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Turkish Intelligence Abducted Suspect Of 2013 Reyhanli Attack In Syria’s Lattakia

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Turkish Intelligence Abducted Suspect Of 2013 Reyhanli Attack In Syria's Lattakia

Yusuf Nazik, By Anadolu Agency

On September 12, Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) announced that it had captured “Yusuf Nazik,” a suspect of the 2013 Reyhanlı bombing, in a “pinpoint operation” in the coastal Syrian city of Lattakia.

The MIT monitored Nazik in Lattakia than abducted him in a carefully planned operation and brought him back to Turkey. The Turkish intelligence said that it had not received intelligence or logistic support from any foreign state during the operation.

According to the Turkish Anadolu Agency, Nazik confessed that he participated in the planning for the Reyhanli bombing upon orders from the Syrian intelligence, who had recruited him earlier. The suspect also gave out detailed information about “Mihrac Ural,” leader of the Syrian Resistance, during the integration.

“I am calling out to my friends in Syria, turn back while there still is time. The Turkish state will protect us. I am calling out to the state of Syria, Turkish state will make you pay eventually,” Nazik said in a video message released by the Anadolu Agency.

Syrian pro-government sources revealed that the Syrian Military Intelligence and the Russian intelligence thwarted an attempt by the MIT to assassinate Nazik, Mihrac Ural and a third Turkish-citizen named “Ondaz Severjek Uglo” last year. Turkey believe that the three men plotted and carried out the Reyhanlı bombing, in which 53 people were killed and many others were injured.

Turkey’s Justice Minister, Abdulhamit Gul, welcomed the MIT’s operation and vowed that Turkey will go after all “terror organizations.”

“It was a successful operation. Our state will come after every kind of terrorist group and [Turkey’s] independent judiciary will give out fair sentences, wherever the culprit may be,” Anadolu Agency quoted Gul as saying during his visit to central Konya province.

The Damascus government has not commented on the new Turkish claims yet. However, in 2013 Syria’s former Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi, denied that Syria was behind the Reyhanlı bombing and held the Turkish government the responsibility for the violence in the region.

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finally the dice fall…. and even poeple here must see what is happening

i quote from the article ““I am calling out to my friends in Syria, turn back while there still is
time. The Turkish state will protect us. I am calling out to the state
of Syria, Turkish state will make you pay eventually,”

turkey is a nato member..
russia gave the green light for turkey to invade
turkey is currently on patrol together hand in hand with nato forces(french and us) in Manjib area
turkey was the country buying 99% of isis oil
through turkey 99% of all militants came into syria
turkey has,is and will continue to give weapons,logistical support and medical help to ALL jihadi groups

And now…lol…hilarious…..russia made a ceasfire with turkey on the idlib operation lol cracking up
and turkey keeps sending arms and men into idlib lololololololol

Manuel Flores Escobar

Ok but meanwhile Turkish MIT are killing Nusra comanders in Idlib…Russia are building Turkstream…Russian planes are flying over Turkey air space in spite of warns from NATO…Turkey try to play with both…Russia( supporter of legitime Syrian goverment) and America( godfather of the separatist kurdish) in a 3 way Turkey ( protector of the last pieces of FSA to use it vs Kurdish)…of course to win this war…Russia and Syria must to destroy both!…otherwise they will build 2 new states inside Syria…the Idlib califate and kurdishland!

Mustafa Mehmet

done already

Mustafa Mehmet

yes sir all true.,now have your milk and go to your cave bed time

Concrete Mike

Whats your take on this story?


Create a fake RussianSAA threat => HTS agree to let Turkey deploy more and more weapons in its heartland out of fear => push FSA to fight HTS and support it from the new strong positions = HTS collapses within days


Concrete Mike

Ok but with HTS collapsing…where do all these camel fuckers go?

I dont think flooding any warzone with weapons is a good idea…this will just piss the russians off. Not good, is this another trick to provoke the russians?


I think Russians are already aware of it and already accepted the same.
I can not see a decleration by Putin stating the contrary.
Erdogan may be crazy , but not a fool. There is no reason to piss off biggest trading partner of Turkey,especially when TR economy is nosediving.

Syrian camel furckers will stay there under Turkish responsibility for a while – Rest ( like Uyghurs etc ) will be sent back home . After all , USA needs these people to destabilize China. They have a new job there.


i think your pot has cracked.


The more that the Syrian government coalition wins, the louder that Zionist shills like this one squeal like stuck pigs in protest.

John Whitehot

“russia made a ceasfire with turkey on the idlib operation”

solomon you’re having too much booze, the truth is the actual opposite, iran russia and turkey did not agree on the ceasefire proposal.


The only armed forces which can operate in Idlib without being bombed by West is TAF.
The contract is left for them , may be an undisclosed part of Astana.
Time will show.


My understanding of the situation is simple. Erdogon is a treacherous, back-stabbing, piece of shit who the Yankee Zionists tried to oust. Putin gave this piece of shit a lifeline, saved his worthless hide, only to be apparently stabbed in the back and shit upon. Erdogon has at this stage prized what he believes are serious concessions from FUKUS, he is after-all their Rat in their Trap. However, I believe Putin and his advisors smelled this Rat from the onset and have been feeding him information to nudge FUKUS further and further down a dark alley. It is always possible that the Russians have made a mistake but I doubt it. This ain’t going to be over until The Great Bear, Mother Russia decides that it’s over. We just have to wait and see.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

The situation is never simple – black/white understandings are. Erdogan is a nationalist, with certain dose of neoosmanism and he does – like any other nationally oriented leader – whatever serves him the best – where “him” is typical mix: to Turkish national interest, interest of his ideological alliance and, last but not least, his position in power. He is not smart, capable now powerful as Putin is – but in essence, every right-minded leader of a nation, makes decisions following very similar parameters and values. Bibi or Assad are not exceptions there too. What makes us liking or disliking a leader – is usually function of our own national interests and values — but, this portal has “intelligence and analysis” in subtitle – so, let’s make use of that skills and let emotions for social media comments.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Funny how the Turks behave and talk just like Jews.


hahaha breaking news…..militants strike latakia city with several grad missiles lol…..
great ceasfire mr. putin…..


the towns damashkro and qanjara were also hit…

Rodney Loder

MIT murdered the journalist Serena Shim nearly four years ago (October 19), would Serena want to change Turkish Foreign Policy back to what it was before the failed coup when Brother Erdogan realised the US was determined to resecularize Turkey and murder the Turkish head of State.

No she wouldn’t.


“Turkey will go after all “terror organizations.””
…except the ones they are funding, of course.

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