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JUNE 2023

Turkish Ground Forces Entered Afrin At 11:05 AM Sunday – Prime Minister

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Turkish Ground Forces Entered Afrin At 11:05 AM Sunday - Prime Minister

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Units of the Turkish Ground Forces entered Syria’s Afrin area at 11:05 AM Sunday, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has announced, according to the Turksih media. Ground units crossed the border from Turkey’s Kilis.

“The operation will have four stages, there will be a 30-kilometer buffer zone,” Yıldırım said commenting the development.

Meanwhile, members of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army attacked positions of YPG/YPJ militias in the same area.

The advance followed a major artillery and air bombardment campaign of the Turkish military against Kurdish forces in the area.

On Saturday, the Turkish Armed Forces officially announced the start of “Operation Olive Branch” to combat what Ankara calls “terrorism” in the area.

Turkish forces shell YPG positions:

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Don Machiavelli

Only legitimate way of removing separatists from Syria. Hopefully FSA will be the only leftover and SAA will deal with them easily.


Or, hopefully, all will just leave weapons(except HTS, these rats must be terminated asap) and just become civilians or political actors, preventing further destruction of property and civilian life.


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better to pull out all roots and stems. rats can become dangerous later on!


I might be wrong by evaluating the political situation, but living conditions, regarding for those who live in the area, under headchopping takfiris are much worser than under kurdish rule. Sure both of them follow a certain ideology, but at least the kurds don’t kill anyone.


If ur a christian under kurd rule the following happens: You lost your house. You lost your business(if you had one). You lost all your worldly posessions(minus the clothes on your back and anything you could carry). You lost your life if you resisted.

NONE of these things happened under Assad christian OR kurd… Paybacks are a motherfucker, and YOU are ignorant:





believing those shithole sites is ignorant


But Kurds admitting to killing over a million Christian Armenians isnt? And u know why they did the dirty work for the ottomans? It was for land! ADMITTED by the Kurds themselves! How u like them apples! Go on, explain it all away. Make this truth go away with some stupid comment! And then ill reply with how the Kurds buddy up to a nation who sold Sadam chemical weapons! Matt… ure a Fuck wit! look in the mirror and just say it! It will be the biggest revelation and u will be a better man for it!


.But Kurds admitting to killing over a million Christian Armenians isnt? And u know why they did the dirty work for the ottomans? It was for land!

ADMITTED by the Kurds themselves!

How u like them apples!

Go on, explain it all away. Make this truth go away with some stupid comment! And then ill reply with how the Kurds buddy up to a nation who sold Sadam chemical weapons!

Matt… ure a Fuck wit!

look in the mirror and just say it! It will be the biggest revelation and u will be a better man for it!

You can call me Al

The Kurds are as bad as the others, but the MSM never tell us that + you must remember that the “Kurdish forces” are now full of ex-terrorist groups = same sh1t, different day.


The Kurds are not bad at all they just want to have their own state, like Israel and Palestine. Most import the Kurds are the most dominant tribe in Middle East. They have the right to fight for their right.

You can call me Al

So please explain the divisions between the Kurds; I am sorry but on this one, you are wrong.

Weldon Cheek

Dont know about “rosehouse” more like “rose tinted glasses”!thir just as bad as the fsa etc,just more cowardly!

David Pryce

Your bang on point The Turds don’t kill anyone because they an ISIS did a deal with the US regime forces as negotiators not to fight against each other in Northern Syria and South Eastern Syria where the land is rich of Oil is where things are heating up over the Turds double cross If US regime forces felt any real threat from salafists they’d have more than a couple of thousand troops scattered in YPG traitor territory

Don Machiavelli

Syrian Kurds are Syrians first and then after. They are integral part of Syria, let’s hope this goes for the best soon.


That land will become Turkey and those rats will end up fighting Kurds in Manbij! its all good bro!

Nigel Maund

?? NOW WHAT?? ……………….To be watched over the coming week. This will get interesting to say the very least !


That is an understatement to say the least

Richard Noel Hedditch

Jeez, that is rich. The backers of the FSA and HTS are ” fighting terrorism. “.

