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Turkish General Staff: 1,780 ‘Terrorists’ Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch

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On February 21, the Turkish General Staff said that 1,780 ‘terrorits’ have been neutralized since the start of Operation Olive Branch in the Syrian area of Afrin. The statement claims that 65 ‘terroritss’ were neutralized in February 20 strikes conducted by the Turkish Air Force.

The numbers provided by the Turkish side are doubted by local sources. However, the term ‘neutralized’, which includes captured, wounded, slightly wounded and killed people, has allowed the Turkish media to counter the criticizm so far.

Meanwhile, YPG spokesman Nury Mahmoud commented on the recent deployment of Syrian government forces in the area of Afrin:

“After passing a month on the legendary resistance of our forces against the Turkish occupation army and the terrorist organizations allied with it; Jabhet al-Nusra, IS and others and inflicting vast damage in the equipment, our units called for the Syrian government and its army to do their duty and participate in defending Afrin and protecting the Syrian border against this brutal invasion.

And the Syrian government met the calling and responded to the defence duty, and sent military units on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 to station on the border and participate in defending the unity of the Syrian lands and its border,” Mahmoud said, according to the Kurdish news agency ANHA.

Turkish General Staff: 1,780 'Terrorists' Neutralized In Operation Olive Branch

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When propaganda involved basic math be damned !

Amanda Adams

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Jens Holm

It woúld be a big progress for the whole Middle East, if arabs and others there behaved a little more like Jews.

Very hard to understand, You prefare to stay stupid and even blame others for it.

We see it here with our emmigrants and refugugees. The lowest in Jobs and language are from Iraq, Syria, phalestines and Somalis being muslims.

You are filled to above Your heads of own selfconstructed lies and very much for each other.

What a primitive as from some primate to read Your blappering. Kurds also never has denied, they are Syrians.


Don‘t forget to mention the full-time criminals from the Magreb-states, Pakistan and useless afghan drugaddicts. No one knows what we would do without these fine people.

But I think you should not exclude the kurds from your list. I suggest without any will to offend you that maybe your view on the kurds might be influenced by the romantical narrative of idealistic freedomfighters that is provided by the MSM and the kurdish NGOs?

I don‘t oppose the kurds, but I will not give them any credits they dont deserve, and they have made their contributions to this mess in syria.


Jews support kurds, just because so called “kurdistan” will be a puppet state of Israel serving bloodshed in middle-east for the accomplishment of the “promissed land” in judaism. And all this maddness is about this! Not oil. Oil is the tool, Promissed Land is the goal.

Valery Grigoryev

This map differs a lot in comparison with yesterday evening’s one.
Who is lying?

Promitheas Apollonious

I think all are lying.

Lloyd Yona

Ho. what if >>Mad Men on the loose.

Jens Holm

I could be, You expect too much :))

Joe Dokes

If they really killed that many this would already be over.


Correct or maybe SDF forces in Afrin are much larger than Turkey claims/thinks.

Imo it is a combination of the two, especially as it is known there have been reinforcements arriving from other parts of Northern Syria and even from iraq.

Joe Dokes

We already knew the orbat of YPG before the invasion, 7 regiments of 250+ fighters, 2000ish total. Human rights watch says they have lost 219, they claim 100. HRW is probably the most accurate. Assad reinforcements are one regiment of Shiite militia which brings it up to where it started. I think the Turks have cut it off from the other Kurdish cantons.


Sorry pal, those are regiments established in 2017 and 2018 and exclude the HXP, the conscript army and most of the YPG and YPJ units that are outside of those new formations. If one just takes into account how many from Afrin fought in Raqqah (several thousand) then you know you are wrong.

btw : still does not take into account the reinforcements from Kobane, Cezire, Singal and KRG The numbers are larger.

Some 1800 killed, wounded or taken prisoner (as turks claim) is already more then you state. Combining the two is saying all YPG members in Afrin are either killed, wounded or taken prisoner. So then, who is fighting in Afrin?

Joe Dokes

The reason you are mistaken is that Turkey has cut off Afrin from all Kurdish cantons. They never received the reinforcements and were only left with the domestic units. Your biggest mistake is believing Turkish propaganda which is both the source of 1800 killed and 8000 orbat. The records of what was in Afrin before they were cut off is there and it is 2000. Even Southfront estimates the same.


