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Turkish Human Trafficker: Business Is Booming After Erdogan Opened Border


Turkish Human Trafficker: Business Is Booming After Erdogan Opened Border

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A video purportedly showing a Turkish human trafficker is circulating social media.

In the video, the man brags about how he’s “filled Europe with immigrants” and that he’s made thousands of euros after Turkey opened its borders.

The man said he had been trafficking people for 20 years and that he receives 500-600 euros per head for each migrant he successfully exports.

Despite serving 6 years in jail for human trafficking, in the video he brags about how he is back in business following President Erdogan’s announcement that Turkey would be re-opening its border and encouraging millions of migrants to invade Europe.

Erdogan opened the borders, in response to an airstrike in Idlib, Syria that killed 34 Turkish soldiers.

The opening of the borders is a very obvious attempt to pressure the EU, with many of its members also being NATO countries to provide some support, be in the form of military, financial, humanitarian, or simply justification that Turkey is, in fact, in the right support the “moderate opposition,” who are in no way al-Qaeda affiliated militants.

“I told them it’s done. It’s finished. The doors are now open. Now, you will have to take your share of the burden,” he said in a televised speech.

“Hundreds of thousands have crossed, soon we will it will reach millions,” Erdogan warned.

In response, Greece closed its eastern border and one Syrian migrant was reportedly killed in clashes with Greek border police.

Another video shows a woman sat on a shore screaming while multiple cameras surround her to catch every second of the drama.

It appears that the migrant wave is not so much due to a decision by the migrants themselves.

Additionally, on March 4th a video was released purportedly showing Turkish border police shoot a canister of tear gas at Greek border guards at the border between the two countries.




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