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Turkish Intelligence Met With HTS, NFL Commanders, Warned Them Of Nearing Syrian Army Attack – Report


Turkish Intelligence Met With HTS, NFL Commanders, Warned Them Of Nearing Syrian Army Attack -  Report

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The Turkish intelligence had warned commanders of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the National Front for Liberation (NFL) of a near large-scale attack on Greater Idlib by the Syrian military, the Xeber 24 news outlet reported on December 19.

Officers of the Turkish intelligence informed HTS and NFL commanders of the pending threat during a secret meeting, which was allegedly held in the southern Turkish province of Şanlıurfa on the border with Syria.

“Turkish intelligence officers told the factions’ commanders that their country has not reached a final agreement with Russia on Idlib, and that the factions [HTS and the NFL] should prepare to confront Syrian regime forces and its ally, Russia,” a source familiar with the meeting told Xeber 24.

According to the source, the Turkish intelligence told the commanders that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces are determined to capture eastern Idlib.

Xeber 24 claims has not been verified, yet. However, these claims are in line with many recent reports, which revealed that the SAA will soon launch a large-scale operation to reopen the M5 highway in eastern Idlib.

According to pro-government activists, the SAA may launch the operation at any given moment. Russian and Syrian warplanes are currently pounding terrorists’ positions in the region.

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  • Guna Janusevska

    I’m for peace, think about our kids!

    • Concrete Mike

      You cant negotiate peace with terrorists.

      They have plenty of time to resolve this and chose to keep fighting, they even braught their kids and family to idlib, so hts could keep fighting.

      Peace will only come once Al Nusrah is defeated .

      • Wayne Nicholson

        “Peace will only come once Al Nusrah is defeated”

        If you changed ‘defeated’ to reach their objectives or deafeated’ I would agree with you.

        The reason I say this is because when they were Al Queda their STATED objectives were the treatment of Muslims in Chechnia, Israel and India as well as to get US forces out of their holy land, Saudi Arabia.

        However by the time the US media got hold of it their objectives were reduced to “they hate our freedoms”

        “You cant negotiate peace with terrorists.”

        I know that used to be the case but apparently that changed because the USA is in talks with the Taliban as we speak. It also seem that it’s OK to arm terrorists and put them on your payroll as long as it’s accompanied by a PR makeover and name change.

    • Albert Pike

      How do you reconcile for peace, if one part wants a stoneage Califate, and next part wants to resurrect the Ottoman Empire with Dönmeh Erdo as Caliph? There is no way that there is gone be peace…

    • Andrei

      Peace will be achieved only when we will cut theirs heads the same way how they did to us and our kids I mean kids of 8 years of age ….or blow them apart or simply put 50 calibre through their heads.
      They dont deserve to breath air neither to drink water.
      They are a prehistoric evil…

    • Ronald

      Surrender in dishonor is no peace. What of the Christian women in Idlib.
      Al Qaeda killed their men and sold the women into slavery. You would have them forced to be slaves their entire lives. Think about those kids.

  • Daniel Martin

    There’s an old saying, never trust a crying cheating woman, a salesman and a Turk.

  • Hornet24

    “Dear Jihadi terrorists, just in case that you still dont see that, SAA go to “eliminate” you. Your pathetic Turkey command”

    They always laugh me :D

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    Kurdish Kommunist Party (PKK/YPG) used to say that Turkey supports those jihadist fractions.
    If that meeting is a true news, this is a proof that jihadists & headchoppers are on their own.

  • Syria cannot have a “political solution” before Syria’s “military solution” to “neutralize” all terrorist gangsters active in Syria are accomplished, and Syria’s land mass of 185,180 sq km is completely whole and secured by the Syrian Armed Forces, Russia & the other Syria allies.


    Terrorist gangsters have nowhere to run & better surrender or be dead !!!

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    that will probably be the last time those rats see or talk to those turkish intelligence officers hahahahhahahaha

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Turkish intelligence,
    Turkish air support,
    Turkish ground support,
    Turkish supplied weapons and equipment,
    Turkish support for political opposition,
    Turkish lies and propaganda,
    Is there anything at all Turkey doesn’t do to help the terrorists.