PS: YPG/PKK has millitary access through SAA territory. Obviously southfront estimates were wrong, if that is the case.


ISIS. You don’t have to go far on Twitter to see truck loads of ISIS froM AFRIN loaded into Turkish vehicles and a Kurd here in the UK from the area stated to me that US put ISIS in there with them t make them play ball.


Oh awesome, here is another proof that ISIS is a CIA and MOSSAD proxy, inorder to create a reason for this kurdistan madness.


Thousands of ISIS from Raqqa went to Afrin and Kurd areas orchestrated by the ten illegal US bases in that area. Al Baghdadi is alive and well, if disabled in a US Military Installation in Syria Kurd area and even the UK’s Daily Mail has published that one, along with Al Jazeera and several other MSM nd other Media. It’s sanctioned on facebook though and Murikans are not getting it. Kurds in the UK tell us the US put ISIS in with them to make them play ball.

Jens Holm

I dont get those low estimates at all. About 14 days ago I heard 8.000 and reflected it as a brutto”.

I wont comment those numbers again, but thats what i saw here or liveupdate.


Nope. There were 8-10K terrorists in Afrin prior to the operation Olive Branch, and they keep coming

Joe Dokes

How do they get there when Turkey cuts them off? Turkey generals are not stupid to let that happen.


They were there to begin with, also Assad granted them millitary access through SAA territory. SAA and kurds have complicated relation. They are married, however they cheat each other, having sex with different partners. One of them will apply for a divorce eventually.

Joe Dokes

Turkey generals have cut off Afrin from every angle. You seen how Assad try to get troops there and they got turned back by massive artillery barrage. It is under constant 24hr Anka surveillance Nothing gets through. Erdogan will now allow defeat or extra casualties on his forces by making strategic blunder of leaving supply lines open. You talk as if Turkey leaders are stupid or something.

Andrea Howard

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Lloyd Yona

OMG They not terrorists as not terror > Turkey Mad Men on the lose. As in Terror-ist in-sanity on two legs,Mad men .

Lloyd Yona

They not reading what we got on here and cant message them.


You wanna take a stroll around Twitter in Turkish and arabic and see how many ISIS that fled Raqqa are there under US and Isrehelli command.


Turkey and Erdogan are the real enemy for the Syrian-kurds, siryan people and the legal governmetnof Assad. They have been supporting the islamist and terrorist rebels, who have assasinated a lot of people for her ideology, etnich and religious reasons, since the year 2012. But this is not the only crimnes that Erdogan have donce: His government créate the false coupe de state in 2016, with whom have arrested ilegally more tan 40.000 workers, militarys, politicals and more people only for her ideology. Erdogan has arrested thousands of journalist, has closed hundreds of communication media and has pursued ONG and defenders of human rights.
In one phrase: Erdogan is a dictatorship who is doing a huge witch hunting


It appears to me that Erdogan after the failed CIA Coup is invading to take out ISIS and the Kurds allied with them in the area and then Syrian Govt Forces are rolling in to take back the area. With help from Kurds who have been received of the ISIS and PKK Infestation. Everything has changed since the failed CIA Coup and I don’t think Erdogan is a threat to Syria any more at all.


So many retarded comments. YPG itself said their number was around 8.000. Together with the new reinforcements sent from east of Euphrates, YPG’s number in Afrin district is around 10.000 or so. Unless YPG has put 9.000 of this 10.000 in to the center of Afrin, which would make 0 sense, leaving the most important towns such as Jindris, Sheikh-Hadid, Ma-Betla, then yeah, number 1.780 is wrong.

So, the idiots saying “Lolll if they killed this many this would be over xD xD” either lack knowledge about YPG’s numbers or they are just retarded trolls.


US put ISIS in there with them and it’s all over Twitter with real photos. ISIS fleeing Raqqa are infesting the area under US Command from their illegal ten bases there plus Al Baghadadi is alive there an treated in a US Military Hospital. Loads of Kurds here in the Uk and they’ll tell anyone about that wants to know.

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