John Wallace

Yes but isn’t The American regular military backing SDF fighting the CIA backed ISIS. One hand fighting the other where one hand doesn’t know about the other but the other does understand very well.


More or less: The “FSA” were the ones mostly supported by the US in syria. ISIS was supported by Saudis, Turkey, and everyone else to a lesser extent(France/Germany/US). Then you flip it: Once russia/assad started winning(and word got out that FSA/ISIS was bad news), the US(obama) switched to the kurds and painted them as a rosy faction to support(which they are not). But the universal supporter of terrorism is israel. israel supports all terrorist factions in syria regardless.


israel needs to go

Don Machiavelli

Oh it will Israel is cancer of this world and is behind majority of worlds problems. It was first state fully made by bankers to be their safe heaven. Check who escaped to Israel agter 911…


Sharp and succinct synopsis of player’s motivations and events.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Maybe, Erdogan has had a Damascene conversion? After the US/EU/NATO/GCC backed coup and that near-death experience plus the US LYING about arming the YPG, all this could change anyone.

You can call me Al

This time, read your words out loud, without laughing, cringing or crying !!, I cannot; especially when the Yanks criticise them – the World has officially gone mad.


GO FSA GO ! Oh crap,my head is fucked up. :D Where are Dutchie and Jens when you need them !

You can call me Al


Tudor Miron

Ouch! :D



leon mc pilibin

This looks like Zionist plan D taking affect.Divide and conquer.They upset the Turks deliberately to Crete this problem, and this will put the Turks at odds with Syrian and Russia.

Bryce Hopkins

I don’t think so, i think Syria acts like its mad but it has Turkey taking on the US supported forces.

Mehdi Ali

Damascus should wait and watch

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Syrian govt is limited in response as they are busy securing Idlib governate and will be in better position as some of the Islamist Jihadis are busy with attacking Ifrin. The Turks/US knew that the push to rid the proxies of Idlib is on and they need safer territory and the US/Turkey cooked up this plan to move their proxies to Ifrin area. Why the influx of more ISIS(FSA) jihadis in 20 buses, they never not find a use for them.

Jozsef Osztronkovics

All this is newer ending horror and suffering –but all this Zionisrael expansionist politicks – and US puppet who set up the Kurds I Syria as a would be state -but in reality it is a Zion US zionisraeli enclave base from to attack Iran and rest of Syria

You can call me Al

It didn’t used to be, they just continue to sell their soul to people that have fooked them over in the recent past. No benefit to the planet.


Can someone provide the total number of civilians, who are ‘trapped’ at the ypg-held area ? The turkish bombing campaign seems very indiscriminate to me..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There over 500,000 civilians in the region even the Arab population is fleeing to govt controlled areas. Turkish bombing is like a baby eating and feeding itself never on target and always all over the place.


Kurds betted on the wrong horse called ‘backstab uncle Sam’

Order of the White Lotus

as always


Yep and thats sad


There is lack of information in this report regarding Yıldırım’s statement. According to Turkish Aydınlık Daily newspaper :

* There is indirect communication between Ankara and Damascus via Russia since the operation takes place on Syrian soil. It is not possible to ignore Damascus at this point. * The (so-called) Free Syrian Army is not a seperate military formation acting independently. * The Pyd/Pkk terrorist organization suppresses the local population in the region. Over 300,000 civilians have left the city so far. * Between Jan.1, 2017 and Jan. 9, 2018, harassment fire came from Afrin to Turkey 622 times. Kurd civilians also had to leave the region because of the Pyd/Pkk terrorist group. * The civilian population is not targeted. There is a campaign of misinformation on social media. * Many Daesh (IS) militants that were evacuated from Raqqa have been present in the region as well. * There is an effort to portray Turkey as an invader. * Russia does not have any negative attitude. We are in direct communication. * Iran has also been informed. * There was a technical problem regarding air space but it has been fixed. * There are 8,000-10,000 terrorists in the region. It is possible to speak of 500,000 civilians. * The operation will not effect the upcoming Sochi meeting.

You can call me Al

If true, go Turkey, finish the job, but then get the hell out of Syria.

