sand dune countries have lead to anything else then
total disaster and embarrasment for the united muslim forces.
Shouting to allah will only take you all closer to him and the 70 virgin negro cocks that are waiting for you in hell.

Imagine the fear and how much those turks and azeris will shit in their pants
if Armenia would joint the war and support Karabakh.

If i was the leader of the Armenian forces, then I would order a massive attack to
all main cities for azerbaijan and turkey and bomb them back to medeval
times in one strike.
Then both Putin and EU could shout out what ever they want.

Mr T

dont worry we still kill the old and young armenian men soldiers… and we enjoy every second of it.

pay back time for pkk/asala terorists


We know you are a bunch of cockless coward pussys so its no surprise to read what you wrote.

you have still not experienced fully what ASALA is capable to accomplish.

Just remember that not one single asshole of those who were responsible for the massacres 1915 got away.
All of of them were traced and caught one by one and paid the prize.

Do you really think that a nation and people whom have survived 4000 years of attacs wiil bend heads to some shitty ignorant turkish freaks?
No, you may only consider this as break before the storm that will blow you all away.


Did your goat run away and cheat on you?

Rodney Loder

Turkey is making a big mistake, undermining their entirely proper position in Libya, this must be the Will of Allah (swt) to create a need in Islam to ascertain the true meaning of what is and abandon what isn’t.

Come to your senses Turkey Nagorno-Karabakh is an Independent State, – a message from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) as reported by my Companions in Heaven.

Random Dude

Heard Azerbaijan has intelligence sharing agreement with both Turkey and Israel. So its quiet natural to have their agencies involved. Technically their activities are within Azerbaijani territory, so no legal questions here either.

cechas vodobenikov

the ISIS/Azeri/Turk axis has so far achieved little against a poorly prepared ill equipped NK force; they can only claim to have cleansed villages in flat terrain. I suspect bombing civilians in NK will increase the resolve of NK forces in the mountains where cable systems are erected to trap the Israeli/turk drones that were effective in the flatlands

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