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Turkish General Staff Says 2,059 ‘Terrorists’ Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch

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The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have achieved a notable progress in their battle against the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the Syrian area of Afrin.

The TAF and the FSA have captured the villages of Maydan Ikbas, Kusanli, Gunda, Dudu, Semalak, Welki and the nearby points inflicting some casualties to their defenders.

On February 25, the TAF’s general staff released a statement saying that 2,059 ‘terrorists’ had been ‘neutralized’ since the start of Operation Olive Branch in Afrin.

Turkish General Staff Says 2,059 'Terrorists' Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch

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İbrahim Çetin

Why do you put “Terrorists” in quotation marks mate?


Because the number is ridiculously high and likely means they count every civilian they kill as a terrorist, like US does


Standard operating procedure. Why make things more difficult for yourself by admitting you killed civvies as well? Never admit to anything unless you get caught. Only then start playing the ‘regrettable collateral damage’ game. And if you really get caught, like on camera, throw the people directly involved under a bus and announce an ‘investigation’.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

civillian with ak-47 hmmm ok. Go check all Ypg-Pkk terrorists use civillian clothes to prevent Turkish attacks.
Turkey is not same as your country or same as Usa. Turkey never hits civillian. Turkey never uses massive bombs, barrel bombs. Turkey is doing operations slowly because of that. They care civillians. Look al-bab , cerablus and other places. City is alive.
Then look where Ypg,Usa,Syrıa,Russia occupied. Whole city is ruined because of massive bombards. Thousands of civillian dead. They hit even hospitals.
If Turks did same , olive branch operation could end in 1 week.

Temam Machmud Gase

You stupid cow, Turks are being fukked gently by zioNazis.
Don`t forget turks were always slaves of arabs or Mongols in the history, Nowadays turks are slaves of zionist. Most of Bitches in Euope are turks. Most of drug-dealers and other criminals are turks. Turks have NO civilisation.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

You piece of shit was slaves of Turk in whole history. I suggest you to search about your history. Turks ruled half of europa arab lands and asia. What are you talking about ignorant retard.
You piece of shit. There was no country named ” Syria ” Englishs and Frenchs draw a map and created fake arab countries. Search “syces-pickot”
Ottoman ruled these lands for 600 years. before ottoman Seljuks ruled, before it , eyyubis ruled. Always Turks fuked ur ancestors.


I am laughing with my ass Machmud.comment image comment image comment image
comment image


lot of false maps


You mean like Asshead does? HTS everywhere LMAO

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That is why the Turkish backed HTS are so desperately in need of recruits and equipment as they continue to lose so much to the SAA , NDF allied forces. Well soon Turkey will have to comply with the ceasefire by the UN or face a war with the UN which will likely see a partitioning of that country. It will have the same control zones as they had in Germany and Austria. Russia will control the Anatolia and the rest between USUK France and a NATO control zone. So keep your head out of your ASS on this one, Ostrich Boy!

Besides there should be no deaths as they are only citizens in the area, but then again Turks are bullies. The YPG withdrew from those areas some time ago so you are likely to see the scenario laid out happening, the possibility for war crimes against Turkey is very high as we will see the criminal actions blamed on Turk Intelligence officers.

This is what the US calls a win-win situation!! So they didn’t lose out on the ceasefire agreement always learn how to play your opponents weaknesses very old chess strategy.

Lloyd Yona

OMG ; turkeys going make the world a saver place >>>>TURKISH GENERAL STAFF SAYS 2,059 ‘TERRORISTS’ NEUTRALIZED IN OPERATION OLIVE BRANCH >> FSA where all the ex-isil are.and contains all the Islamic groups extremists.


They are all terrorists. Turkey is in a war against PKK-PYD-YPG since 1974. US armed ypg terrorists to fight against isis(created by US)

This will get an end by a powerful and rightful country(Turkey)

Lelouch Vi Britannia

great job Turks. Day by day more Us-led terrorist go hell. None army could do this in Syria.

