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JUNE 2021

Turkish Foreign Minister: YPG’s Retreat From Manbij Will Not Be “Enough”

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Turkish Foreign Minister: YPG's Retreat From Manbij Will Not Be "Enough"

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

A retreat of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) from the Syrian city of Manbij “will not be enough”, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on March 21 speaking at a joint news conference with Lesotho’s Foreign Minister Lesego Makgothi in the capital Ankara.

“It will not be enough for YPG to retreat from Manbij. There will be other cities after Manbij,” the foreign minister said referring to a possible military operation in northeastern Syria.

Commenting on the US military preseince in Manbij and Turkey-US relations, Cavusoglu said there has not been an agreement with the US but “an understanding” on stabilizing Manbij and eastern side of the Euphrates.

“If we reach consensus about roadmap with the U.S., then we can say we have an agreement. Right now, there is an understanding,” he said.

Manbij is currently controlled by the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, which are a mostly PR brand for YPG units backed up by the US. Recently, Turkey has proposed the US to establish a joint security zone in the area, which will not allow the YPG presence in Manbij.

The Turkish presidential spokesman has even claimed that the sides have reached an agreement over the city. However, this has not been denied by Washington.

“That’s funny, because no agreement has been reached,” US Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters on March 20 commenting on the issue.

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You can call me Al

“Recently, Turkey has proposed the US to establish a joint security zone in the area, which will not allow the YPG presence in Manbij.”, which means the US base will remain. So are Turkey too stupid to recognise this, or was this the plan all along, by the inbred swine of both Countries.


Turkey stated about two years ago, they will not allow the presence of YPG west of the Euphrates. This was before the operation Euphrates Shield by Turkey and FSA, and before Rakka fell to the US and YPG. If memory serves there was also talk of a joint operation into Rakka, which US did not want.
At the time US promised YPG will withdraw from the area, which has not happened. That is one of the reasons behind the Olive Branch operation. The point Turkey is trying to convey is, they are not against the US presence in the area, however they will not tolerate the YPG presence especially at any permanent level. And that is another reason behind the current operation.
Now US and Turkey are trying to talk before another Turkish operation targets the rest of YPG controlled areas and makes US to actually choose between a NATO ally and YPG.

Brad Isherwood

When US adds Syria to its Flag,
Will it be One Star or Two Stars : )


Two, one is for Russia

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

How curious that the damn Turks talk (and act) like Jews.

Gladys Williams

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BTW was the kurd with the DutchNational nickname killed by the Turcs or is he having a major depression?

Hulusi Akar

he died in afrin


He’s not Kurd, he’s Zio Jew vermin. Zio Jew vermin support useful idiot separatist Kurds because of their long term Greater Israel plans.

Ariel Cohen

He was arrested for loitering around children’s playgrounds too much in Amsterdam and they won’t let him go online while he’s incarcerated for public safety reasons . .

Feudalism Victory

Lots of room for aggressive expansion.



Today again hit the turkish airforce assads units. there is real war between fsa + turkey and syria in afrin and north aleppo. and some sheepfucking turks will write here, they are not against assad. KILL ALL TURKS in syria! also their helpers!

Ariel Cohen

You again Velocirapist . . I see you are still on welfare and unable to find work. have you tried seeking psychotherapy? The government usually has some free funding available for whack-jobs . .

Willing Conscience (The Truths

His English is terrible but he’s still a lot smarter than you are Ariel. All he’s done is point out the blatantly obvious, and for whatever reason, you seem to think it deserves a nasty unintelligent comment. I suggest you stick to only making comments on the LGBTQueer gossip and fashion sites you obviously do, where they can truly be appreciated.
The government usually has some free funding available for people who really need sex change operations and I’m sure you’d more than qualify for that.
Putin has tactical nukes with Erdogan’s name on them, and the US has an invasion force nearly ready to enter Syria via Jordan, but all I keep hearing is how Putin and Erdogan have now teamed up, are now working together against US interests in Syria, what a joke. Some of us commentators do need psychotherapy, but I don’t think velociraptor does for his insightful comment, maybe just some English lessons.


““That’s funny, because no agreement has been reached,” US Department of
State spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters on March 20 commenting
on the issue.”

And who said that no deal have been done between USA and Turkey some weeks ago commenting the article that said that Turkey has reach a deal with USA in Mandjib ????

Maybe I’m “stupid” but what I say seems to happen 90% of the time. So people who predicted anything but say that I’m stupid, why don’t keep your advices for you ?


I imagine there have been talks between diplomats on the matter, but I think the Turkish government is A) trying to look like it has total control over the situation and B) convince the Kurds that the US is about to screw them over.


