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Turkish General Staff Says 73 ‘Terorrists’ Were Neutralized In Syria’s Afrin On January 28


The Turkish General Staff released a statement claiming that Turkish forces ‘neutralized’ 73 ‘terrorists’ including some mysterious ISIS members in Afrin on January 28 alone.

The statement added that from the start of Operation Olive Branch on January 20 to January 29, in total 557 so-called ‘terrorists’ had been ‘neutralized.’

Furthermore, the military said that 23 warplanes participated in the opeartion on January 28 and destroyed 20 targets in the Afrin area.

Turkish General Staff Says 73 'Terorrists' Were Neutralized In Syria's Afrin On January 28

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  • Davki

    A threat can be neutralised, not a person… using such language is in
    itself a war crime. People are never ‘neutral’… even when dead. Let’s
    see whether Turkey not only wants to pick a fight with Kurds but also
    the SAA. At any rate, Kurds will not be neutered, certainly not in

  • Wagner Von Schmit

    Turkish accuracy sucks or they did it on purpose destroying ancient statues in Ain Dara site. So hard to believe the neutralized BS after that happening.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      What Turkey is doing is genocide and destroying cultural heritage sites are an attempt to destroy Syrian culture to replace with Neo Otto culture. ISIS in Northwestern Aleppo is a euphemism for Arab civilians SDF/YPG means both Kurds civilians and YPG.