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Turkish Intelligence Brags Of ‘Freeing’ Woman From ISIS Wives Camp In Northeastern Syria


The Turkish intelligence had “freed” a Moldavian woman and her four children from the al-Hawl Camp, where ISIS wives and family members are held in northeastern Syria, the Anadolu Agency reported on July 17.

The Turkish state-run agency claimed that the woman, “Natalia Barkal,” had traveled to Syria with her husband and children in 2013 to “do business” when she had been “abducted” by the People’s Protection Units, YPG, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, PKK.

The Anadolu Agency didn’t clarify what type of business would take an entire family to a war-torn country. The identity of her husband or his whereabouts also were not disclosed.

According to Turkey’s claims, Barkal and her four children were illegally held in al-Hawl camp by Kurdish forces. The Turkish intelligence “freed” them upon and official request from Moldavian authorities.

The al-Hawl camp, which is located in eastern al-Hasakah, is hosting 67,000 people, including 40,000 family members of ISIS fighters. An entire section of the camp is dedicated for foreign wives of ISIS terrorists.

The camp is run by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. The Kurdish-led group has not commented on Turkey’s accusations, so far.

The claims made by Turkey appear to be unrealistic as al-Hawl is known to be hosting ISIS-linked individuals. Many of these dangerous individuals attempt to escape from the camp to Turkey on a regular basis.




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