You can call me Al

I would love to agree, but I don’t know which are more untrustworthy – the Yanks or the Turks….!!.


Everyone involved.

You can call me Al

Yep agreed.

You can call me Al


“the TAF’s general staff released a statement saying that 50,467,206 ‘terrorists’ had been ‘neutralized’ since the start of Operation Olive Branch in Afrin.”.

There you go Erdy.


I have no problem with Kurds but just I surprise to their leaders. I think either US have kept them hostage or they are really brainless. Now they are not only threat for their own Kurds but for those Syrian Arabs that they have conscripted them for fight against Turkey. Now in Syria who take care of Kurds Turkey? No, US? No. If instead of Assad there was another Syrian leader, to be honest today these all Kurds would be in hell because they have committed treason.

Kelley Adams

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Temam Machmud Gase

Why turks can serve as prostitutes in many many countries. In europeans Brodelle8fikkyFikky Hauses) most of prostitutes are turks.
Turks let themselves be fukked for Money, thats their mentality since hundreds of years.


Please keep your bull-shit for yourself!


I dont think so. Although I am not their patron like you, but according to official statistics this is not true.

Mehmet Karaca

I dont know where you are from but as an academician, according to your comments here and above, I can clearly say you have mentality of a loser who had similar experience about prostitution as personal or someone in family in the past. Don’t be afraid to make a reserach btw, this is world not heaven


Turkish seem to like brains masturbation


Less and less dutchnationals …


yea right it might be 1 million you know


The Kurds have no chance of regaining what they’ve lost and continue to lose. And the Turks aren’t going to stop until they control the rest of this Kurd area, or the Syrian government restores administration and controls the Kurds so that they’re not a threat to Turkey. This is the beginning of the end of the Kurdish Israelistan secessionist project in northern Syria.

The only question is who is going to end up in control of these areas. The Jew world order would probably prefer that Turkey control northern Syria so that it’s a source of friction, conflict and instability. Which would be bad for both Turkey and Syria. The best outcome is the restoration of Syrian government administration in these areas and the neutralization of the Kurdish threat to both Syria and Turkey.

Mehmet Karaca

Kurds (YPG) are going to lose, not only lose they will be crushed. The hype around them is not real, they heavily outnumbered ISIS and all they were doing in urban wars to send coordinats to Americans. The only thing they are good at is hit and run. They can’t hold, they can’t defend because they literally dont know how to do it, we have seen it before. They may inflict some casualties but that is all.
IMO, after Afrin battle is over, FSA and Turkish advisers will control the areas just like Al-Bab and they will not give up territory while Assad is in charge, including possible transition period-if any- . After Assad, with a responsible and elected government of course, Turks will withdraw their forces and establish some military observation point to make sure YPG will not return. Manbij and east of Syria is different story btw


The Kurds are putting up respectable resistance to the advancing Turkish forces and their regime change militia. But they’re heavily out gunned. And anti tank missiles only go so far. They can slow down the advance, but they can’t stop it. Only the Syrian government coalition has the man power and equipment to stop the Turkish advance. And they’re letting it continue unopposed to put pressure on the Kurds to allow the SAA and Syrian government back into Kurd, Jew world order controlled areas without a fight.

The Turks are being allowed to advance with almost no resistance from the Syrian government coalition, which is far more than just the SAA. The goal is obviously to get the Kurds to peacefully turn over territory to the Syrian government, rather than lose it to the Turks. And to a limited extent it’s working. The Kurds are receiving both material and financial support from the Jew world order regime change coalition for their Israelistan secession project. And any cooperation with the Syrian government imperils that aid.

And the people receiving that aid are liable to end up in jail in either Turkey or Syria as they lose territory and are captured. So they’re trying to cut the best deal that they can while they still have leverage and regime change back up. Being a long term occupying force is not a good position for the Turks to be in. But it’s preferable to having Israeli tourist flights with lawn furniture set up in Israelistan to watch Turks die on the other side of the border like the Jew blood sport in Gaza.