Pretty big talks by the Turcs…when they clear the area the US will tell them to “piss” off and go back to turkeyland…Then the US will occupy entire region…Why isnt this obvious?

Ariel Cohen

No, it’s not obvious. The US is gradually leaving the ME. They have been mauled for decades in Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq and the fickle public will not allow any more casualties in the name of Israel or Oil . .


Turkish involvement in disarming the Kurds weakens KRG ll in Syria significantly, or stops it completely, at least as an official state, like what happened in Iraq. But it doesn’t stop the secession attempt to create a north Syrian state under Kurdish domination or with substantial Kurdish participation. Which would still be a reduced threat to Turkey compared to KRG ll. And would be a greater threat to Turkey than a unified Syrian state run from Damascus without partition.

The Turks are going to go with what happens in the rest of Syria east of the river. If the Syrian government coalition expands the no fly zone east of the river and pushes to the Turkish border, or a Turkish dmz, and to the Iraq border. Then the Turks are going to work with the Syrian government and eventually transfer the border buffer zone, if they set one up, to the Syrian government.

If the Jew world order sets up a north Syrian state east of the river. I wouldn’t rule out Turkish annexation of part or all of what they occupy as a permanent security zone. And the Turks may be offered that to get them on board with the Jews as their partners to replace the government of Turkey with Jew marionettes wearing Jew shoe polish on their tongues like US politicians.

The Turks have probably figured that out, and understandably don’t see it as an attractive option. Which is why they’re working with the Russians and Iranians to put something in place that works better for them.

Richard M

Herr Ribbentrop issues his ultimatum! Stay tuned for the exciting next episode of As the World Burns.

Ariel Cohen

Ribbentrop was instrumental in buying Germany time to push west and also to prepare for a preemptive strike against the USSR, which was amassing large armoured and infantry forces along their western border for an attack on Germany. The reason why the Soviets collapsed so quickly at the start of Operation Barbarossa, was because they had very few defences established. They were preparing for an offensive, but like Germany, they needed time to fully prepare . .

Richard M

Stalin’s purges of his Officer Corps are mirrored by Erdogan’s decimation of his. Erdogan’s Air Force is severely deficient in trained pilots since hundreds were fired unceremoniously after his phony coup. Now he is trying to order men who haven’t sat in a plane in almost two years to return to duty involuntarily.

Ariel Cohen

So true.. .

Richard M

I suppose the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was a diplomatic coup. At the time, Herr Ribbentrop had only been in office about 18 months. Just as portentous though was what he failed to accomplish, notably failing to bring Ataturk’s Turkey and Franco’s Spain into the Axis Alliance. His intrigues with the British Royal family while interesting were ultimately a waste of time and resources.

Ariel Cohen

Franco and Attaturk were waiting to see if Germany was going to win the war. Spain had already experienced a Syrian-type “civil” war, and Turkey had sided with Germany in WW1 and lost most of it’s Ottoman territory, so they were both understandably cautious. Hitler had always held a fascination for the British, who were closely related cousins. The big ingredient in this equation was the YKW (you know whos), who had their own agenda and played both sides against each other, as they usually do..

Richard M

It’s interesting to wonder that if Spain had entered the war in spite of their civil war woes, could they have taken Gibraltar with Wehrmacht help? UK certainly thought it possible with their amazing tunneling adventures. If so then it would have been U-Boats with free access through the Pillars of Hercules between Franco’s Spain and Vichy run Morocco. While allied submarines would find the passage perilous. This would likely have brought about Malta’s fall and subsequent Afrika Korps success. Turkish entry would have forced Stalin to face a Caucuses Front, empowered Iran and Iraq to resist allied occupation and ultimately threatened the Suez Canal, with portentous implications for India’s Indian National Army who instead fought for Japan in Burma.

Ariel Cohen

Yes, a fascinating hypothesis. It could have changed the war considerably and perhaps forced Britain to sue for some sort of compromise peace. Unfortunately, the balance of manufacturing & war production was on the Allied side, so eventually the overbearing weight of Soviet and US war materials and advantage in population would have swung the pendulum the same way, but just would have taken more time. The big problem for Germany was its lack of preparation for global war, as evidenced by the total lack of heavy bombers. Perhaps this could explain Russia’s current hesitancy to be aggressive with the US-UK-Israeli provocations? Perhaps they realize all too well the damage and destruction that would come from an all out global war . .?


Very much enjoyed your discussion.
And I learned quite a bit :)

Richard M

Thanks. It’s nice to meet people interested in historic events.

Don Pagani

Fuck off USA!
That’s exactly the message that Cavusoglu wanna send.

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