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Turkish Hawk Air-Defense System Spotted In Syria’s Greater Idlib

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On May 6, Obretix, a Twitter defense blogger, shared satellite images of a Turkish MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air defense system in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The system is currently deployed in a military camp in the vicinity of the town of Almastumah in southern Idlib. Three M-192 launchers of the system, each armed with three missiles, can be seen in the images.

Almastumah is located less than 12 km from the frontline with Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops in southern Idlib. From there, the Hawk system, which has a range of up to 45 km, covers most of Greater Idlib as well as a large swath of government-held territory.

Turkey deployed at least one Hawk system in Greater Idlib last March. The system entered the Syrian region through the Bab al-Hawa border crossing.

The Hawk system deployed in Greater Idlib is likely modernized to the XXI standard. 16 modernized systems were in service with the Air Defense Command of the Turkish Air Force (TAF).

Air defense sytstems deployed by Turkey will pose a threat to Syrian and Russian warplanes in in the case any new confrontation in Greater Idlib. However, its position, which is too close to the frontline, makes it vulnerable for counter-actions of the Syrian military and its backers.


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Al Balog

It looks like Erdogan is trying to play Bloons Tower Defense, haha ?. His moves are obvious.
comment image

Mustafa Mehmet

What a ugly picture of you. monkey


Where is Putin? I asked myself the same question 1,000 times and I gave up on finding an answer.


He is busy taking orders from his masonic masters

Concrete Mike

My best guess would be somewhere in russia dealing with russian things.

You blame putin people are pathetic!


Bulgarian military news reported the use of an anti radiation missile by a flanker against a target in March. I wonder if this is related.


Does anybody has a doubt that the Russia-Turkey agreement has brought about only benefit to terrorists and Turkey ? Thanks to TurkeyStream, Russia has to please Turkey as much as possible,

Icarus Tanović

Be patient my friend.

Mustafa Mehmet

Mujahedin and Turkey you mean….

Concrete Mike

No he meant teorrorist, mujaheddin would be like the houthis, or the lybians, defending against foreign invaders and what not. GNA is nothing but a western puppet gov.anyways.

The trash you support in Syria are not mujaheddin, they are mercenary , not the same thing at all!

That being said, dance puppet dance!!

Icarus Tanović

Let’s for start destroy that piece of wracked garbage…

Mustafa Mehmet

Typical. Anus why don’t you try ovic the brainless

Concrete Mike

Thats cute, coming from the one that supports HTS and GNA, the same GNA that does slave trading. Yet we are the brainless ones?


12 km from the front lines is within artillery range. I doubt those missiles work well against that.

Me&Myself None

So, Turkey imposes a no fly zone over Syria? Interesting. Turkey is making Russian’s military looks so bad.
Turkey keeps destroying Pansiir units, while imposing no fly zones, and yet the Russian must bragged about S-400, 300 are there collecting dust.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Even though no one says it officially, that’s exactly what Erdogan’s imposed.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, and everyone thought Erdogan was setting himself up for a ground defense, no he wasn’t, he was setting up an elaborate air defence system, and I think drone control towers will be the next, then possibly even an airfield.
If it wasn’t for the brewing antagonism between Turkey and HTS/Al Nusra I’d say Idlib was a lost cause now, just the first province of the new Ottoman Empire and no longer even Syrian territory anymore [for all intense purposes], but the fact HTS and Al Nusra are now in open dispute with Turkey gives me reason to hope it may not last long, not if it splits in two.

klove and light

Putin u fucking treacherous Zionist pig..PERIOD:

and dont you 99% idiots Forget HOW this whole Episode with Turkey started…

IT was Putin who gave the green light for Turkey to invade and occupy afrin.

It was Putin who gave the grren light per Agreement for Turkey to INVADE and OCCUPY Idlib.
It was Putin who allowed per Agreement for Turkey to build 12 military bases in Idlib.Turkey now has 47!!!

It was Putin who gave the green light per Agreement (safety Zone) for turkish troops to invade and occupy North/North syria

PUTIN is a bibi cock sucking treacherous Zionist pig. period.

Mustafa Mehmet

Have a Turkish coffee to calm you down.

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