The best option is the restoration of Syrian government administration in Kurd held areas to resolve the Kurd issue on their side of the border. As far as the Turks waiting until after Assad is out of office before withdrawing. That may be a long wait and risk hostilities with the Syrian government coalition. Which is a far more formidable force than the Kurds. The Turks really don’t need a border war with a state actor supplying support to a Kurd insurgent force in Turkey itself. Which is probably what would happen in a border conflict.

Mehmet Karaca

Without and agreement with Russia, SAA involvement will turn this regional conflict into an all out war between Turkey and Assad. There is no way, Assad knows this, he is not that stupid. Turkey can not make an agreement with Assad after all these happened, nor YPG because U.S doesnt allow this. And it is also impossible an agreement between U.S and Russia because of historical rivalry and clashing interests, therefore Assad and U.S cannot make a deal, even if U.S accepts to do this, Israel will oppose, although there is no visible problem between Israel and Russia…List goes on… I think Syria is the most complex and multifaced battlefield the World has ever seen. It seems it is going to take lots of years, may God save the suffering Syrian people. In the end, THEY will have to endure all of these for long long years


Russia isn’t going to accept Turkish occupation in Syria after the Kurdish secession attempt is resolved, and the US is in the process of getting out regardless of what the baby rapers want.

“We’re there for one reason: to get ISIS and get rid of ISIS and to go home,” Trump said during a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. “We’re not there for any other reason.”

– the US is in Syria to ‘get rid of ISIS and to go home’ –


Mehmet Karaca

Do you believe that explanation? America is there because of Iran, and they will never get forces back as long as Assad and Iran influence over him continue. This is vital for Israel. Syria, divided and weakened by Kurds, is much more preferable for both of them. Anti Iran policy normally should not bother Turkey TO SOME POINT, but if it means using Kurds backed by terrorist PKK, this will turn into ‘friend of my enemy is my enemy’. In these very soils and in long term, you cant do anything if Turkey doesnt embrace it, let alone oppose it.

And for Russia, of course they will talk like that, this is policy ffs. What they are gonna do, start a war? For Assad? Turkey cannot occupy Afrin, we all know it and they already declared that they will get their forces back and I think they will, they have to. Otherwise, Turkey face serious consequences they cant endure. But when? After the civil war is over and a responsible non Assad government is established. You may say it is gonna be long time and I would say ‘yes, yes it is’. It will take, unfortunately.


The Turks are quite capable of taking Afrin, and are experiencing almost no resistance from the Syrian government coalition. Because they want the Turks pressuring the Kurds on a northern front, which weakens their ability to resist the government on their southern front.

The Jews didn’t want the Syrian government coalition pushing south to the Golan and tried to get the US to stop it, and the US did nothing. At one point the Jew world order coalition had complete reign over Syrian skies. Now almost all of Syria west of the river is a no fly zone to their aircraft, which are being shot at and shot down as Syrian air defense grows stronger. If reports are true, the no fly zone is being extended east of the river.

It’s extremely unlikely that the Russians will accept the partition of Syria. And they have a tool box full of tools to restore Syrian sovereignty to all of Syria. And that’s probably what’s going to happen.


i agree with your analysis,,,,Turks are the 2nd problem for Syria after the war is over…i mean the war against HTS-ISIS……SAA will eventually clear their presence from Syria after long and bloody battles …after they have done all the dirty job they will face the FSA backed by Turkey in the diplomacy table a difficult opponent more than the Kurds. All that Kurds would want is a state of affairs like in Iraq. Fsa will always be a serious threat for Syrias’ stability. The gap between them and Assads’ supporters will never be bridged. wounds after a civil war are very difficult to heal even after decades.

Bulgarian God

Assad terorrists must be wiped out, not kurds !

Mario Ceva

.Good for Erdogan that is not afraid to confront USA and the Kurds . Hope that Kurds recapacite and realize that USA is not a good ally and Kurdistan in Syria in the middle of enemies countries is not viable.

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