If not, or if Turkey does it’s usual double crossing, each one of you, should be hunted down and eliminated.

Thanks for the info, no offence intended and I pray that you are right.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What he left out was that Russia and the US had to contact Turkey, and the claim with a note to the Damascus consulate in Istanbul doesn’t exist. Large protests against the the Turkish government for this illegal incursion and they are being suppressed in Turkish fashion. Russia called in Turkey over it’s lack of outposts and not securing the Deescalation zone according to the agreement, so no real acceptance.

You can call me Al

I didn’t know that, so thanks for the info.

I still have hope the SDF Kurds ++ come to their senses; but for this lot trying to take Afrin, they can rot and burn, as can the Turks if I was perfectly honest.

Tudor Miron

Lets wait and see.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Will the Americans understand the message and leave Syria for good?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

They should leave now in an orderly manner or be forced to leave under attack from ALL sides. Saigon???

Solomon Krupacek

send more troops


Send more to be hostages you mean when the real fight starts with Assad the great

jerry hamilton

Americans only understand they are superman. They will never get it.


“Will the American leadership, and its shadow government understand the message and leave Syria for good?”

There, fixed it for ya…

Don’t fold us all under one blanket…


No, because of the oil that is why from Obama to Trump who have tried to secure the resource there, in the excuse of Regime Change, according to Obama whom I’ve voted for twice.


Kurds are dumb, they put russia at the same level as turkey even thou russia has done more than obama(and trump) to protect their sorry asses…

Kill em all.

Solomon Krupacek

thats lie

Solomon Krupacek

bye bye, kurdos!


I am completelly against this militar agression of Turkey against the kurds, for many reasions. Because, yes, the FDS have been supported by the inperialism of the EEUU which only wants a neocolonialist Syria, but for the other side, the islamist govern os Turkey are suppliying Turkestan terrorist in Sirya, are dominating ilegally the soberaignity of syrian people and, in addition, are destroying all the laws and human righst of the kurdish people who lives in Turquia. Erdogan and his givernemt are a dictatorship state, who has arrested thousands of innocent people, has closed more tan 180 communication media and has bombed kurdish civil people of Diyarbakir and other cityes os Turkish Kurdistan

Solomon Krupacek

I am completelly against this militar agression of Turkey against the kurds

me too. but at least die some ypg terrorist. but this should do saa.


And i am always with Bassar al Assad goverment, but i know that Erdogan want to supply the terrorist of Idlib to attack the Syrian Arab Army. Turkey and her allyes (Free Syrian Army and Turkestan tropos) are the enemy, as much as ISIS and Hayat Tahrir-Al Sham

Tudor Miron

I’m waiting for Dutchie to explain this https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/one-largest-us-backed-rebel-groups-announces-defection-turkey/ to us.

Feudalism Victory

Had plenty of warning the sdf should negotiate a place in the saa while they still have leverage. Turkey mightve accepted syrian sovereignty if the saa controlles the border.

The kurds leadership is either stupid or compromised.

Don Machiavelli

I’ve already told you man, Erdogan is not your Anti-Christ ;)


Why would I think Erdogan was the anti christ? Its more likely that Trump son in-law is (Kushner) or Obama is / was! lol

Don Machiavelli

Based on some of your writings which made me assume how you are spitting the logic of Joel Richardson’s fairy tales. If i am wrong, sorry… Kushner is Netanyahoo’s little whore :) So was Obama, so is the USA :)


Are u an idiot? im asking a serious question here! First, from out of nowhere, u state that I think Erdogan is the anti-christ! Why the fuck would u assume I think that? I am against the Kurds and I hope turkey kicks their ass!

Second,i told u that if I did believe there was an anti-christ the it might be Kushner!

Then again, like a fuck head, u ASSUME that I read someone ales shit (some guy named Joel Richardson) and think I quote him! You also think u know what people think! You have no idea, lets just leave it at that shall we!

Are u bored? Is that why u make these kind of comments?

You were WRONG on your first assumption about what I think of Erdogan and who I think he is!

And then u were WRONG on your second assumption on this guy u think I follow (Joel Richardson)!

So if u are wrong 2 out of 2 times, maybe its time u just shut ur fuckin mouth!

I assume u GUESS a lot but actually have no idea what u are talking about! I think u come here and try to show people what u know by making any reason to tell us why u know it! The fact is, we dont give a fuck what u know or dont know. Especially when u are so long so often!

Note to self: Don Machiavelli is a fuck head who doesn’t know shit. Remember u meet these kinds of people in life. Best to ignore and warn people! Sound the fuck he’d alarm! Someone thinks he KNOWS and wants to tell u WHY he knows yet nobody gives a fuck!

Don Machiavelli

My memory is good. Go spit your insults somewhere else little hasbara troll.

Don Machiavelli

Quote : ”I can agree here! Turkey who desperately wants the Ottoman Empire back will be the driving force against Jews! Firstly for trying to name Jerusalem as their capital and secondly because of the arming of the Kurds and creating worse situations for Turkey and its Kurdish population! Israel is trying to carve out a Kurdistan region from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey! I believe the Saudi Royal family will need to go before this can happen! because it will be all Middle East muslim nations who wipe out Israel! Cant wait to wipe out the cancer!”

Don Machiavelli

Only hasbara trolls have such narative hence my assumption. Also when i mention the tribes of gog magog i sure as hell do not mean Turkey but place of zio origin as described even in the Holy Bible ezekiel and especially revelation 2:9 and its only Joel R. Who spit that xenophobic shit these last years. Anyhow the fact that you resort to insults prove my point because you reply emotional as i hit at the spot. There you go.


Thank you for making it VERY CLEAR that I support Turkey against the Kurds and that I DO NOT believe that Erdogan is the “anti-christ”!

You just proved it yourself u idiot lol!

U seem to think that anti-christ and GOG or Magog are the same thing! WRONG!

Did I say Erdogan was the anti christ? Did I imply it? I dont even believe in such shit anyway!

The only thing I have EVER stated about Turkey in relation to revelations is that someone said Turkey is Magog! I never said Erdogan was the anti-christ! I have always stated I am not religious and do not believe in any of this shit! And this Magog shit has nothing to do with the Anti-christ!

In fact u haven’t even heard or seen me use the word “Magog” anyway!

U show how uneducated u are! These 2 things are completely unrelated in the book of revelations! You have never ever seen me state that Erdogan is the anti-christ!

If I have said this, please post it now! Take a screen shot and upload it! DO IT!

U cant because I ave never said nor even implied it!

You are full of shit!

Don Machiavelli

You have zero credibility and your lacking vocabulary speaks more than i could even wish for. Keep insulting and proving my points little hasbara troll.


Don u are a fucking loser who hates to lose! How frustrated u must be!

“lacking vocabulary”? Example?

“You have zero credibility”. Once when does it matter if I have “credibility” or not? I am just a commenter on a blog u moron!

And now u avoid my question upon u…. I told u to take a screen shot where I said Erdogan is the Anti-Christ and upload it in a reply! I also said that the only time I have talked about Turkey in relation to “the book of revelations” was in regard o GOG and MAGOG!

Just because I said “Turkey will e the driving force behind against the Jews” (since Trump announced he recognised it as the Israeli capital) DOES NOT IMPLY THAT I THINK ERDOGAN IS ANTI-CHRIST!

Then u said “I’ve already told you man, Erdogan is not your Anti-Christ ;)” Then u said “Based on some of your writings which made me assume how you are spitting the logic of Joel Richardson’s fairy tales”.


Is this what u do? reply to people and attacking therefor saying what u THINK they said! Or do u try to use facts?

If you are going to reply, make sure u quote what I asked u to quote or send a screen shot! Otherwise u can apologise and say that u were mistaken and that u were wrong to imply it!

Dont try to make me look like one fuck head who makes blanket statements like the one u assume I made! You FUCK HEAD!

Don Machiavelli

Kiddo go get some life experience and read about an library worth of books before contacting me again. You are unable to talk in civilized manner.


Yeah, good come back Don! U failed to do what I told u! Youre an idiot! Where is the screen shot or quote where u THINK I said Erdogan was the Anti-christ! Still waiting for it Don! Youre a Loser!

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